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Sail Cyclades with skippered Dufour 43Sail Cyclades with skippered Dufour 43Sail Cyclades with skippered Dufour 43Sail Cyclades with skippered Dufour 43

Sail Cyclades with skippered Dufour 43

Authenticity and simplicity. Crystal-clear waters and the Aegean sun. Beautiful villages and local cuisine. Set sail for an unforgettable experience around the Cyclades islands with your skippered private sailboat, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Departing from Paros, the heart of the Cyclades, is the perfect choice for a Greek island hopping. We are specialized in sailing vacations for couples, families and small group of friends up to 4. The boat is a carefully maintained refurbished Gibsea 43 yacht, operated only with a permanent captain and has an excellent sailing behavior. We offer check in and check out at any day of the week without any restriction. Skipper Dionysis, with many years of local knowledge and experience, will guide you safely, pleasantly and discreetly around the Cyclades to experience secluded coves, authentic tavernas or adventurous hiking paths. The itinerary that we usually offer is the Minor Cyclades route. This includes several spots at the islands of Paros, Antiparos, Iraklia, Koufonisia, Schinousa, Naxos and Amorgos. Here you will meet the real Cyclades, unspoiled by the passage of the time! The area is protected from the strong prevailing north winds that blows during the summer (Meltemi). The itinerary is designed to combine short sailing legs, swimming and relaxing in beautiful coves, island exploring and authentic local cuisine. It is not suitable for those who like intense nightlife and very crowded places (except perhaps on Koufonissia and Antiparos in the high season). The sailing time per day is between 1 and 5 hours, ideal for beginners and families with kids and the early arrivals at the islands give you the opportunity to walk or drive around in order to experience the unique scenery.

Starting from

  • Hourly
    12 hrs max
  • $163/hr
    4 hrs min



Captain Arranged Separately
Professional Captain required, arranged and paid for separately.
6 guests
Cruising Monohull

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Dionysis(die-on-eye-sus) was born in 1983 in Corfu, Greece. Half italian, he has MSc in Computer Science and Networking and he worked for several years as an IT administrator. Simultaneously, he studied in a drama school and worked as a theater actor and director. He loves travelling and playing the guitar. Philosophy and aerial acrobatics are his passions. At the age of 20 he discovered a new hobby; sailing. He started sailing the greek seas with his friends and, after gaining experience and qualifications, he became a proffessional skipper. He is really enjoying the freedom and the clarity of the sea His favorite sailing moments are the sunsets and the meetings with dolphins.

Features & Details

GibSea 43
  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • Wi-Fi
  • Flippers
  • Snorkel
  • GPS
  • Furling Mainsail
  • Furling Headsail
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Dinghy
  • CD Player
  • Bimini
  • Autopilot
  • Wheel steering
  • Inboard Engine
  • Sailboat
  • Outboard Engine
  • Radio

Approximate Location

You’ll get directions to the departure location when you make a booking.

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Cancellation Policy

60% refund up to 30 days prior.

Additional Terms & Information

Cancellation policy If the Renter cancels at least 30 days before check-in (time shown on the listing by the owner or 9am local time if it is not specified), s/he will be refunded for 60% of the total booking amount. If s/he cancels less than 30 days before check-in, s/he will not be refunded. If the Renter arrives and decides to leave before the scheduled date, days not spent on the boat are not refunded. On the other hand, if we don’t have the yacht ready for you on time, due to some unforeseen factors, for example, total loss of the boat, or sudden skipper illness we are obliged to contact you to explain the situation and make an agreement, either to return the whole amount of the fee to you or to find another similar yacht to do the charter. Refunds either for the boat or the skipper fee for not sailing due equal or stronger to 7bfts wind (you will have to stay on a safe port), if you don’t show up on the check in day or you leave the boat during the trip are not applicable.  Weather conditions Sometimes at the end of October the weather is rather cold. On the other hand, especially in July and August, the wind in the Aegean sea is pretty strong, so unpleasant for sailing. But we cannot make forecasts and assumptions, on what the conditions will be like. Just keep in mind that you might be unlucky and lose one or two days without sailing. Of course, for some others, it might be romantic scenery and a good opportunity to enjoy life on board, in a safe port. In any case the skipper will guide you and give you solutions for spending your time pleasantly. Safety Whenever it comes to decide about a sailing trip, one of the first things is coming up is safety. Safety of the yacht and reliability of the company. Our boat exceed the safety equipment required by law and is insured against fire, marine, and collision risks, third party liability, and again any part of total loss or damage. The experienced skipper and the smart itinerary we do, offer a secure feeling to the crew. Excellent maintenance during the wintertime allow us to avoid such unpleasant situations. What is the everyday schedule onboard? Usually, we have breakfast on board (or at a café if you wish). After that, we set sail for the next island. The sailing time depends on the chosen itinerary and the weather conditions and might be 1-5 hours. On our way, we make a stop at a nice anchorage for swimming where you may have a lunch on board and then we continue to our final destination where we get early in the afternoon, at about 3-4 pm, in order to have time to explore the island. In July and August, we strongly recommend to get even earlier, to have a chance to find a spot at the dock. The skipper will give you directions what to do in the island depending on your demands. Dinners are usually taken ashore because Greek food is a part of the Greek lifestyle experience. Recommendations about restaurants and bars are going to be given, as well as reservations are going to be done, if needed. In case of overnight stay in anchorage, (if the weather allows so) the skipper could use the dinghy to get you out at the shore for dinner (up to 10 pm). With what conditions do we sail? Theoretically, the yacht is certified by their designers to sail in all the weather conditions, but because we have customized our activities in cruising, the insurance companies, as well as the authorities, have adjusted their terms in this direction. So we cannot sail when the wind is equal or stronger to 7bfts (you will have to stay on a safe port), except that your captain believes that it would be safe to go downwind up to your next destination or if you are in a protected area, without big waves. For example south of Naxos is lying the Archipel of small Cyclades islands where, when the strong Meltemi is blowing, the huge island of Naxos doesn’t allow big waves to build up. Finally, night sailing is not allowed except if it’s a matter of safety. Attitude and practices in boating If you apply the following tips, you'll be able to boast of being a perfect seafaring gentleman. - Try not to yell and try not to disturb the neighbors and the other boats around yours. - In the case of a side-by-side mooring, you pass on board the neighboring boat by passing in front of the mast on a sailboat, or by the bow on a motorboat. You should never cross the cockpit, which should be considered a private area. - If you have to pass through a neighboring boat to get to yours, take off your shoes to avoid dirtying the deck and walk gently with as little noise as possible. Think that maybe your neighbor is sleeping below. - Respect the boat that hospite you. Keep it clean and keep your things tidy. Avoid slamming the doors and keep them always closed or use the stopper. - Try not to waste the water because you don’t know when you are going to refill again. Take quick showers and wash the dishes carefully. What about Skipper duties? First of all, he is responsible for the safety of you and the boat 24 hours a day, for as many days as the charter lasts. He is going to navigate and sail the yacht from one island to the other, maneuver at the ports, take you ashore with the dinghy if you are at an anchorage. He is also the technician who will fix the problems that might arise if it is possible and finally your guide for life ashore with his recommendations. The working hours for a skipper are maximum of eight, out at sea, but after that, he is in charge of the boat’s safety, something that might keep him awake for the whole night, if the circumstances require it. Conclusively he is the hospitable host who will answer all of your questions and even teach you some basics of sailing if you are interested. Where do we live onboard on the Gibsea 43? The cabins for our guests are the two aft ones. They both have spacious beds, storage space, portholes, hatches and fans. The guests share the spacious aft toilet in order to be completely independent of the skipper. The skipper himself uses the front cabin and the front toilet. This plan is ideal for discretion and practical reasons. Because the cabins are below the deck, it is important to walk gently so as not to disturb anyone sleeping. How about cleaning onboard? As soon as you will reach the yacht you will notice that it is clean and tidy. A basket is located at the cockpit to leave your shoes there. Please respect the boat and try to keep it in good condition during the whole charter. It is good for all of us. Make sure that on your return from the beach you clean your feet from the sand. Sand in the toilet shower means the failure of the electrical pumps. Sunscreen leaves stains on boat surfaces. For this reason, try to be careful with its use, especially if it is in the form of a spray. If you want to lie on the deck, use towels. Although it’s not a skipper’s duty, he is going to help in order to have a clean and respectable yacht by cleaning with fresh water the decks, wherever is possible, and also by keeping an eye on the inside condition whenever is needed. Your help would be appreciated as a sign of recognition for a pleasant stay. Don’t forget that the yachts are a special place which needs extra care, perhaps different from what you know by now. Don’t hesitate to ask your captain for every question even if you believe that is so simple. Important notices regarding your skipper It’s very important that you provide food for your skipper. In case of cooking on board, keep in mind that one more person is in your company. In case of having dinner ashore, you could refund him 20 euros per day, which is a reasonable amount. You are also free to invite him to join you ashore for dinner. However, he might decline your invitation simply because he needs rest or because his eating schedule is different than yours.

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