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Free Day Special!!!! Sail 7 Only Pay 6 Days Worldwide!!! Book by February 3rd, 2020 and get a Free Day* on the water when you book a 7-day-charter. Or score two free days* of offshore freedom if you reserve your private state-of-the-art yacht for two weeks! Plan to depart between January 3rd and December 11th, 2020 for this exclusive opportunity. A hassle-free sailing experience aboard an exclusively crafted yacht in Grenada! Charter the 44' Sunsail Sailing Catamaran for up to 8 people. Rates as low as $1,130 per day. Skipper and cook available and food provisioning services also available with additional cost.   Rates: • Full Day: Starts from $1,130 Rates may vary, depends on days booked and age of yacht. Inquire for exact rates. What You Can Expect: Grenada, ‘The Spice Isle of the Caribbean’, is a rolling, mountainous island, abundant with fragrant plants and rare tropical flowers, dotted with crater lakes and teeming with a wide variety of animal life. Bordered by stunning, unspoilt white and black sand beaches, this verdant island has for centuries been a major source of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and cocoa. Grenada’s bustling Market Square, historic forts, spice plantations, rum distilleries, and colorful coral gardens add to the island’s appeal. Consider a tour of the many beautiful waterfalls nestled in the lush rain forest surroundings, or an outing to the organic chocolate factory or spice plantation. Visit the crater lake at Grand Etang National Park and Forest Preserve. True Blue Bay is close to shopping, while Grand Anse Beach is a premier spot for beachcombers, divers and hikers. Throughout the year, Grenada also hosts many exciting cultural celebrations and sporting events such as The Grenada Sailing Festival, Easter Round Grenada Race, Grenada Classics Regatta and various other informal races. Although there is so much to explore in Grenada, the island is ideally positioned for a one-way charter. Heading southward from our base in St. Lucia through open-water passages, you can explore other equally enchanting islands such as Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Mustique, Bequia, St. Vincent and St. Lucia before arriving in Grenada. It’s this diversity of the pleasures that make cruising in the Eastern Caribbean so special. Cruising in Grenada Lying in the southernmost portion of the Windward Islands, a Grenada yacht charter vacation offers a world of itinerary options to suit the tastes of captains with basic skills in coastal navigation to those experienced skippers wishing to embark on longer hauls with more challenging open water passages. Many charterers opt for a one-way cruising vacation southward from the Moorings base in St. Lucia to Grenada, allowing them to cover more ground and avoid traveling windward. The winds are nearly always NE-SE and run the gamut from a gentle 10 knots to a more spirited 25 knots, intensifying around the northern ends of the islands; calms are rare. The trade winds typically blow from the northeast during the winter months, prime time for a Grenada yacht charter, and more southeasterly during the summer. The north-south orientation of the islands means the wind will be on the beam more often than not when cruising south, but, since most of the islands in the Grenadines are close together, the onboard experience is great no matter the heading. On northward passages, such as from Union Island to Bequia, cruising close-hauled or on a close reach isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. Year-round temperatures average from 79° F - 82° F. Highlights With so much to explore in this region, a Grenada yacht charter is filled with many rewarding experiences. Enjoy the superlative cruising among the islands of the Eastern Caribbean, as well as white-sand beaches, swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Ashore, a Grenada charter opens the door to casual and fine dining, sightseeing, shopping, hiking, and exploring historic sites. Itinerary With so much to offer around Grenada, you could spend the entire week cruising around Grenada and nearby islands. Enjoy days filled with snorkeling and diving, as well as outings ashore to enjoy the many great restaurants and bars, sandy beaches, fun shopping and inland tours through rum distilleries, spice plantations, rainforests and waterfalls. As gateway to the Grenadines, Grenada’s southernmost location in the Windward Islands also opens the door to one-way charters through more challenging open-water passages, allowing you to experience the beauty of other points of interest in St. Vincent, the Grenadines and St. Lucia. • Day 1: Dragon Bay After a nice day of sailing around the islands, pick up a government mooring ball in Dragon Bay. Enjoy some amazing snorkelling at Moliniere Point, and if you enjoy diving, be sure to arrange a dive at the underwater sculpture garden, which is rumoured to be home to a family of black and red sea horses. Be sure to anchor on sand or pick up a government mooring ball when in Dragon Bay. • Day 2: Carriacou Sailing into Carriacou, stop into the town of Hillsborough. Built on a wonderful beach, the town offers charming seaside dining and just a short walk from the docks, the museum features an eclectic collection of artwork and historical pieces. If you’re seeking a taste of the local culture, be sure to stop into one of the many rum shops or watch the locals build boats by traditionally by eye on the beach. Before heading for Tyrrel Bay stop at Sandy Island for lunch, great snorkeling spot, sunbathing, beach combing and to chill out. Over-night around the corner at Tyrell Bay, and enjoy a drink at the Tipsy Turtle in Tyrell Bay. • Day 3: Union Island Complete customs and immigration clearance out of Grenada; then enjoy a nice sail across to Union Island, which is part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Arrive in Clifton Harbour, Union Island to clear into St. Vincent. Clifton is the island’s main town and a bustling small port that’s full of color where you’re welcomed by warm, friendly islanders. The roads and trails offer some of the best hiking and biking in The Grenadines. Be sure to get a drink on Happy Island, an island made entirely from conch shells. • Day 4: Tobago Cays The five deserted isles of the Tobago Cays are the jewels of Tobago Cays Marine Park, which comprises the surrounding waters as well. Horseshoe Reef nearly encircles the four main cays, and beyond its protective embrace is Petit Tabac. One of the premier snorkeling and diving locales within the Grenadines, and the entire Windward chain, for that matter, it’s no surprise that Tobago Cays cruising is a highlight of exploring these waters. • Day 5: Petit Martinique Sail over to Petit Martinique, Grenada’s northern most island. It’s a great place to come ashore to replenish water, alcohol, ice and more. Many of the residents here live by boatbuilding, and Petit Martinique is famous for its plywood speedboats. For great snorkeling and exploring, Fota and Petite Dominique are within range of a seaworthy dinghy. Be sure to stop at Mopion for lunch on your way! Mopion is surrounded by amazing reefs to dive, and is known as the world’s smallest island with a structure. • Day 6: Prickly Bay Before an overnight at Lark Caye take a day sail to Ranguana Caye. Situated on the barrier reef near Ranguana Pass, Ranguana Caye is the largest of several others that extend southward from Queen Cayes. Cruising in Ranguana Caye waters is very scenic, simply lovely by any standards. The unspoiled white-sand beaches are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. After a day of exploring head to Lark Caye, a pristine location ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing. • Day 7: St. George’s Bay Sail into St George’s Harbour to finish your charter at The Moorings base in Port Louis Marina. After completing the check-out process with the staff, take some time to explore St George’s. This capital city of Grenada is an 18th century gem with its mix of colonial buildings crowned by orange fish-scale tiles and its multicoloured homes, all along an emerald green backdrop. Stroll along St George’s narrow streets, perusing the shops and smelling the delicious aromas wafting out from the many great restaurants and bars. Stop by Bay Gardens, and marvel at over 3,000 species of Caribbean plants.The Carenage along the inner harbour is perfect for a scenic waterfront walk and on Saturdays the place to be is St George’s Market Square. Overlooking the harbour to the west, Fort George is a local landmark built in 1705 that offers spectacular hilltop views and is open to visitors. Now it’s time to start planning your next Moorings yacht charter holiday! Cruising Conditions: Winds are nearly always NE-SE at 10-25 knots, intensifying around the northern ends of islands; calms are rare. Rain usually arrives in squalls seen approaching from windward, and typically squalls can have strong gusts. Visibility is normally over 10 miles, but reduced in squalls. June to November is the hurricane season for the Caribbean, but Grenada is south of the area most affected. If conditions exist for hurricane development, we request very close contact with the base while clients are on charter. • Climate Grenada has a subtropical climate with a mild dry season from January to May and a wet season from June to December with high temperatures and humidity. Average annual precipitation varies from 1,524 mm (60 inches) in the coastal districts to 5,080 mm (200 inches) in the mountains. The prevailing NE trade winds and the hurricane season are from June to December while average temperature ranges in St. Georges are from 79°F - 82°F (26°C-28°C) year round. • Tides In the Caribbean the tide range is very small: 30 cm to 90 cm (1-3 ft), including the variation of level due to atmospheric pressure and dominant winds. Current is normally westerly up to 2.5 knots. Those making passages among islands should take this into account. • Weather forecast The base provides weather forecast for the next 24 hours. Guests should consult the “Sailors Guide to the Windward Islands” for AM/FM stations from Martinique to Trinidad. There are locations at Blue Lagoon St. Vincent, Tyrell Bay, Clifton Harbour and Bequia where forecasts are posted daily. Radio reception can be very poor in the islands. Activities and Sports: • Snorkeling or Diving Since Grenada and Carriacou are not as heavily visited as other Caribbean islands, the reefs, wrecks and coral walls remain largely unspoiled by crowds and many have yet to be fully explored. Divers will encounter deserted cays, sand bars and lagoons teeming with sea life, including sea fans, gorgonians, sea horses, rays, turtles, dolphins and stunningly colourful reef fish, as well as magnificently colored coral. All of our bases offer snorkeling gear. Please check availability for children’s sizes. You may wish to pack your own snorkeling gear. • Regattas The area is known for its local regattas, most notably the Grenada Sailing Festival which runs out of Port Louis every January and features racing and cruising yachts as well as local work boats. In addition, the Grenada Classic Yacht Regatta is held in February and has classes for tall ships and other classics whilst Bequia has its own Easter Regatta. The Carriacou Regatta also has a loyal following. Held in August for over 40 years, it’s a racing event for locally built boats. • Festivals Grenada boasts an ever-increasing range of festivals – both sporting and cultural. For a mix of color and sheer fun, visit the Carriacou Carnival in February and Grenada Festival in August. They offer an intoxicating blend of steel bands, pulsating calypso and spectacular costumes. • Fishing Sports fishing is extremely popular in these waters, with Spanish mackerel, barracuda, marlin, tuna and kingfish just some of the fish landed. Licenses are not required for trolling a line while underway. Spearfishing is illegal to all non-residents. • Hiking and Walking Grenada, Bequia and a number of other islands in the Grenadines offer superb hiking – a great way to experience stunning rainforests, tucked away villages, stunning views out to sea and the chance to cool off under spectacular waterfalls. • Kayaking Kayaks can be added to your charter contract. Please contact your Moorings Holiday Planning Specialist for more details. What To Expect Onboard: This Sunsail 444 is crafted by Roberston and Caine, a perfect yacht for family or couples or small groups traveling together. This revolutionary catamaran uniquely balances comfort, space and a sailing performance unrivalled by most catamarans. The most noticeable feature of the 444 is her covered forward cockpit, which is accessible from the main saloon, giving even more space for socializing and relaxing, as well creating cooling breezes into the interior. Specification • Length Overall: 12.98 m / 42ft 7 in • Waterline Length: 12.70 m / 41ft 8i n • Mast Height: 20.68 m / 67ft 10 in • Beam: 7.25 m / 23ft 9 in • Draft: 1.27 m / 4ft 2 in • Displacement: 12,615 kg / 27,880 lb • Fuel Capacity: 700 L / 185 USgal • Water Capacity: 1,000 L / 264 USgal • Sail Area: 123 sqm / 1,323 sqft • Engines: 2 x 45 HP • Cabins: 4 • Heads: 4 • Showers: 4 Additional Features • Convertible Saloon: This yacht has a convertible saloon which is included as a double berth in the maximum capacity. • Forepeaks: This yacht has two forepeaks accessible through the forward cabins. They are not separated from the forward cabins, are very small and are only suitable for a small child or extra storage. They are not recommended as berths for your charter and are not included in the maximum capacity of your yacht. • Air Conditioning: This yacht has generator powered A/C • Skipper/Cook: A hired Skipper/Cook will need to use an interior cabin. Yacht Classification by their age and are priced accordingly: • Exclusive Plus - Exclusive Plus class yachts are up to 1 year old, and feature the latest innovations and complimentary Wi-Fi in the Caribbean, Mediterranean & Thailand. • Exclusive - Exclusive class yachts have been in our fleet approximately 1 to 3 years and feature many of the same amenities as our Exclusive Plus yachts. • Club - Club class yachts have some of the Exclusive class amenities, and are generally 3+ years of age (up to 10 years in the Exotics and Mediterranean). Additional Services: Extras • Insurance (Yacht Damage Waiver for Catamaran): $441 • Hire a Cook: $742 ($106 per day) • Hire a Skipper: $1,043 ($149 per day) • Allow 1 extra cabin for crew Provisioning Services (Food & Drink for your boat) This destination offers the convenience of Provisioning Service! Let us take all the hassle out of provisioning your yacht with the highest quality beverages, fresh foods, and non-food items. Order complete packages when booking. • Black & Stormy" Cocktail: $30.00 • Island Girl" Cocktail: $27.75 • Flor de Cana Fizz" Cocktail: $22.00 • Charter Starter Kit (serves 2/3): $105.00 • Charter Starter Kit (serves 4/5): $115.00 • Charter Starter Kit (serves 6/7): $125.00 • Charter Starter Kit (serves 8): $135.00 • BVI Farm Box - Small (Local organic food): $40.00 • BVI Farm Box - Medium (Local organic food): $60.00 • BVI Farm Box - Large (Local organic food): $80.00 • BVI Farm Box - XLarge (Local organic food): $100.00 • Sunriser (serves 4): $36.00 • Sundowner (serves 4): $52.00 If you have any questions, we can answer those through GetMyBoat’s messaging platform before you pay. Just hit, “Request to Book” and send us an inquiry for a custom offer.

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Cruising Information Experience / Qualification requirements A sailing qualifications is not mandatory to charter here - but you must demonstrate that you have the necessary experience and ability. If our base staff are not confident in your ability when you arrive, they will arrange for a Moorings skipper to travel with you - at your own expense. Please ensure you have completed a Sailing Resume or a Power Resume to ensure you have the necessary experience required. Marina Information Located to the left of the Yacht Operations Building, clients will find showers that are open from 8:00am to 6:00pm daily. At Customer Service, clients will find weather information. Cruising Permits Clients must clear customs as they pass through each country and, generally fees are associated with the clearing process. Cruising permit is issued for charters at the beginning. If they leave Grenada into St. Vincent and The Grenadines, then EC $35 per person cruising tax is collected by the customs agent. Electricity Information 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Three-point plugs are standard. Yachts - The standard voltage on all yachts is 12 volts. In order to use electronic equipment that is 110v, you will need an inverter suitable for use in a cigarette lighter unless your boat has a generator. Inverter rentals are not available from the base. Sailing Area Restrictions • This information will be covered in the chart briefing. • The area around Soufriere and the Pitons in St. Lucia is a national park with restrictions on anchoring. • All windward sides of the islands should be kept well clear of. • The Tobago Cays is restricted from the south side due to the large number of coral heads in the channel which are difficult to see. • In all bays, anchor with caution to avoid damaging coral or sea grass beds. • Anchoring is not allowed off Grand Anse Beach in Grenada, and charterers will need to anchor at least 2 miles away from beach. • Blue Lagoon in St. Vincent has a difficult entrance and is best avoided. Mooring and Park Fees There are no park fees in Grenada. Moorings balls should not be utilized in Grenada waters. Customs Costs There is a cruising tax when entering Grenada, however, guests starting their charter in Grenada will not have to worry about it, as it’s good for 30 days. Skippered Charters There are several different countries represented within the cruising grounds of the Windward Islands and each of them require customs/immigration clearance upon arrival and departure. Fees vary based on the country, yacht, number of passengers, itinerary etc. All charters with a skipper are encouraged to provide the skipper with an initial $500 at the beginning their charter. This money will be used to cover costs for customs fees as well as mooring ball fees for the duration of the charter. The total amount needed may be less or it may be more. At the end of the charter the skipper will return any remaining funds along with receipts for all money spent. ATMs are limited in the cruising grounds so it’s important to plan ahead for these fees. Interesting Sites Some interesting sites to visit include Fort St. George’s, Underwater sculptures at Molinere Point, rain forest, rum distilleries and the dozens of waterfalls throughout the island. Health & Safety • Travel Insurance We offers comprehensive travel insurance for your complete peace of mind. If you have your own travel insurance, please make sure that it covers all of the destinations and activities of your vacation. • Medical Facilities Public hospitals are located in St. George’s, Mirabeau St. Andrew, Carriacou, Mt. Gay and Grenville Private hospitals and clinics are located in St. Paul’s and St. George’s. There are also public health clinics in all parishes on the island. • Vaccination and Immunization Information Grenada is generally risk-free of contagious disease. You are advised to be up-to-date with your Tetanus and Hepatitus B vaccines. An International Vaccination Certificate is not mandatory. • Travel Advice Current travel and safety information can be obtained by visiting Travel.State.Gov 

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