Wisconsin is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, and it's particularly renowned for its pike fishing opportunities. The state is home to a plethora of lakes, rivers, and streams that are teeming with a variety of fish species, including the mighty pike. In this article, we'll explore some of the best spots for pike fishing in Wisconsin, as well as provide some tips and tricks to help you land a big one.

Top Pike Fishing Locations in Wisconsin

Green Bay

Green Bay, an arm of Lake Michigan, is a hotspot for pike fishing. The bay's vast and diverse aquatic ecosystem provides an ideal habitat for pike. The best time to fish here is during the spring and fall when pike are most active.

For the best results, try fishing near the mouth of the Fox River, where pike often congregate. Remember to check Getmyboat for boat rentals if you're planning a fishing trip to Green Bay.

Madison Chain of Lakes

The Madison Chain of Lakes, which includes Lakes Mendota, Monona, Waubesa, and Kegonsa, is another excellent pike fishing destination. These lakes are known for their large pike population, and they offer a variety of fishing opportunities, from shore fishing to ice fishing in the winter.

Each lake has its unique characteristics, so it's worth exploring all of them. And don't forget to check Getmyboat for boat rentals if you're planning a fishing trip to the Madison Chain of Lakes.

Pike Fishing Techniques

Casting and Retrieving

Casting and retrieving is a popular technique for pike fishing. This involves casting your lure into the water and then retrieving it at a steady pace. Pike are aggressive predators, and they're often attracted to the movement of the lure.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Cast your lure into the water.
  2. Let it sink for a few seconds.
  3. Start retrieving the lure at a steady pace.
  4. If a pike strikes, set the hook with a firm jerk of the rod.


Trolling is another effective technique for pike fishing. This involves dragging your lure behind a moving boat. The movement of the lure mimics a swimming fish, which can attract pike.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Attach your lure to your fishing line.
  2. Let out enough line so that the lure is at the desired depth.
  3. Start moving the boat at a slow pace.
  4. If a pike strikes, set the hook with a firm jerk of the rod.

Pike Fishing Gear

Rods and Reels

When it comes to pike fishing, a sturdy rod and a reliable reel are essential. A medium-heavy to heavy rod is ideal for handling the weight and fight of a pike. As for the reel, a baitcasting reel is often the preferred choice for pike fishing due to its strength and durability.

Here are some recommended rods and reels for pike fishing:

  • St. Croix Mojo Musky Rods
  • Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel
  • Shimano Tranx 400A Baitcasting Reel


The right lure can make a big difference in pike fishing. Pike are known for their aggressive nature, and they're often attracted to lures that mimic their natural prey. Some of the most effective lures for pike fishing include spoons, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits.

Here are some recommended lures for pike fishing:

  • Mepps Magnum Musky Killer Spinnerbait
  • Rapala Super Shad Rap Hard Bait Lure
  • Northern King 4D Spoon


Wisconsin is a fantastic destination for pike fishing, with numerous lakes and rivers that offer excellent fishing opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, there's something for everyone in the Badger State. So why wait? Grab your fishing gear, check Getmyboat for boat rentals, and start planning your next pike fishing adventure in Wisconsin today!

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