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Wakeboarding :

Capacity : 1 People

Pricing : 1000р per person per day.

We put on board all regardless of level, age, and skills in the sport main desire, perseverance and a little attention during the explanation. Initial training in the basics of Wijk in any of our parks - for free (you only pay for the time and riding equipment hire, along with the already who know how to ride)

advanced training tricks and elements of freestyle and jibbing

If you want to progress in wakeboarding? You are welcome!Personal training under the guidance of our pro-riders will help you quickly and safely as possible to master the necessary elements. Warm, setting targets for training, "lead-in" exercise + video filming and analysis of error after each set - that's the key of rapid growth. And most importantly - our instructors will help you not only to see their side but mistakes and maximally avoid possible injury inherent in any "big" extreme sports. We ride for the buzz and fun, and do not put your health on the altar of sports.


wakeboarding Education with a "0" for one day with a guaranteed result

personal briefing before the start and after each step in the water, the waste training program;

rental of all equipment: board, wetsuit, helmet and life jacket;

winch speed is adjusted under your level, starting with a very slow and gradual change;

take off your first meters on the board on the GoPro and photo and give you these unique frames!


Wijk club allows outdoor activities in a beautiful and well-kept corner not far from Moscow. On the shore of the Big M edvezhego lake with 2 reversible wake-winch. Route length of approximately 160 and 190 meters, it is enough for the development of wake, and for more serious skiing with elements of freestyle. For extreme set kickers, slide-elephant can be trained jumps and stunts. The station has everything you need: attentive instructor at the box office - new boards, water skis, wetsuits. The atmosphere creates the right sound, free Wi-Fi, for your convenience hranilka and cloakroom. For our regular customers are loyalty cards, which can be obtained already during the third visit to the club. With club card, you not only save on skating, but also get discounts from our partners and friends. And if you really enjoy the ride and you want to know what equipment and where better to take, we are happy to explain to you all and tell.


  • Type: Water Sports
  • Capacity: 1 People
  • Rental Minimum: 1 hour
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 5 Days Prior

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