Wisconsin, the Badger State, is renowned for its abundant natural beauty, cheese, and, of course, its fantastic fishing opportunities. Among the many species that anglers can target, Walleye stands out as a favorite. This article will guide you through the best Walleye fishing spots in Wisconsin, tips and techniques for catching Walleye, and how to plan the perfect fishing trip.

Top Walleye Fishing Spots in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to thousands of lakes, rivers, and streams, each with its unique charm and fishing potential. However, some stand out as premier Walleye fishing destinations.

Let's explore these fantastic fishing locations:

1. Lake Winnebago

As the largest inland lake in Wisconsin, Lake Winnebago is a haven for Walleye anglers. The lake's vast size and abundant Walleye population make it a top choice for both novice and experienced fishermen.

The best time to fish for Walleye in Lake Winnebago is during the spring spawning season, although you can catch them throughout the year.

2. Green Bay

Green Bay, part of Lake Michigan, is another excellent spot for Walleye fishing. The bay's diverse ecosystem supports a healthy Walleye population, making it a popular destination for anglers.

Try fishing in the bay's tributary rivers during the spring and fall migrations for the best results.

3. Wisconsin River

The Wisconsin River is a prime location for Walleye fishing. The river's diverse habitats, from fast-flowing sections to calm pools, provide excellent conditions for Walleye.

Focus your efforts on the river's deeper sections during the summer and its shallower areas during the spring and fall.

Walleye Fishing Techniques

Now that you know where to fish, let's discuss how to catch Walleye. These elusive fish can be challenging to catch, but with the right techniques, you can increase your chances of success.

Here are some proven Walleye fishing techniques:

1. Jigging

Jigging is a popular and effective method for catching Walleye. This technique involves moving your lure or bait in a vertical motion to attract the fish.

Use a light jig head paired with a minnow or worm for the best results. Remember to keep your movements subtle, as Walleye can be wary of overly aggressive actions.

2. Trolling

Trolling is another excellent technique for catching Walleye. This method involves dragging your lure or bait behind a moving boat to cover more water and find active fish.

Use a deep-diving crankbait or a bottom bouncer rig for trolling. Adjust your speed and depth based on the water temperature and time of year.

3. Casting

Casting is a simple yet effective technique for catching Walleye. This method involves casting your lure or bait towards likely fish-holding structures and retrieving it in a way that entices the fish to bite.

Use a medium-action rod paired with a spinning reel for casting. Experiment with different retrieve speeds and lure actions to find what works best.

Planning Your Walleye Fishing Trip

Planning a successful Walleye fishing trip involves more than just knowing where to fish and how to catch them. You also need to consider factors like the time of year, weather conditions, and local regulations.

Here are some tips to help you plan your trip:

1. Time of Year

The best time to fish for Walleye in Wisconsin is during the spring and fall migrations. During these periods, Walleye are more active and easier to locate.

However, you can catch Walleye throughout the year with the right techniques and locations.

2. Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can significantly impact your fishing success. Walleye are sensitive to changes in weather and water conditions, so it's essential to plan your trip around favorable conditions.

Generally, overcast days with light wind are ideal for Walleye fishing.

3. Local Regulations

Before you head out, make sure to familiarize yourself with the local fishing regulations. These rules can vary by location and time of year, so it's crucial to stay informed.

Check the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website for the most up-to-date information.

4. Boat Rentals and Charters

If you don't own a boat or prefer a guided experience, consider renting a boat or booking a charter. This can enhance your fishing experience and increase your chances of success.

Check Getmyboat first for the best deals on boat rentals and charters in Wisconsin.


Walleye fishing in Wisconsin is an exciting and rewarding experience. With its numerous fishing spots, effective techniques, and proper planning, you can enjoy a successful fishing trip in the Badger State.

So, grab your fishing gear, plan your trip, and get ready for an unforgettable Walleye fishing adventure in Wisconsin!

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