Welcome to the ultimate guide to the best Walleye fishing in Tennessee! If you're a fishing enthusiast, you're in for a treat. Tennessee is home to some of the most fantastic Walleye fishing spots in the country. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, the Volunteer State has something for everyone. So, let's dive in and explore the best Walleye fishing spots in Tennessee.

Understanding Walleye Fishing

Before we delve into the best fishing spots, it's essential to understand what Walleye fishing entails. Walleye is a freshwater fish native to most of Canada and the Northern United States. It's known for its olive and gold coloring and is highly prized by anglers for its taste.

Walleye fishing can be a thrilling experience, especially when you're equipped with the right knowledge and gear. It requires patience, skill, and a bit of luck. But don't worry, whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice, we've got you covered with all the necessary information.

Best Time for Walleye Fishing

The best time to fish for Walleye is during their spawning season, which is usually in the spring. During this time, Walleyes move closer to the shore, making them easier to catch.

However, you can still find Walleyes throughout the year. In the summer, they tend to move to deeper waters, so you'll need a boat to reach them. In the fall, they come closer to the shore again, making it another excellent time for Walleye fishing.

Essential Gear for Walleye Fishing

Having the right gear can make a significant difference in your Walleye fishing experience. Here are some essentials you should have:

  • A medium-light fishing rod
  • A fishing reel with a smooth drag system
  • 6 to 10-pound test fishing line
  • A variety of lures like jigs, crankbaits, and spinners
  • A fishing net

Top Walleye Fishing Spots in Tennessee

Now that we've covered the basics of Walleye fishing let's explore the top Walleye fishing spots in Tennessee. Each of these locations offers a unique fishing experience, so you're sure to find one that suits your preferences.

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Dale Hollow Lake

Dale Hollow Lake is renowned for its clear waters and abundant Walleye population. It's a fantastic spot for both beginners and experienced anglers. The lake is also home to several fishing tournaments throughout the year, making it a great place to test your skills against other anglers.

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Center Hill Lake

Center Hill Lake is another excellent spot for Walleye fishing in Tennessee. The lake is known for its deep waters, making it a perfect spot for summer Walleye fishing. It's also a great place to enjoy other water activities like boating and swimming.

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Watts Bar Lake

Watts Bar Lake is a popular spot for Walleye fishing, especially during the spring spawning season. The lake is also home to several other fish species, making it a great place for multi-species fishing.

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Walleye Fishing Tips and Techniques

Now that you know where to fish for Walleye in Tennessee, let's look at some tips and techniques that can help you catch more fish.

Remember, Walleye fishing requires patience and skill. But with the right knowledge and techniques, you can significantly increase your chances of success.

Use the Right Lure

The type of lure you use can significantly impact your Walleye fishing success. Here are a few lures that are known to be effective for Walleye fishing:

  • Jigs: These are the most popular lures for Walleye fishing. They're versatile and can be used in almost any situation.
  • Crankbaits: These lures are great for covering a lot of water quickly. They're especially effective in the summer when Walleyes are in deeper waters.
  • Spinners: These lures are excellent for attracting Walleyes with their bright colors and movement.

Master the Jigging Technique

Jigging is a popular technique for Walleye fishing. It involves moving your lure vertically in the water to attract fish. Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Cast your line and let your jig sink to the bottom.
  2. Once your jig has reached the bottom, slowly lift your rod tip up about a foot.
  3. Let your jig fall back down. This movement will attract Walleyes.
  4. Repeat this process until you feel a bite.

Be Patient

Patience is key when it comes to Walleye fishing. Walleyes are known for their light bites, so you need to be patient and wait for the right moment to set the hook.

Remember, fishing is as much about enjoying the experience as it is about catching fish. So, take your time, relax, and enjoy the beautiful Tennessee outdoors.


Walleye fishing in Tennessee can be a thrilling experience. With its abundant Walleye population and beautiful fishing spots, the Volunteer State is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, we hope this guide has provided you with valuable information to make your Walleye fishing experience in Tennessee more enjoyable and successful. So, grab your fishing gear, book a boat on Getmyboat, and get ready for an unforgettable fishing adventure!

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