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About This Kiteboarding Experience

Enjoy Kitesurfing in Hua Hin, Thailand!

Kitesurfing is not try-it-yourself sports. With good instruction, most people enjoy an incredibly fast learning curve and establish a solid foundation for future development. Without instruction, trying to learn alone can be frustrating and dangerous. We use RRD kites and boards for teaching.

You need at least 8 hours of lessons to be able to take care of yourself in the water and to continue practising by yourself safely while having fun. 

The basic course is divided into four steps. Once your instructor has confidence in your ability to manage each part you will go on to the next step.

Step One: The basics of kitesurfing, equipment, wind direction, safety, and other important information.

Step Two: Flying the kite on the beach or in shallow water. Your instructor will stay very close and monitor your progress, offering guidance as needed.

Step Three: Body dragging in the water. You will learn to control the kite and drag yourself in the direction you want to go and will also learn to re-launch the kite from the water. The instructor will be in the water with you during this phase. 

Step Four: Getting up on the board. When you are able to use the kite to drag yourself back to the beach and can re-launch the kite by yourself from the water, you will learn to get up on the board. Once on the board, your instructor will stay close along the beach and offer advice and assistance as needed. There is also a jet-ski available for water rescue.

After completing the course you may want additional lessons or guidance by the hour which we are happy to offer. We also have equipment rentals and sales for those who become more serious about kitesurfing and want to continue.

Prices For Rental:

• First hour/(Complete set plus Instructor): ฿2,090 THB

• Second Hour Onward: 

  • Kite Per Hour: ฿1,100 THB
  • Board Per Hour: ฿440 THB
  • Harness Per Hour: ฿55 THB
  • Kite Per Day: ฿2,970 THB
  • Board Per Day: ฿1,210 THB
  • Harness Per Day: ฿220 THB

• Instructor only Own Equipment: ฿605 THB

• Prices For Lessons:

  • 1 hour: ฿2,090 THB
  • 2 hours: ฿3,960 THB
  • 3 hours: ฿5,610 THB
  • 4 hours: ฿7,040 THB
  • 8 hours: ฿12,870 THB

Prices are per person and include all equipment needed.


  • Type: Kiteboarding
  • Capacity: 1 People
  • Rental Minimum: 1 hour

Rental Requirements

Age Requirement:

  • 10+ years.

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