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Enjoy diving in Cape Town, South Africa!

Dive excursions are offered to all our extensive range of dive sites based on the client’s qualifications and requirements. Pre & post-dive briefings are held at our gazebo before and after each dive by the dive leader (Dive Master or Instructor).

We like to encourage a relaxed environment for our clients to enjoy the surrounds to the fullest and there are no limits on the dive times.

• Discover Scuba Diver Course (DSD) (1 Day): 375 ZAR

This is a one day introduction course to scuba diving where you will attend a pool session and basic diving knowledge theory in the afternoon and will take the plunge into the big blue the following morning. Awesome experience for the whole family!

This is a taste tester into our underwater Paradise. This experience program includes basic theory, 1 pool session, 1 sea dive and all equipment.


  • 190 ZAR

• Prices For Dives
(Includes Airfills):

  • 2 miles dive: 300 ZAR/person
  • 5 miles dive: 330 ZAR/person
  • 6/7/8 miles dive: 350 ZAR/person
  • 9 miles dive: 360 ZAR/person
  • Night Dive (Incl. Cyalume): 450 ZAR/person
  • Boat rides/snorkel (min 4 persons): 150 ZAR/person
  • On boat with divers: 100 ZAR/person

• Dive Packages (Includes Airfills):

  • 3 dives: 810 ZAR
  • 5 dives: 1,350 ZAR
  • 7 dives: 1,890 ZAR
  • 2 nights/3 dives: 1,010 ZAR
  • 3 nights/3 dives: 1,110 ZAR
  • 3 nights/5 dives: 1,650 ZAR
  • 4 nights/3 dives: 1,210 ZAR
  • 4 nights/5 dives: 1,750 ZAR
  • 4 nights/7 dives: 2,290 ZAR


  • 1,145 ZAR

Other Activities:

• Boat Based Snorkel Trips for the whole family (1 hour): 150 ZAR

The snorkeling trips are a wonderful experience for holiday makers to experience the beauty of our incredible ocean life. The snorkelers are taken out to sea on a dive-boat where they enjoy a boat ride behind back line and then are taken to 2-Mile reef where they are able to enjoy a snorkel experience before heading back to shore. The excursion is approximately an hour and children are welcome.

Minimum 4 persons

Price includes snorkel gear hire and a guide accompanies the excursion.

• Open Ocean Excursions for the whole family:

Approximately 1 and a half hours & includes snorkel gear hire and a guide accompanies the excursion. We provide juices/water and we have visual assistance from a Microlight in the air.

• Seasonal Whale-Watching:

Whale watching excursions on a beautifully modified boat by experienced crew. On the boat trips to and from the dive sites you may see dolphins, whales, sharks or during winter, humpback whales. The humpback whales stay close to the continental shelf on their migration from Antarctic to Mozambique for calving every winter. Late in July is usually the peak of their northward migration.

Though little is known about the movements of whale sharks, they seem to migrate to the Maputaland coastline during summer. The gentle giants feed on plankton, taking in water through their huge mouths and filtering out the particles with their gill-rakers. They are often found behind back line at Jesser Point.
Minimum 4 persons per trip, max 10 persons.

• Fishing Trips:

Deep-sea Fishing trips on fully rigged deep-sea fishing boats are arranged with professionals for your enjoyment. Full day and half-day excursions can be arranged. The boats can cater for four & six fishermen respectively. Refreshments are included.  Maximum 6 persons per trip.


  • Type: Diving
  • Capacity: 11 People
  • Rental Minimum: 1 hour
  • Cancellation: 50% Refund 1 Day Prior

Rental Requirements

• Additional Fees:

  • Catering 
  • Gear Hire
  • All Packages are quoted to 2-Mile only. Surcharges to further reefs:
    5 Miles: 30 ZAR
    6 Miles: 40 ZAR
    7/8 Miles: 50 ZAR
    9 Miles: 60 ZAR 

• Cancellation policy:

  • Medical Emergencies: Full refund available.
  • 50% cancellation charge applies on cancellation.
  • During peak season no refund available.

• Age Requirements:

  • 10+ years

• Log book and qualification card required.


  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • Diving regulator
  • Buoyancy compensator
  • Diving cylinder
  • Tank
  • Helmet/mask
  • Diving suit
  • Depth gauge
  • Diving mask
  • Flippers

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