1. Enjoy 46' Hatteras Sportfish Charter in Fort Lauderdale, FL
  2. Enjoy 46' Hatteras Sportfish Charter in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Enjoy 46' Hatteras Sportfish Charter in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Enjoy Fishign in Fort Lauderdale by boat. Charter a 46' Hatteras Sport Fisherman for up to 6 people. Rates as low as $550 for 4 hours. Rates: - 1/2 Day Fishing - 4 Hour Fishing Trip - $550 - 3/4 Day Fishing - 6 Hour Fishing Trip - $775 - Full Day Fishing - 8 Hour Fishing Trip - $1000 - Swordfish Night Fishing - 8 Hour Trip - $1100   ***Up to 6 anglers Florida is home to legions of fresh and saltwater anglers alike and fishing in Fort Lauderdale is one of the top stops in the state for anglers looking for some great deep sea sport fishing. Fort Lauderdale fishing attracts all types of anglers. You could be a passionate salt water angler that was born with fishing in the blood or a total newcomer looking to experience the sport of deep sea fishing. Nothing makes a Fort Lauderdale fishing enthusiast happier than to feel the rod double over and hear the reel scream as line is peeled off by a marlin or other big game sportfish. This is when you as the angler get to test all your mental and physical fishing skills you have honed over the years. If you are not an experienced angler we will help you establish the skills. The Marlin My Darlin crew can put you there. This is Ft Lauderdale fishing at it's best and type of fishing anglers dream of. We entertain anglers of ALL experience levels. Children and family groups are always welcome. It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned angler or have never been fishing in Fort Lauderdale before, we will take time to show you and help you. Our Captains and mates are extremely customer friendly and you will enjoy your trip to the fullest! For offshore sport fishing, especially for Fort Lauderdale sport fishing where trophy fish are frequently taken you want to make sure you select a qualified Captain and crew that works well together as a team. With multiple hookups, reel spooling runs, and big game action you need a crew that has experience working well with customers and also has the knowledge and ability to handle situations that arise when your angling opportunities for fighting these sportfish from the deep meet meticulous professional preparation. The Boat: Marlin My Darlin is a top of the line, customized, and fully rigged 46' Hatteras Sportfisher with all the amenities. She sports a fully rigged tower and twin GM 8-71 TI turbocharged diesel engines producing over 1000 horse power working down below. For fast action fishing in Fort Lauderdale this is the perfect sportfishing boat to handle multiple hookups or hook ups with trophy size big game sportfish. The Marlin My Darlin is kept in immaculate condition from tip to stern to make sure your Fort lauderdale sportfishing trip is as enjoyable as possible. Inside the Cabin Fort Lauderdale fishing, especially in the height of the summer can get very hot and after landing a hard fighting marlin or nice sailfish you will welcome a break in the fully air conditioned comfort of the salon. Inside you will find the cabin to be very comfortable with: Full seating in the salon including two leather sofas.A full galley with refrigerator.Microwave for heating your lunches and snacks.Ample accommodations for your meals and snacks.Two spotlessly clean electric heads (restrooms). Sit on the Upper Deck for a Great View of Fort lauderdale Fishing Action On the upper Bridge deck the Marlin My Darlin has seating for your entire group. This is a unique feature not found on many other Miami or Ft. Lauderdale sport fishing boats. From this vantage point you can enjoy the 20 minute cruise from our Bahia Mar Resort dock through the Intracoastal Waterway past some of South Florida's finest multi-million dollar homes. This view is fascinating, better know as the "Venice of America" for all the intertwining canals and mansions. Then we pass through Port Everglades, South Florida's deepest port, and into the Atlantic Ocean where we drop the lines and start your fishing adventure immediately. In most trips we fish no more the 2 miles offshore. Sport Fishing Gear & Tackle, Top Electronic Fishing and Safety Equipment On the fishing deck you will find built in coolers with ice for your beverages. You have Rybovich and Pomanette fishing chairs to use while reeling in your catch. The Marlin My Darlin is equipped with the finest electronics that include Furuno depth sounders and Global Positioning Systems. VFH radios, water temperature monitoring, and radar systems round out our electronics package. Our fishing tackle is top of the line Penn International and Shimano. We are equipped and ready for all scenarios from inshore reefs to the depths of the Gulf stream's blue waters. We are equipped for any species and any type, style, or method of Fort Lauderdale fishing. If it's in the water, we can catch it. We offer: Fort Lauderdale Charter Fishing for Kids Feel 100% comfortable bringing a kid on a Fort Lauderdale fishing trip. Marlin My Darlin Sport Fishing is kid friendly and kid safe. Although we talk about all the big fish we catch, the excitement, and the fun adventures we ALWAYS put safety first. We have created an environment that provides good clean fishing fun for children while at the same time keeping everything on the boat absolutely safe. We have all the electronic safety gear, life jackets, and everything else on board that is necessary to ensure not only the safety of our very young anglers but also ensure the safety of all adults too. Did you fish when you were a young child? If you did then you know you still carry those memories you experienced on those fishing trips. We forget many things from our childhood but going fishing is not one of them. Bring a kid on a Fort Lauderdale fishing trip and I guarantee you are exposing them to a clean and fun activity that they will remember and possibly stay involved in for the rest of their lives. Fort Lauderdale Fishing If it's Florida's Southeast Coast and in particular Fort Lauderdale fishing you are interested in then you are in for a treat. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean for this region of Florida stay relatively warm year round and while northern anglers are battling snow and ice Florida anglers are steady fishing for a wide variety of sport fishing species. This is true for most of the coast and certainly true for Fort Lauderdale charter fishing and Miami sport fishing. South Florida is known for many great things but nothing more important to so many than the fishing in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach. Yes there is the Miami Dolphins and other sports teams, there is the beautiful beaches of Miami and Fort Lauderdale but none of this draws as many people to the area as a whole than what South Florida fishing does. With so many splendid miles of coastline along the warm pristine cobalt blue Atlantic Ocean there is not a place you can go in Fort Lauderdale that doesn't reflect the great sport fishing Fort Lauderdale is known for. Fishing the south east coast of Florida means you are in one of the top sport fishing destinations of the world. The Miami fishing charters and Fort Lauderdale charter boat Captains have some very deep water just offshore and this is where the big billfish gladiators of the deep live. Marlin, sailfish, swordfish, and big sharks roam these blue waters and Fort Lauderdale fishing charters entertain many thousands of anglers every single year fishing for these spectacular bluewater creatures of the deep that call Fort Lauderdale waters home. Family Fun aboard Marlin My Darlin Many of our Ft. Lauderdale Fishing Charters here aboard the Marlin My Darlin are family groups. And by family we don't mean just mom and dad and the kids. Grandparents and siblings of mom and dad are often members of our charters here. A couple of weeks back Ron who is a regular aboard here brought his dad out for father's day. Dad is 87. Brought his three kids along as well and we had a great time. As I say Ron is a regular client, but up to this charter it was all his business associates and clients. For the third straight winter we had the men of the Williamson family offshore. These guys are two brothers who bring their families here in February to escape the winter up north for a few days. Two dads and their kids, the wives hit the beach and pool on this charter. But lots of wives and gals do join us aboard and they typically have a really good time. Ladies require a clean boat and a spotless restroom, and that's the way we do it here. Throw in a little "Lady Luck" and sometimes a gal gets bragging rights to the largest fish caught on the charter. We provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for families. If mom feels that the little one needs to wear a life preserver it's not a problem and the life preserver comes out and on. We take time with children and adults as well to familiarize everyone with the boat, tackle and baits. Kids like to ask a lot of questions and we field them all, and it's easy. We have kids ourselves. Teenagers like to talk Sharks and we can talk Sharks as long as they wish. So moms, dads, kids big and small, grand moms and grand dads have all been here before. Just let us know what you would like to see in the fish box and we'll have a fun relaxed day working with you to make that wish become a reality. Fishing for Fort Lauderdale Sailfish The Sailfish is one of the glamour species available to Fort Lauderdale charter fishing boats. The fact that we encounter the vast majority of them within two miles of shore makes them an accessible and often willing target species. We hook many incidental Sailfish while trolling for other species such as Dolphin and Kingfish (a Ft Lauderdale fishing species that is often our "go to" for groups looking for steady action). These Sailfish mostly strike rigged baits made up of strip baits or dead ballyhoo, but on occasion strike trolled artificial bait. On some days we get multiple shots this way. We can fish primarily for Sailfish while trolling using 'dredge" or "daisy chain" teasers and carefully rigged swimming baits at crawling slow speeds. This is great fun and a real challenge for anglers as well as crewmembers. But by far the most successful way to catch a Sailfish on a Fort Lauderdale fishing charter is by the use of live bait. Here are our favorite methods to present live bait to these Sailfish. Ft. Lauderdale Fishing Kites When we really want to target sailfish on a Fort Lauderdale fishing trip, kite fishing is the way to go. Kites are specially made in varying weights for differing wind conditions. They range from an ultra light for use in minimal wind velocity up to a "Force Five" for extra breezy days. We fish two or three live baits on a single kite. A typical "spread" employs two independent kites. These live baits are dangled at 75 foot intervals just under the surface of the water along the main kite line via a small sliding release clip. When a Sailfish strikes the bait and your reel engages tightening the line, the clip releases its hold on your fishing line putting you in control of our Florida state fish. Double hook-ups are not uncommon. And on a good day even a triple or quad hook-up. Kite fishing allows us to present our baits across a large area and in a way that can fool most leader conscious fish into an aggressive take as all the leader material is essentially above the surface. Keeping the leaders in the optimal position is a result of constant attention and adjustments to the presentation of your live baits by our mates or yourself if you prefer hands-on fishing. A properly presented bait is held at the surface in this manner and not allowed to rest as it constantly struggles to swim downward against the applied vertical tension. This struggling sends vibrations through the water attracting the Sailfish to the bait. Our baits of choice are Goggle-eyes (aka Shad), Threadfin Herring, Tinker Mackerel, Pilchards and Blue Runners (from the Jack family). The Fort Lauderdale fishing areas offer numerous locations to catch these various baitfish or they can be purchased directly from professional bait boats. Traditional Sailfish Presentations On many a day a frisky live bait "livie" is fished off an outrigger or "flat line" and gets eaten by a hungry Sailfish. We fish flat lines and outrigger baits often in conjunction with our kite baits, but we also fish them alone in a more "traditional" approach to Sailfishing. Under certain conditions the "spread", when fished at a slow troll from outriggers and flat lines, is from four to six lines along with a teaser presentation designed to draw fish close to the boat. The previously mentioned baitfish work well, but there are three that excel with the traditional presentation. Ballyhoo when fished alive from riggers and flat lines take the most Sailfish. Ballyhoo are bite size and spend a lot of their time running for their lives from one predator or another. Speedos and baby "bullet " Bonito also work well when fished this way as they are difficult when used under kites. Downriggers are often used along with the surface lines for these baits. Fort Lauderdale fishing offers an opportunity for Sailfish 365 days a year. Late November thru April are our better months with January and February being the best. A typical adult fish is from six to six and a half feet. On rare occasions they exceed seven feet. We catch little three to five footers mostly in the fall and they are a lot of fun. Perfect smaller fish with the aggression that explains why they grow so quickly. A slim and graceful acrobat the Atlantic Sailfish is Fort Lauderdale fishing's golden girl. One of natures most beautiful fish and a favorite of many an angler she will wow you with her leaps and impress you with her "give it all fight" right up to boat side. A truly great game fish, which is why almost ALL Sailfish caught on our boat are released. Bottom Fishing, Wreck Fishing In Fort Lauderdale We are fortunate in Broward County to have three excellent reef lines offshore that extend fully across the Fort Lauderdale area. When you factor in natural structure and shipwrecks, as well as artificial ones, (purposely sunk by our reef program) you can expect angling opportunities of all shapes, sizes and varieties. The Broward county Artificial Reef program has been in effect for over 25 years and is a model for other programs throughout the coastal areas of the entire U. S., not just the Florida coast. There are over 40 wrecks (natural and created) within 10 nautical miles of Port Everglades Inlet, our home port. These wrecks range in size from smaller sailboats, 15 to 45 feet in length (eg Hog Heaven, a sailboat in 45’ of water to the Te Amo, a 45 footer resting in just over 200’) to sunken barges, airplanes, unfortunate pleasure and commercial vessels (Trio Bravo, a tugboat in 145’) to full sized freighters ( The Rebel, a 150’ Norwegian freighter in 11’, the Jim Atria, 240’ in length in 135’, the Bill Boyd’s a 211’ freighter in 265’ and the Bud Krohn, a 183’ Spanish freighter in 4oo’ of water). We fish the famous Match ship sunk during World War II by a German sub in 460’ said to have stained the surface with sulfur for weeks afterward. Being in the sport fishing business, we also have our own structure and wreck locations which (surprise!) we won’t list here. On the Marlin My Darlin we can and will target any bottom species you desire. From your youngest holding a spinning rod and reel, enjoying the tug of a one pound Yellowtail, (most our Snappers are under 5 pounds, but occasionally exceed 20) to a full grown Amberjack or Grouper on the tackle of your choice. We will put you on the spots with our knowledge and our Northstar and Furuno GPS systems. Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Swordfishing Trips South Florida sport fishing offers anglers a unique opportunity to target one of the world's premier deep sea inhabitants, the Atlantic Swordfish. Swordfish can be found in many of the deep seas of the world, but Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida offers exceptional fishing opportunities. The Fort Lauderdale fishing area (along with Miami) enjoys the geographical good luck of being very near the Gulf Stream, and very deep water. When you pair this with natural bottom contours offshore, for example, the Hollywood Hills area off Ft. Lauderdale, the result is an angling bonanza for Swordfish. This is TRULY deep sea fishing as water depths range from 900' to over 1400'. The Swordfish is essentially a nocturnal feeder; hence the vast majority of them are taken at night. Around dusk the Swordfish leaves the safety of the bottom and swims to or near the surface of the ocean in search of its prey. When the sun goes down, it is dinner time for "The Gladiator of the Seas". FACT: The greatest animal migration on Earth takes place every day of our lives. The place it occurs is in our oceans, and it happens every night when animals large and small (billions of small) rise from far below in the deep seas to or near the surface to feed, and in turn, be fed upon. Fort Lauderdale Swordfish Charters Our Ft. Lauderdale Swordfish fishing tours (charters) are eight hours. We typically leave about one and a half hours before sunset. We set a course offshore just south of southeast to compensate for the typically 3 to 4 knot northerly current of the Gulf Stream. On our way out to the Gulf Stream we welcome the opportunity to take a mini "fishing tour" around any fishy looking areas and flotsam. We also slow down for mini fishing tours in the vicinity of "working" seabirds. The primary target species on these mini "fishing tours" is Dolphin (aka El Dorado or Mahi Mahi). These stops in interesting areas often result in some bonus catches of Dolphin... and then we pick up and run, again to our primary objective and target area... the Swordfish grounds. Some of the Swordfish baits of choice are whole dead (10 to 12") Squid. Tinker Mackerel or Bullet Bonita of 8" to 12" are fished either dead or alive, and large Blue or Rainbow Runners up to 15" long are fished as live baits only. Most baits are fished 75 to 400 feet down. We occasionally catch Swordfish right on the surface. We fish 4 and 5 baits at a time and each one has some sort of illumination device, whether it be a battery operated strobe light or a cylume type "light stick". We also carry the finest boat side Swordfish light on the market, the "Swordlight", which draws baitfish and Swordfish alike to the very side of the boat. It is not uncommon to see a free swimming Swordfish right at boat side. When this occurs it gives us the opportunity to "pitch" a bait to a visible and hopefully hungry Swordfish.

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A native Floridian, Rick attended Fort Lauderdale High School, Broward Community College and Florida Atlantic University. Captain Rick has been sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale and other regions professionally for over 35 years and bought his first Fort Lauderdale charter boat over twenty five years ago. He is an established Captain in South Florida Sport fishing and recognized for his Fort Lauderdale charter fishing accomplishments, as well as numerous tournament wins in South Florida and the Caribbean. Among these wins he currently holds two Bahamas Billfish Championships, a true tribute to his dedication to fishing. When you meet Captain Rick, he'll greet you with a smile. After all, how can you not be happy when you fish every day? Once the hunt begins for fish, you'll see that in his eyes... and his eyes don't miss a thing.

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