After months of ordering take out, streaming TV series, and going for walks, the time has come to explore new and unique ideas for dates to keep the spark alive.

Getting out on the water is a great way to disconnect and spend quality time with your significant other. There’s something special about feeling a breeze on your face as you observe your surroundings from the perspective of the water. Boating is an unconventional way to bond and offers a lot of opportunities for deep conversations and happy memories to make as a couple.

Whether you’re near an ocean, lake, or river, Getmyboat offers a variety of water activities at different price points, to help couples of all budgets find something to enjoy on the waves. From jet ski rides for the thrill-seeking couples to stand up paddleboarding for active couples, you will be sure to find an excursion that will fit you and your partner’s interests.

In case you’re looking for ideas to spice up your dating life, we’ve created a list of the top water date ideas. Whether you’re searching for an activity to book for a first-date or looking for a way to celebrate an anniversary, Getmyboat has you covered!

These date ideas are perfect for warm weather. Book a date on the water with Getmyboat to beat the summer heat or if you’re on vacation in a tropical spot.

A Romantic Evening on the Water - Book a Sunset Cruise

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Nothing is more romantic than spending “golden hour” on the water with your partner. A sunset cruise is a great date option because it’s something you can enjoy on a weeknight, which is often cheaper than a weekend boating experience. It also is a great way to break up a busy work week and give yourself something to look forward to before the weekend comes around.

You will have the opportunity to relax and take in the gorgeous scenery around you as the sun sets over the horizon. A picnic at sea is a fantastic addition to your sunset cruise. Bring your favorite snacks and drinks to enjoy as you watch the sun go down over the horizon, or ask your boat captain if they offer catering services - some champagne and a charcuterie board can really elevate the experience. Don’t forget to take photos - the fiery colors of the sky reflecting off the water make for incredible shots!

A sunset cruise is a perfect way to end the day and is sure to be an unforgettable date night. Ready to book a sunset cruise for your special someone? Click here to see which sunset boat charters are available near you!

Beauty in the Breeze - Book a Sailing Trip

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A sailing trip is a great change of pace from ordinary date night ideas, and is a fabulous choice for a day date as well. Cruise by the wind along the coast as you admire the breathtaking views that are invisible from the shore. A sailing charter is a great way to relax and explore a new area that you’re visiting. A skipper or captain can take you to hidden gem locations that are not accessible by land, such as secret beaches or coves. During your sailing trip you can play music of your choice, enjoy a picnic at sea, witness sea life, enjoy a glass of champagne during sunset, and so much more.

Search here to start planning the perfect sailing adventure for you and your partner!

Whale Watching & Dolphin Watching Boat Tours


For all of the animal lovers out there, a whale watching or dolphin watching tour is a must! Nothing beats witnessing these magical creatures in their natural habitat. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the local marine life and may even see various other wildlife during your tour. If you live on the coast near whale migration spots, check out a calendar to figure out the best time of year for your whale watching tour. If you don’t live near a coast but are planning a trip somewhere where whales and dolphins are commonly spotted, consider putting a boat tour on your travel itinerary. Everyone who sees whales and dolphins in the wild is overwhelmed with a magical feeling when they do, and these special moments are perfect to share with the person you love.

Be sure to bring a camera to capture this special moment. Search now to start planning your marine adventure!

Love What you SEA on a Kayak + Snorkel Trip

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A kayak and snorkel trip is a great option for active and adventurous couples! Your excursion will start by paddling out to a prime location for snorkeling. Along the way, you will be able to enjoy scenic views from the water while getting an upper body workout. Kayaking is a fun and exciting way to stay active with your significant other, and kayaks enable you to explore destinations on the water that are completely inaccessible by other means of transport.

Once you’ve arrived at your location, you will be able to explore the open waters and undisturbed marine areas. Pop on your mask, snorkel, and fins to cruise around the surface and enjoy the underwater wonders beneath you. Snorkeling allows you to get up close and personal with local marine life and escape the heat. Admire fish and coral reefs or check out mangroves, there are many unique opportunities to see cool things depending on where you are kayaking and snorkeling.

A kayak and snorkel trip is a great option for eco-friendly couples. The tour is completely sustainable and a phenomenal way to lower your carbon footprint on the water! This date is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience for you and your partner. Click here to find a nearby kayak and snorkel trip.

Cheers on the Water - Book a Wine Cruise

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For the couple who love to indulge in wine, try a wine cruise for your next date! Wine cruises allow you to enjoy locally produced wines while sightseeing for a relaxing, elegant experience.

Getmyboat offers wine tours in some of the most well-renowned wine destinations in the world, including Napa Valley, Greece, Cabo, and many other places. These boat tours can take you through coastal towns, exquisite countryside, and romantic cities.

If you’re looking for a unique date idea on the water, a wine cruise is the way to go. Click here to check out the variety of wine cruises that Getmyboat offers.

Planning Your Date on the Water with Getmyboat

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Finding the perfect date idea for your partner is an amazing feeling, and surprising someone with a unique activity for you both to enjoy is a surefire way to make special memories.

Whether you're aiming for romance, adventure or relaxation, Getmyboat has you covered. We hope these ideas have inspired you to plan a unique date on the water! Ready to start planning the perfect date night? Search Getmyboat now!