Nothing beats summer in New York City! During the warm weather months, the city comes to life and is filled with events and outdoor recreation for people of all ages. Whether you’re a local looking to escape the bustle of the city or a tourist interested in an immersive experience, we have the perfect activity for you!

This summer, Captain Johnny, a Getmyboat captain in Brooklyn, and Lioness Cuisine, teamed up to create a unique experience that combines curated Caribbean dishes with sailing!

Anchored and Chef’d is a sailing adventure that’s a great way to escape the summer heat while taking in the spectacular views. Anchored and Chef’d is a palate passport series that’s great for friends, families, and couples looking to get out on the water and see a unique angle of New York City, instead of the concrete jungle and skyscrapers, you'll soak up views of stunning sunsets, the beaches, and Jamaica Bay.

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All About Anchored and Chef’d

Anchored and Chef’d is a private, on-the-water dining experience that stimulates your senses through food, sail, and music. Our series of private chef events offer some of the best local culinary talents in the industry. Every month our chefs rotate, taking your palate on a journey to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, and beyond.

Captain Johnny and Chef Lioness do a phenomenal job of bringing some Caribbean culture to the waters of Brooklyn! From the food to the music and hospitality, it will feel like you have traveled to these charming Caribbean destinations for the day.

If you’re interested in embarking on this unique culinary adventure, please inquire here.

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A review of a trip with Captain Johnny and Chef Lioness

“Captain Johnny and Chef Lioness provided an amazing sail to celebrate our wedding anniversary. They were friendly, on time, and extremely accommodating. We booked 1.5 hours but wished we had booked more time. Will be returning with friends.” - Calvin

Sail with Johnny in Brooklyn

Johnny is a Caribbean-American native from Brooklyn who offers a one-of-a-kind boating experience around the city. His trusted vessel is a 28-foot spacious sailboat with a cabin for your comfort and convenience. Aside from Anchored and Chef’d, Johnny offers two other sailing experiences - “Sail Out” and “Cruise The Bay.”

The “Sail Out” adventure will take you along the beautiful coastline line of Breezy Point. For those that booked a longer sail, you will then venture out to Coney island to catch a panoramic view of the water. Before heading back to the dock, you will witness the scenic South Brooklyn coast with Brighton and Manhattan beaches in the distance. The ‘Sail Out” adventure starts at $179 for 2 -hours of exploring Brooklyn from the water.

The “Cruise the Bay” adventure is of great value! You will cruise by wind around the bay for 1-hour while enjoying the views and relaxing on the water. This excursion starts at $275 for an hour and fifteen minutes of leisurely sailing. It's great for a date night or a double date, something different to spice up your life in NYC.

There’s a reason Johnny has received 73, 5-star reviews - don’t miss your chance to set out on an unforgettable sailing adventure around Brooklyn!

All sailing excursions depart and return from Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn. It’s recommended that you pack light for your sailing adventure. Ready to get started? Book with Johnny today!


Lioness Cuisine

Jennifer Corporan, also known as Chef Lioness, is the owner of Lioness Cuisine - a business that provides an array of culinary experiences. Chef Lioness is on a mission to create and deliver a memorable experience through food, love, music, culture, knowledge, and laughter, as a collective with all that she does. Along with the Anchored and Chef’d experience, Lioness Chef also offers catering, private dinners, and virtual culinary classes. The summer 2021 catering menu includes a wide array of Dominican Fusion Cuisine. Whether you’re looking to improve your culinary skills or branch out and explore new ethnic dishes, the virtual classes are perfect for you! Click here to cook with Lioness virtually at home! By supporting Lioness Cuisine, you are supporting women and chefs of color!

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