Sitting on the shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto is a fabulous tourist destination for Canadians and visitors from all over the world. It's a bustling metropolitan city, an urban epicenter of cultural blends from across the globe, offering a taste of the entire world in one place. The city is known for its tourist attractions - the Toronto Zoo, the Royal Ontario Museum, and views from the CN Tower are just scratching on the surface of things to do and places to see in Toronto.

With many things to choose from, especially in the summertime, it can be hard to decide what to do while visiting Toronto. One thing you should experience while you're here, however, is a boating experience or water activity on Lake Ontario.

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Where to go by boat in Toronto

Boating is a favorite pastime amongst locals in Toronto and visitors coming from all over, looking to enjoy the waters of Lake Ontario. Checking out the skyline of Toronto by boat on a city skyline boat tour, enjoying the sunset on a sunset cruise, or exploring different parts of the city are all options on a boat rental or charter.

Dock your boat at Centre Island and get out to explore the gardens and fountains, visit Centreville Amusement Park, or indulge in a picnic at one of the sandy beaches. Visit the Waterfront of Toronto to check out markets, shopping, restaurants, and other highlights of the city, all right on the shores of the lake. Beaches to check out in Toronto include Cherry Beach, Woodbine Beach, and Hanlan's Point Beach.

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Top Boat Rentals & Charters in Toronto

Captain David's Catamaran Cruises with Live Piano Music

Possibly the best boating experience to have in Toronto, Captain David knows how to show his guests a fantastic time on his 40' Catamaran. Choose from an afternoon or sunset sails and customize your itinerary to create your dream boat day. Stop at Ward's or Hanlan Beach for a cheeky swim, cruise past the historic lighthouse, or sit back and enjoy the breeze as Captain David plays the piano for some live entertainment onboard."

"We celebrated my birthday on David's boat, and I must say it was the best experience ever. My friends and I were fully entertained for the full 4hrs. David did a great job showing us around the harbor, city views, played some songs on his piano and even sang me a happy birthday. The boat is very spacious, lots of tanning space ladies. I highly recommend a boat day with him, we will definitely be back next year. Enjoy!!!" - Olivia, September 2019

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Motor Yacht Charters with Captain John

Need a yacht charter for a bachelorette party, a family gathering, or just want to cruise in style? You're in luck - Captain John will deliver. Cruises on this boat start with a westward sail towards the sunset, with a 5-star meal served. You'll make your way back to port, facing a stunning backlit Toronto skyline. The boat has a BYOB policy, or you can request that that the crew stock your favorite drinks and food before arrival. Pump up the party with your music - a Bluetooth stereo system is onboard, so have a great playlist ready. Want to spend the night? Overnight or weekend packages are available; the boat offers two staterooms offer comfortable overnight accommodations for up to six guests.

"John is a very communicative, kind, and accommodating host and captain. He was very flexible when it came to suggesting & adjusting the itinerary based on the weather and our plans. The boat itself was super clean and comfortable. We had a group of 18 people and it accommodated everyone! I highly recommend his service!" - Balraj October 2019

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5-star Motor Yacht charters in Toronto

Fun in the sun is easy to have on this 10-person motor yacht. Explore the waterfront of Toronto and relax onboard with friends or family for a great boat day. A wakeboard, water skis, and tubing are all water toys included in this charter. Prices start at $430/hour with a minimum 2-hour booking with a captain. No need to worry about navigating on your own, Boyan will take you around Toronto.

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Jet Ski Rentals in Toronto

Have a need for an adrenaline rush? Rent a jet ski and fly through the waters in Toronto. Prices for this jet ski start at $165/day and it will give you all the thrills you need when in Toronto. See the skyline at a faster pace, explore various beaches, and live it up in Toronto on a jet ski rental on Lake Ontario.

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Sunset 20-seater Canoe Ride in Toronto

Traveling with a big group and want a truly unique experience? Try this 20-seater sunset canoe tour of the Toronto Harbor. Paddle out with your friends and explore lagoons around the harbor, all while getting some incredible views of the city. This is a budget-friendly experience at only $30/person, perfect for travelers who don't want to drop a lot of cash when venturing through Toronto.

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Toronto is a beautiful city to explore for a long weekend or an extended stay. Want to buy your own boat in Toronto? Check out the annual Toronto Boat Show and see thousands of boats available for sale. With lots of restaurants to try, places to see, and activities to enjoy, you won't be bored when visiting Toronto. If you're exploring Toronto in the summer, do not hesitate to rent a boat and get out on Lake Ontario.

Need to rent a boat in Toronto? Check out offerings on Getmyboat on our website or mobile app.