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Legend Vibe 2022 Deck Boat For Rent in Mississuaga Lakreshore - 200HP, JBL Sound System W/BT, Built-in Cooler, SkiLader, Lounge Seating and Much More!Legend Vibe 2022 Deck Boat For Rent in Mississuaga Lakreshore - 200HP, JBL Sound System W/BT, Built-in Cooler, SkiLader, Lounge Seating and Much More!Legend Vibe 2022 Deck Boat For Rent in Mississuaga Lakreshore - 200HP, JBL Sound System W/BT, Built-in Cooler, SkiLader, Lounge Seating and Much More!Legend Vibe 2022 Deck Boat For Rent in Mississuaga Lakreshore - 200HP, JBL Sound System W/BT, Built-in Cooler, SkiLader, Lounge Seating and Much More!

Legend Vibe 2022 Deck Boat For Rent in Mississuaga Lakreshore - 200HP, JBL Sound System W/BT, Built-in Cooler, SkiLader, Lounge Seating and Much More!

Estimated price
USD $181 / hour (2 hours minimum)


Legend Vibe D19 Power Deck Boat with a 4stroke engine! Has the power of a speed boat with full leather lounge seating for comfort and relaxed cruising. Equipped with the JBL sound system with Bluetooth connectivity, Ondeck lighting, USB and 12v charging ports, Captains chair. Equipped with all safety equipment and PFD’s  - Transport Canada Approved! You can rent this beast starting from $200 CAD per hour in Mississauga ON (Toronto, Oakville and Burlington Harbours can also be requested. Subject to availability, Charges may apply, Prior arrangements to be made with us if you are looking for any other location in the GTA for charter pick up/drop off). Captain/boat operator available for any rental (CHARGES MAY APPLY).  If you have any questions, we can answer those through GetMyBoat’s messaging platform before you pay. Just hit, “Send Booking Inquiry” and send us an inquiry for a custom offer..   

Captain is optional.
You decide if you would like to book with or without a captain.
10 guests

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Features & Details

  • Bluetooth
  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • BBQ
  • Licensing Required
  • Tow Bar
  • Trailerable
  • Fuel type: Gas
  • Chart Plotter
  • Bimini
  • Wheel steering
  • Outboard Engine

Approximate Location

You’ll get directions to the departure location when you make a booking.

The boat's approximate location on a map

Cancellation Policy

Full refund up to 2 days prior.

Additional Terms & Information

WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY AGREEMENT- ONTARIO   DISCLAIMER: This Waiver and Release Agreement is applicable to all renters, operators and users of equipment provided by Ontario 2581541 Inc.   For the purposes of this Waiver and Release, the term “2581541” includes directors, shareholders, employees, boat cleaning staff, operators, owners, insurers and assigns.   The “Renter” for the purpose of this Waiver and Release includes the person renting the vessel, all passengers including minors.   Insurance/Warranty/Liability/Waiver/Indemnity: 2581541’S SOLE LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE LIMITED TO PROVIDING THE VESSEL TO THE RENTER AS SET FORTH HERIN AND TO THE LIMITS SET FORTH IN THE VESSEL’S INSURANCE POLICY, A COPY OF WHICH IS MADE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST TO THE RENTER. IN NO EVENT SHALL 2581541 BE LIABLE TO THE RENTER OR ANY OTHER PERSON USING THE VESSEL WITH RENTER ALONGWITH OTHER PASSENGERS, INCLUDING MINORS FOR ANY PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH OR FOR ANY SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL OR INDIRECT DAMAGES HOWEVER CAUSED, ON ANY THEORY OR LIABILITY INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, TORT, CONTRACT OR OTHERWISE. THE RENTER ACKNOWLEGES THAT THE 2581541’S INSURANCE POLICY COVERS THE VESSEL ONLY AND THE RENTER AND THE PASSENGERS ARE NOT COVERED BY 2581541 OR THE INSURANCE POLICY. THE RENTER MAY ARRANGE HIS/HER OWN COVERAGE. THE RENTER ALSO ACKNOWLEDGES THAT 2581541 MAY USE THIRD PARTY BOATS TO RENT AND THE SAME TERMS AND CONDITIONS, INCLUDING WAIVERS AND INDEMNITIES APPLY.    The Renter shall be responsible for the insurance damage in the event that damage, or loss which is caused to the vessel while the vessel is being used by the Renter. The Renter understands that Insurance coverage is in place if a Renter is in command of the vessel and/or the vessel is docked, moored or anchored under the command of the Renter and the vessel remains inside the designated geographic navigation area listed on the insurance policy and all other insurance conditions are met.   The Renter agrees that the vessel will be used as a pleasure craft vessel used for pleasure or recreation of the people the Renter invites on board and the vessel is not used for any commercial purpose.    The Renter agrees that it has unrestricted right to hire and fire the captain and/or crew during the period it is being rented.   The Renter agrees that the vessel owner has no direct control over the operation of the vessel during the period it is being rented.   Indemnification, Release, Hold Harmless and Defense: The Renter acknowledges and agrees that the Renter is solely responsible for the use and operation of the vessel during the Renter’s bareboat charter use of the vessel. Renter agrees to indemnify, release, hold harmless and defend 2581541 and their agents, affiliates, representatives, employees and officers against all claims, even if allegedly caused by 2581541 which arise out of Renter’s use of the vessel, its equipment, machinery, furnishings and appurtenances, including the premises of 2581541 and the dock where the vessel is located.   Renters must be competent to handle the vessel as assessed prior to or during vessel orientation. All Renters much possess a Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC) certification.   The Renter agrees to provide a list of passengers /operators who will be on the vessel. Failing to disclose the names of any passengers and or operators, the Renter will be personally liable for any damages to the equipment and/or personal injury or death to any passenger or any other individual as a result of any accident.   RISK ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND EXPRESS ASSUMPTION OF RISK: The Renter acknowledges the risks associated with any water sports such as collisions, drowning, hypothermia, dehydration, fire, personal injury or death, Equipment failure, lightening, storms, high wind and tides/waves, capsizing of the boat etc.   The Renter agrees that the vessel is being rented at his/her own risk. The renter will be fully responsible for the equipment and all passengers including himself/herself during the period the vessel is booked by the Renter, even if the risks arise out of negligence of the Rental Company or its staff or representative or due to equipment failure.     The Renter agrees to the following term and conditions:   - The Renter will provide 2581541 proof of proficiency to drive the vessel at least one week in advance before the booking. This may include providing a copy of the Pleasure Craft Operator Card and a boating experience resume. 2581541 has the right to  quiz the Renter about the safety operations of the vessel. - The Renter will ensure that all passengers will wear a personal flotation device at all times. - The Renter will ensure that no alcohol is brought on board the vessel. Use and carry drugs is also strictly prohibited. The Renter agrees not to operate the vessel while intoxicated, nor to allow any guest on board to do so. Smoking is also not allowed on the vessel. - The Renter will ensure that the vessel stays within the boundaries of Canada. The Renter is responsible for “good seamanship” activities whilst in command of the vessel. Regardless of the situation, the Renter is responsible for all towing costs while the Renter is in command of the vessel. - The Renter will ensure that the vessel is not overloaded and will adhere to the maximum passenger limit allowed on the vessel by the manufacturer. - Swimming near the boat when in operation is not allowed. - The Renter will ensure that the boat stays within its minimum draft requirements. - All safety regulations and protocols will be strictly followed as per the guidelines of Ontario Boating laws and Regulations. - The Renter will pay for any damage to the equipment and resultant loss of revenue for the time the vessel is fixed. - The Renter will report any accidents to 2581541 right away. - A damage deposit of $ 2,500 will be charged at the time of the booking.  This will be refunded within 48 hours of returning the vessel less any damages. - The vessel will be checked before and after the booking. The Renter will have to agree and sign the checklists. - At the time of the booking, a deposit of $ 1,000 will be required. In case of inclement weather, two-third of  the deposit will be returned to the Renter. - A late return fee of $ 75 will be charged. A check out cleaning fee of $ 50 will also be charged. - Minimum age for the Renter is 21 years. No parasailing, towing, jet ski and fly boards are allowed. - Detailed boat handling, collision regulations and safety procedures are given below. We strongly recommend that you read them. https://tc.canada.ca/sites/default/files/migrated/tp14070e.pdf SAFE BOATING PRACTICE .. When leaving marina, go real slow, no wakes/waves 􀀊 Right side of the boat is called Starboard and the left side is called the Port (Note both Port and Left have four letters) .. When returning to the marina, red buoy should be on the right .. Always maintain a look around, especially when turning .. Big vessels like ships, ferries, which are hard to maneuver have the right of way 􀀍 Sailing Vessels have the right of way when sailing. When sails are down, they are considered as motorboats .. When two motorboats are approaching straight at each other, go to the starboard. Remember "If you go to port, I will see you in the court" ._ The vessel behind you can pass on the either side  Use horns when in low visibility  The boat on your starboard has the right of way, you either go behind that boat or slow down  Around sunset, put on your navigation lights and also in low visibility. aIf you see a white light in front of you, it means that you see the stern (back side of the boat)  When boating in waves, go straight into the wave, don't show your side (beam) to the waves otherwise, you might capsize  Don't drink and drive, you will get a DUI. Passengers can only drink when on anchor or tied to a dock. In a boat, where there is no washroom, you cannot drink. If you see a green light, this means that you are seeing the starboard of another boat and if you see red, it means you are seeing the port side of another boat. Don't pollute the waters atil Be courteous to other boaters and remember, most boaters are not aware of the collision regulations. Save yourself!  Stay away from fishing boats, they have long lines in the water.  Do not refuel the boat from a container on the dock. 􀀖 When on anchor or swimming, relevant lights have to be on. Do not swim when the engine is on. fi9 If you see a bunch of sailing boats, stay away, they are in the middle of a race. They have right of way. 􀀖 If you see a boat in distress, help. 􀀖 Check weather before you head out. If you see Easterly winds in your wind app, don't go out! The water is really rough. Check weather apps for storms.  Clean the boat after usage 􀀖 Always wear life jackets 􀀖 Check fuel level before leaving the marina Do not over speed otherwise you will be burning a lot of fuel. Cruising at 1500 RPMs, the engine consumes 5.7 gallons per hour  

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