Getmyboat, the leading marketplace for boat rentals and charters, makes renting boats easy.  Our platform is simple: search for boats in the area you want to go boating, then send a request to reserve a boat to the captain or boat owner.

While making the request for a boat is easy, the boat owner or rental company may have a list of criteria to determine whether or not they will rent to you.  And when multiple renters are requesting the same boat for the same day, the owner or rental company will have to decide whose reservation to accept over everyone else’s.  You can use the following tips to ensure your rental inquiry is accepted by the owner so that they make an offer you can confirm and pay to secure your boat day!

Have a Personal Boating Experience

Generally, the type and size of your desired watercraft will determine the level of boating experience you’ll need in order to rent a particular watercraft.  For instance, renting a Jon boat or kayak for a couple of hours will require far less experience than a week-long bareboat charter on a 40-foot catamaran.  To make sure the owner has all the information needed to approve your reservation, here are some points to include in your request:

  • Your specific level of experience with the requested type of boat (most important!)
  • Number of years boating
  • Type of on-the-water experience you've had (e.g., open ocean, lake, river)
  • Familiarity with the boating area-Certifications, classes, or lessons completed
  • Other types of boats that you have rented or chartered before

Tell the Owner Your Trip Details

The owner will want to know the specifics related to your rental request.  

Here are some items you will be asked about regarding your potential boating adventure:

  • Will you take the boat out on your own, or do you want a captained or crewed charter?
  • Where are you taking the boat? If you are renting the boat for several days, be sure to mention the ports/marinas you will visit and your itinerary or “Float Plan.”
  • In the unlikely event that you become unable to handle the boat, who else in your party will have the ability to handle the boat?
  • How many people are in your boat rental party?
  • Will you take out the renter’s insurance? (Some owners will require this.)
  • Any other special requests?

If you are booking a crewed or captained charter, where the owner or rental company’s qualified staff will be handling the boat, it is unlikely you will be required to have previous experience with boating. When requesting a bareboat charter, however, each owner or rental company will have its own list of requirements for skill and experience level.

While the above tips are not all-inclusive and may even seem obvious, they may make the difference in whether or not your rental inquiry is approved.  At the very least, it will speed up the process and get you out on the water faster - happy boating!