Guided Fly Fishing Trip in North Carolina Tennessee and Virginia with Jeff

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About This Fishing Charter

Enjoy Guided Fly Fishing Trip in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia with a Professional Guide of 29 years of experience. Rates as low as $235 per angler. 


Small Stream and Delayed Harvest Waters (NC, TN, VN)

Full Day Wade Trips (Approx. 8 hours fishing Trout or Small Mouth)

• 1 Angler: $235
• 2 Anglers: $275
• 3 Anglers: $325

Half Day Wade Trips (4-5 hours - Trout or Small Mouth)

• 1 Angler: $200
• 2 Anglers: $235
• 3 Anglers: $275

Tennessee Tailwaters (Full Day)

• 1 Angler: $275
• 2 Anglers: $325
• 3 Anglers: $375

Float Trips (NC, TN, VA)

• 1 Angler: $325
• 2 Anglers: $375

Private Waters - Escatawba Farms, VA

• 1 Angler: $295
• 2 Anglers: $495
• 3 Anglers: $695

Private Waters

• 1 Angler: $275
• 2 Anglers: $475
• 3 Anglers: $675

Virginia Tailwaters - Smith River (Full Day)

• 1 Angler: $200
• 2 Anglers: $235
• 3 Anglers: $275

Smallmouth Bass Trips (Full Day)

• 1 Angler: $235 with float $325
• 2 Anglers: $275 with float $375
• 3 Anglers: $325

What You Can Expect:

Of all the services I offer I take the most pride in and probably enjoy the most our guided fly fishing trips. We don’t have an “off season” or “down time” as I guide 12 months a year in all types of conditions and a variety of waters…..freestone rivers, spring creeks, and tailwaters……to ponds, lakes, and more. Guiding isn’t something I do in the offseason, as a part-time job, or have a job and do it for fun…it is my job….I am full time at what I do 100% skin in the game. We are one of only a few guide services in the region that does as many trips in cold weather and winter seasons as we do at any other time of the year. In an average year I’ll be on the water about 275 days, and when I’m not on the water with clients I often am in addition to that on the water myself or with family and friends. So Slow time/down time/”off season”. We don’t have a lot of that. I can show you fishing of such quality in so-called ‘off seasons’ that “waiting til the weather breaks” or “waiting for spring or whatever ‘better’ time” will no longer be a part of your vocabulary. Quite simply, in order to survive fish must eat. I have put what will soon be four decades into developing strategies, techniques, and patterns that allow us to do well in all seasons from over 40 years experience as an angler myself first and foremost, and almost 30 as a flyfishing guide. Enjoy the benefits of someone guiding you who didn’t come here from somewhere else. Local Knowledge. I live here, have always lived in the area, and have invested as much or more time guiding and fishing/fly fishing full time than any guide service currently working in our area…..so when the term ‘native’ comes up…..that’s me. Our roots are right here in Appalachia….and began generations ago with my grandparents and great grandparents, Eastern Band Cherokees who originated from the NC mountains. So to say its in my blood, it literally is!

Full Day trips are about 7-8 hours of fishing. Normally we adjust the time of day we’ll be fishing according to when its best to be on the water. We work on fish time. We provide the flies we will use on all trips unless a customer desires to use their own. We also include as a part of your half or full day trip a collection of high quality photos and video clips of your day of fishing with us, so you are free to relax and focus on the fishing. Lunch or streamside lunch is normally provided on all full day trips only. Transportation, Lodging, license, and gratuity not included in trip prices. Trips are fun for beginner and experienced fishermen alike. Some of the areas we fish we walk /wade, some we float, and some we float/wade in the same trip….. some are readily accessible public waters with little walking involved, some are private waters that I lease or have access to. But nearly all offer some great fishing, and an opportunity to polish techniques or maybe learn some new tricks. We fish small to medium streams in the NW to North Central NC Mountains, DH Waters, VA and TN Tailwaters, and a number of private waters with huge fish. We know fly fishing. We also fish year round, even in Winter. In fact, winter is one of our favorite and busiest seasons! Winter is a great time to catch large fish.

We pride ourselves on 100% professionalism. I’d say there’s easily 2 hours of actual or accumulated prep time (and tons of past time invested in learning) for the full day you spend on the water with me. Guiding is tough work and long hours and the rates are a bargain if you do the math. Scouting, keeping up on current conditions, up early and out late, tying flies for what’s hot at the moment, leaders, rigs, tending to boats, rods and reels, fly lines, making lunches, pre trip coordination and correspondence. There’s a lot to it. I want you to have a great day, and will do everything I can to insure just that.

Total Beginners, Novices w/ a little experience, Intermediate level, Seasoned Vet…..I have 29 yrs experience working with them all……that is 29 yrs experience fly fishing and guiding anglers…..and another 10 yrs experience on my own fly fishing early on. Take advantage of that almost 40yrs worth of cumulative local knowledge…..

Our Trips

• Small Stream and Delayed Harvest Waters (NC, TN, VN)
• Tennessee Tailwaters
• Float Trips (NC, TN, VN)
• Private Waters - Escatawba Farms, VA
• Private Waters
• Virginia Tailwaters - Smith River
• Smallmouth Bass Trips (Full Day)

Fly Fishing Schools and Fly Casting Lessons

We also organized group classes /schools including a Fly Fish 101/Beginner class, and an Intermediate/Advanced Level Class. Also, we can design a school for your group, corporate outing, etc., as well as demos for clubs too! For more information, please contact us.


  • Type: Jon Boat
  • Capacity: 3 People
  • Make Model: Clacka Craft
  • Rental Minimum: 1 hour
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 5 Days Prior

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