New Zealand is a wonderful destination to enjoy boating and outdoor activities. Auckland, one of the main cities of New Zealand, is a particularly great place to visit for boating enthusiasts and travelers looking to start their adventures. From luxury yachts, sailing charters, fishing, jet boat tours, and watersports activities, Auckland offers lots of ways to boat as well as a large number of water activities to do while boating. Not sure what you should do? Take a look at the many fun things to do, and then come down and try for yourself.

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Kayaking Tours Auckland, New Zealand

Kayaking is first on this list because it allows travelers access to explore the many uninhabited coves in New Zealand. Rent a kayak in Auckland for a day full of adventure and exercise outdoors. Though some regions of Auckland are rough for novice sea kayakers, there are lots of great sheltered areas to try, and a large number of kayak outfitters ready to help you sharpen your skills, and kayak tours are a great way to see more of Auckland.

Calm-water kayakers should try Long Bay, Scandrett's Bay, or Whakanewa. Fishing by kayak is popular at Waharau, and those who want to journey to Tiri Tiri Matangi on a kayak expedition often leave from the Tawharanui marine reserve. New Zealand also has a designated five-day sea kayak trail, called Te Ara Moana, or “the sea-going pathway.” It is a traditional route used by Maori to trade goods and is a great combination of marine and terrestrial sights. Campsites are available on the five connected New Zealand Regional Parks, and a detailed itinerary of the trail can be found on their website.

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Auckland Sightseeing Tours

Of all the things to do by boat here, sightseeing boat tours are the most popular tourist activity in Auckland. The stunning mountains of New Zealand are beautiful to explore by water. They were the backdrop of the Lord of the Rings movies, and many of the most breathtaking backdrops can be seen by water. History buffs can follow the paths of the Maori or the European explorers who first sailed here. Nature lovers can find many different kinds of wildlife. There is something for almost everyone to see here that will almost always exceed expectations.

Sailing Charters in Auckland, New Zealand

Whether you want a day trip or a long journey, Auckland is an amazing place from which to set sail. Rent a sailboat or book a sailing charter from Auckland to explore the east coast of the North Island. If you have several days, a sailing trip from Auckland to the South Island is highly recommended. The South Island is more extreme and mountainous, and the southern coast has arctic wildlife like penguins, which can be amazing to boat around.

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Paddleboarding in Auckland

Stand-up paddleboarding is a popular tourist activity in New Zealand. A combo of surfing and canoeing, this great workout gives you a bird’s-eye view of marine life and fabulous abs at the same time. Paddleboards are great to stick on a boat and head to an island, anchor off, and play. Paddleboard tours are a fun way to look at wildlife such as fish, seals, sea lions, porpoises, and if you travel to the South Island, penguins. Try them for an hour, or take them with you on a boating tour for several days. No matter how you use them, it is sure to be a fun way to be on the water.

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Auckland Scuba Diving

Scuba diving excursions in Auckland are a fun way to explore more during a trip to New Zealand. Coldwater provides great visibility and large, well-fed wildlife. On a scuba diving trip in Auckland, you can expect to see shipwrecks, steep rocky cliffs, lava tubes, and pinnacles, and sandy bottom reefs. Sea turtles, large invertebrates like crayfish, huge schools of silvery midwater fish like Mau Mau, or large and unique creatures like manta and stingrays are just a few of the amazing creatures to be seen.

Top dive sights in the region include the Rainbow Warrior shipwreck, HMNZS Canterbury shipwreck, Cathedral Cave, Putahataha Island, and many more.

Surfing in Auckland

If you want to learn to surf in Auckland, book a surfing lesson during your trip! New Zealand has a large number of fabulous surfing opportunities. Rent a surfboard, meet locals who are out surfing and chat with them to see where the best waves are. Remember that they will not tell you the locals’ beaches until you have proven yourself, so consider taking a lesson or two to see if you can get better info on good beaches.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in New Zealand

Though windsurfing has lost some of its popularity to the trendier stand-up paddle boarding and the more adrenaline-causing kitesurfing, it still is a fun way to spend a day on the water. Book a kitesurfing lesson at a secluded beach, or just rent one at one of the locales near Auckland. You will not be sorry. If you have always wanted to fly, kitesurfing will get you pretty close. This cross between wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing, and gymnastics is tricky to learn, but epic to experience, provided you have the agility, discipline, and courage to try.

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Fishing Charters in Auckland

From the trout-filled mountain rivers and the large inland lakes to the ocean, there are many different places to fish around Auckland. If you are interested in deep-sea fishing, find a fishing charter or rent a fishing boat in Auckland and try and catch a tuna, jack, or other large pacific fish. If you are interested in lake fishing, there are lots of locally stocked lakes, and a small, open boat with a trolling motor is all that you need. Though you do not necessarily need a boat to fly fish for trout in the rivers, renting a whitewater kayak can still give you an exhilarating ride before or after.

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Cruises in Auckland

If you love the idea of international travel but do not want to be at the helm, cruising is a great way to explore New Zealand and its neighboring nations by boat. Cruises, both big and small to the South Pacific, Antarctica, Australia, and even just around New Zealand are all great ways to take advantage of the cruise business in Auckland. Cruising aboard smaller crafts like those offered on Getmyboat is a great way to personalize your cruise and plan all the shore excursions you desire. Some yacht charters even include a jet ski rental, so be sure to explore your options.

Whale Watching in Auckland

Booking a whale watching tour while in New Zealand is a must. New Zealand is home to the famous movie, Whale Rider. Home to some of the most endangered whales in the world, including the Southern right whale, this is an extraordinary place to find many examples of the world’s largest animal. Most common here are sperm whales and orcas, though more than half a dozen species can be found during the right time of year. Whale watching boats are easy to find, though anyone with a boat, a good eye, and knowledge of whale grounds can find these beautiful animals.

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