43′ Hatteras Sport Fishing Charters in Fort Lauderdale

43 ft
8 Guests

About This Boat

Enjoy Fishing in Fort Lauderdale by boat. Charter a 43′ Hatteras Sport Fishing Boat "Local Knowledge" for up to 8 people. Rates as low as $550 for 4 hours.


  • $550 - 4 hours


Local Knowledge is 43′ Hatteras sport fishing boat that has recently undergone an interior and exterior refit. Unlike many charter boats, Local Knowledge is safe, clean, and comfortable.

Rigged For Serious Fishing

The boat is tournament rigged, with a large fishing cockpit, three fighting chairs, and “tuna door” for hauling in large fish.

Comfortable Accommodations

The air conditioned salon and spacious flybridge provide a comfortable place for spectators and to escape from the fishing action. The boat features two staterooms for overnight trips as well as a clean bathroom with an electric toilet.

Convenient Location

We are located right on A1A between Bahia Mar resort and the Bahia Cabana hotel and restaurant, just south of the Jungle Queen ticket office. We are minutes from most Fort Lauderdale hotels and we are also conveniently located directly next to Water Taxi stop #7.

Safety & Reliability

Fishing is a safe and fun activity as long as you’re fishing with an experienced captain on a reliable boat. Local Knowledge meets or exceeds all Coast Guard requirements and is well maintained for your safety and comfort.

Top Reasons to Fish Local Knowledge

  • Three fighting chairs in the cockpit for those multiple hookups on mahi mahi, bonitas or sailfish.
  • A custom fish box to keep your catch ice cold.
  • A custom 100 gallon in deck well to keep live baits frisky so you can catch your dream fish.
  • Penn International and Shimano tackle from 12# to 100#, we've got it covered.
  • A large transom "tuna door" to slide that fish of a lifetime through.
  • Inside we have two clean staterooms, a step down kitchen loaded with all the comforts of home, and most important a CLEAN full size bathroom.
  • The salon "cabin" is fully air conditioned with a full size couch and two chairs.
  • A cooler full of ice is provided for your beverages and the fridge for your appetizers or sandwiches.
  • On the bridge 2 fish finders help locate the big ones for you.
  • A vhf and am/fm radio, cd player for your favorite music you wish to bring and GPS rounds out the electronic package to help find those secret spots to fish.
  • There are two bench seats for comfortable seating on the bridge with Capt. Mike. Enjoy the view of Fort Lauderdale Fishing and the salt air on the way in and out from the fishing grounds.


We Offer:

Corporate Fishing Trips

Is your company planning a trip to South Florida? If so we can provide you with a great fishing experience for your top sales team, associates or clients you wish to entertain. While there are two fishing charter boats in our operation we work closely with other top reputable boats in our marina and immediate area of Ft. Lauderdale.

We have put together South Florida fishing charters with associates up to 100 people. Let us take the guess work and time away from you and provide you with top Fort Lauderdale fishing boats. We can arrange transportation to and from your hotel and the marina, and we are within 30 minutes of Miami, and major cities within South Florida. We will also arrange food and drink prior to your arrival per your request.

Whats Included

Your Fort Lauderdale Fishing trip aboard the Local Knowledge includes:

  • A enthusiastic, reliable and professional captain and crew with all the experience necessary to make your trip the “trip of a lifetime”
  • Top Tournament Penn International and Shimano tackle to subdue whatever gamefish bites your line.
  • All state and federal licenses necessary to bring your catch back to port
  • A clean Air conditioned custom boat with all the electronics to make your excursion a safe and very productive one.
  • All dead and most live baits necessary to catch any gamefish the swims our waters. You only need to bring snacks and drinks, your sunglasses and a little bit of luck. We have everything else!


Bahamas Fishing Charters

As if fishing in Fort Lauderdale is not exhilarating enough, the Atlantic Ocean has more thrilling offers for anglers. Bimini is the first of many islands and is the gateway to the treasures of the Bahamas. A short fifty miles from our coast, it was once the home of Ernest Hemingway and has a rich history and diversity of big game fish. I have spent a great deal of time fishing in the Bahamas and it has always proven kind to me; having won and placed in many tournaments there.

Famous for its abundance of fishing options, my favorite thing about fishing in the Bahamas is that there are always monsters willing to bite on bait. You will be able to catch awe-inspiring prized fish on our Bahamas Fishing Charters. Yellowtail Snapper and Black Grouper are regularly caught in shallow waters while bottom fishing. Deep dropping in waters up to 1 800ft deep often brings in Giant Wreckfish, delicious Queen Snappers and tasty Mystic Groupers. Powerful tunas, blue marlins, sailfish, mahi-mahis, wahoos, swordfish and more are peacefully swimming offshore; not forgetting the giant sharks that patrol the near shore waters too. If trolling is slow then you can deep drop or fish along the bottom; and you will always catch something spectacular.

The Bahamas is the perfect getaway. There are fantastic accommodations available and hordes of activities to enjoy. Fishing is phenomenally popular and it is one of the best places on earth to catch large varieties of the world's greatest game fish. There are marinas at every port and a wide range of water sports keep visitors entertained. Beaches have fine white or pink sand and the water is warm for swimming, diving, snorkelling, surfing, kayaking, parasailing, kitesurfing or whatever else you have in mind. The Bahamas have a long cultural heritage that can be explored in museums, theatres, galleries and more. Unique ecosystems are thriving on various islands, coves and cays; and there are wildlife sanctuaries, zoos and aquariums. Indigenous forests are ideal for hiking, bird watching and horse riding. Every island has interesting shops to see, fine restaurants to experience, thriving bars to meet people and an island lifestyle to experience.

Generally our fishing charters in the Bahamas include three days and two nights; often longer. However, we can customize your trip because it is completely private. Let me know of your special preferences. You can ride there on the boat for a total sea adventure, or you can take a plane and meet us there. Either way, you are sure to catch the most exciting fish of your life.

Shark Fishing at Night

Fishing for sharks in Fort Lauderdale is one of the most thrilling adventures imaginable, but fishing for them at night adds a whole new level of excitement to the experience. Your senses are heightened when your vision suffers limitations. Believe me, the sound of a huge shark thrashing near the boat is unforgettable; especially when it gets close enough for you to finally see how gigantic it is.

Where do Sharks hide during the dark off the coast of Fort Lauderdale?

Sharks are caught in depths ranging between 100ft and 500ft of water. For some reason, 350ft seems to be the depth where we catch most of them. They are possibly the most adept predators in the ocean and are found hunting near large populations of prey fish. The coast of Fort Lauderdale is littered with coral reefs and shipwrecks that are home to thriving numbers of smaller fish.

What baits do you use to catch sharks at night?

Sharks do not have the best eyesight, especially when it is dark. They rely on their strong sense of smell, as well as noise and their ability to detect movement from a distance. Big, bloody baits such as bonita and kingfish are used with the best results. If they are alive, every shark within miles will smell and hear them.

What tackle works best for catching sharks in Fort Lauderdale?

Sharks are enormous and you never how big they are going to be before they bite. In order to avoid disappointment from tackle that is unable to handle the strain, we prefer to use heavier gear. 100lb test is wise, while 50lb test is leaning toward the light side.

What are the regulations governing sharks in Fort Lauderdale?

Most sharks are protected off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. We strictly practice catch and release to ensure the highest chance of their survival.

What is your scariest shark experience?

I was once forced to enter the water after a 650lb Mako shark had been harpooned. It was one very angry animal. The fishing line had snagged on a piece of the boat and was threatening to break, so I had to climb onto a small running board at the water line to free it. I had big gloves on that were obstructing my ability to climb back into the boat. I had to let go and swim around to the tuna door. The buoys from the harpoon line were bobbing right next to me. Yes, it was terrifying.

Deep Dropping for Swordfish

Swordfish are among the biggest fish on earth. Their sheer size alone is something to behold, but these giants are incredibly powerful and fast as well. They are also undeniably delicious, making it even more rewarding when you catch one. Equipped with very long bills that can literally cut you in half, they are easily one of the most challenging and exhilarating big game fish alive. We recommend practicing extreme caution when fishing for swordfish in Fort Lauderdale.

Swordfish are known as ideal for night fishing. What has changed?

We have caught many of these beasts, but up until a few years ago we only used to catch them at night when they came closer to the surface. They used to disappear during the day and nobody knew where to find them. After the results of a satellite tagging program revealed their mysteries, we discovered ways to catch them during the day as well. We also learnt that the majority of swordfish never surface, so we are able to catch much higher numbers of them now.

How have you used this information to your advantage?

Swordfish were revealed to live in depths of 1 600ft to 1 800ft. By dropping baits to that depth at the correct location, we have perfected the art of finding them during the day.

How does deep dropping for Swordfish work?

We rig skirted belly baits or squid with a small underwater light and heavy weight before dropping them to the desired depth.The light serves to attract the swordfish and when they bite on the bait, we reel them in either manually or with big electric reels.

Why is fishing for Swordfish in Fort Lauderdale more popular during the daytime?

These fish grow into enormous beasts, but we only used to catch surfacing juveniles at night. The average swordfish weighed between 60lbs and 80lbs. By locating them in their natural habitat, we are able to find the bigger ones. On average, the swordfish we catch weigh around 200lbs when we pull them from the depths. Often they weigh as much as 700lbs.

Why are Fort Lauderdale's Swordfish so exhilarating?

Swordfish are famous for several reasons. We love a good challenge, and swordfish are among the most difficult to catch. Once on your line, you are guaranteed an awesome battle. They will fight you with every ounce of their extraordinary strength and getting them to the surface from that depth requires skill and patience. One of the fastest fish in the oceans, they are also beautiful (even with their dangerous sword).


  • Type: Tours
  • Capacity: 8 People
  • Make Model: Hatteras 42
  • Year: 2000
  • Rental Minimum: 4 hours
  • Length: 43 ft


  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • 2 Cabins
  • Toilet
  • Wheel steering
  • Bimini
  • Cuddy Cabin
  • Fishing gear
  • Fish Finder
  • Inboard Engine
  • Autopilot
  • CD Player
  • Center Cockpit
  • Chart Plotter
  • Twin Engine
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Galley Stove & Oven
  • Berth
  • Air Conditioning
  • GPS
  • Head

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