Dive into the very best boating destinations across Europe, with a wealth of data gleaned from thousands of boat rentals.

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Summer travel to Europe attracts visitors from all over the world who want to immerse themselves in the continent's rich history and culture. When it comes to creating the perfect travel itinerary, no vacation in Europe is complete without a boat day.

Europe offers an unparalleled boating experience for vacationers due to its diverse waterways, rich cultural heritage, and well-developed maritime infrastructure. The continent boasts an extensive network of rivers, canals, and coastal regions, each providing unique scenic and navigational opportunities. The Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, with their stunning coastlines, are ideal for leisurely sailing, while the rivers of France, Germany, and the Netherlands offer picturesque routes through historic towns.

In this report, we explore the 15 most popular locations in Europe for boating.

About This Report

This report analyzes booking and demand data from Getmyboat, the world’s largest boat rental marketplace, examining the top boating cities in Europe. By examining the demand and number of completed rentals, we ranked the cities based on their frequency and included data regarding pricing, the most popular style of vessel, and information about the local boating culture.

It contains proprietary booking data for each city, including the most desired vessel style for renters and average pricing. It discusses the distinct features that make each of these destinations boating hotspots and the overall boating experience they offer.

The 15 Busiest Boating Destinations in Europe

#1: Istanbul, Turkey

Average Hourly Rate: $163

Average Trip Price: $488

Most Popular Style of Boat: Yachts

Istanbul, straddling Europe and Asia in Turkey, offers a unique boating experience on the Bosphorus Strait. On a boat day here, you can technically visit two continents during one cruise! Take note of the stunning skyline dotted with minarets and palaces, sail under the majestic Bosphorus Bridge, and explore hidden coves along the Black Sea. Istanbul provides excellent value for boating enthusiasts — you can find luxury yacht charters at modest prices and enjoy an afternoon or sunset cruise admiring this stunning city. This is a great way to sightsee in Istanbul; since the city is so huge and spread out, opt for a relaxing cruise instead of spending hours walking and wandering around. 

#2: Lake Como, Italy

Average Hourly Rate: $182

Average Trip Price: $528

Most Popular Style of Boat: Center Console Powerboats

Nestled in the Italian Alps, Lake Como is renowned for its stunning scenery and luxurious atmosphere during the summer months. The lake's crystal-clear waters are perfect for leisurely cruises, sailing, and swimming, and its charming villages, like Bellagio and Varenna, provide picturesque stops for docking your boat and exploring on land or enjoying the view from the perspective of the water. Enjoy the vintage aesthetic of this area by renting a classic wooden boat, a popular choice on Lake Como. In addition to smaller powerboat rentals, yacht charters are a popular choice here for guided excursions around the various towns and highlights of the lake. 

#3: Mugla, Turkey

Average Hourly Rate: $143

Average Trip Price: $1,010

Most Popular Style of Boat: Yachts

Mugla, located in southwestern Turkey, is home to the stunning Turkish Riviera. Boating along the coastline on the turquoise waters reveals stunning beaches, hidden bays, and ancient ruins. Popular spots like Bodrum, Marmaris, and Fethiye offer excellent marinas and vibrant nightlife, making Mugla a favorite for sailors and yacht enthusiasts. Here, you’ll see lots of Gulet boats, classic wooden yachts originally from Turkey, with most being manufactured in Bodrum. Gulet charters are popular for tourist cruises and daily sightseeing tours, and some are designed and equipped with sleeper cabins for overnight excursions. Check out Orak Island, Black Island Hot Springs, Aquarius Bay, and many other waterfront attractions best explored by boat in Mugla.

#4: Sorrento, Italy

Average Hourly Rate: $164

Average Trip Price: $1,129

Most Popular Style of Boat: Center Console Powerboats 

Perched on cliffs overlooking the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is a gateway to some of Italy's most famous boating routes and favorite islands. Boaters can explore the nearby islands of Capri and Ischia, see the famous Blue Grotto and the lesser-known White and Green Grottos, navigate the Amalfi Coast, and enjoy the region's delicious cuisine and charming towns. As you cruise on a boat tour, you’ll enjoy some enchanting views of the idyllic scenery this area of Italy is known for, and many allow for stops to explore on land as well as the sea. 

#5: Eivissa (Ibiza), Spain

Average Hourly Rate: $269

Average Trip Price: $1,986

Most Popular Style of Boat: Yachts

Ibiza, known for its lively nightlife, also offers gorgeous natural features that are best experienced by boat. The island is a part of the Balearic Islands of Spain, and it offers a rugged coastline dotted with secluded coves, sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters. It’s an ideal destination for swimming and snorkeling off a boat rental. A popular day trip to take by boat from Ibiza is to Formentera, where you can enjoy more peaceful beaches and stunning nature. Keep your eyes peeled for the little blue and green lizards that run around Formentera! 

#6: Positano, Italy

Average Hourly Rate: $192

Average Trip Price: $1,092

Most Popular Style of Boat: Powerboats 

Positano, with its colorful cliffside houses, is one of the gems of the Amalfi Coast. Boating here offers dramatic views of the rugged coastline, opportunities to visit nearby islands like Li Galli, and exclusive beaches only accessible by boat. There are many sea caves you can visit on a boat tour, including the famous Blue Grotto, the Emerald Grotto, and many more. Classic style powerboats with the wooden vintage aesthetic are popular here, and they are excellent for couples, families, and small groups looking to enjoy boating in Positano. 

#7: Palma, Mallorca, Spain

Average Hourly Rate: $149

Average Trip Price: $893

Most Popular Style of Boat: Yachts

Palma, the capital of Mallorca, is a hub for Mediterranean boating. The island's coastline features turquoise waters, hidden coves on the north and west coasts, and lively ports. Visit Mondrago Natural Park for a stunning swim in its calm lagoon. Boaters in Mallorca can explore nearby islands such as Menorca and Cabrera, or simply enjoy the vibrant marina scene in Palma, which has excellent dining and shopping options. It’s a more laidback version of Ibiza, with small towns that will help you escape the tourist traps, like Deia and Soller. 

#8: Split, Croatia

Average Hourly Rate: $106

Average Trip Price: $902

Most Popular Style of Boat: Yachts

Split, located on the Dalmatian Coast, is a gateway to Croatia's famous islands. Sailing from Split, boaters can visit Hvar, Brač, and Vis, all on a day trip. Each little island offers unique experiences and gorgeous views of beaches and coves. You can also opt for a multi-day island hopping excursion from Split onboard a private yacht, giving yourself more time to dive into the beauty of the local islands. The historic city of Split itself, with Diocletian's Palace and lively waterfront, adds to the destination's appeal.

#9: Ornos, Mykonos, Greece

Average Hourly Rate: $211

Average Trip Price: $1,404

Most Popular Style of Boat: Powerboats

Ornos, a beach town on the island of Mykonos, offers a mix of luxury and traditional Greek charm. Boaters can enjoy the calm waters of Ornos Bay, cruise to Delos Island to see its archaeological ruins, explore Psarous Beach, and visit the lively Mykonos Town. It’s a great jumping-off point for boat tours and cruising around Mykonos. 

#10: Amalfi, Italy

Average Hourly Rate: $223

Average Trip Price: $1,599

Most Popular Style of Boat: Powerboats

Amalfi, another jewel of the Amalfi Coast, provides boaters with stunning  views of pastel-colored fishing villages and charming towns along the rugged cliffsides. By boat you can explore the nearby coves and grottos, see Positano and Capri, and enjoy amazing views around this region of Italy. The town of Amalfi itself is rich in history and full of great restaurants and shopping, while nearby spots like Ravello and Atrani offer additional exploration opportunities. The clear waters and dramatic cliffs make Amalfi a top choice for sailors and boating enthusiasts.

#11: Lisbon, Portugal

Average Hourly Rate: $223

Average Trip Price: $688

Most Popular Style of Boat: Catamarans

Lisbon, situated on the Tagus River in Portugal, offers a unique boating experience with access to both river and ocean sailing. Lisbon is a beautiful city thanks to colorful buildings and charming streets, and the historic waterfront area is no exception. Cruising around you can see some iconic landmarks including the Belem Tower and April 25th Bridge. Nearby, cute beach towns like Cascais and Estoril provide diverse options for boaters and great spots to stop for a swim or enjoy a waterfront dining experience. Catamaran boat tours are the most popularly booked option here, enjoy a tour with a local captain on the water. 

#12: Venice, Italy

Average Hourly Rate: $102

Average Trip Price: $572

Most Popular Style of Boat: Center Console Powerboats

With its iconic canals and historic charm, Venice is a dream destination for boating enthusiasts, and you can go beyond the typical gondola ride to explore the city. Navigating the canals to see the historic buildings and charming waterfront is sure to be unforgettable. Beyond the canals, boaters can explore the Venetian Lagoon and nearby islands such as Murano and Burano. Here, classic vintage yachts and center console-style powerboats are popular, but you can also find sailing charters and other luxurious vessels to take you on adventures around Venice. 

#13: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Average Hourly Rate: $78

Average Trip Price: $640

Most Popular Style of Boat: Center Console Powerboats

Dubrovnik, known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic," offers stunning sailing and cruising along the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. From Dubrovnik by boat you can explore the Elafiti Islands, enjoy a swim in a quiet cove, and get a unique vantage point of the beauty of Dubrovnik's walled city, made famous in various movies and T.V. shows. It’s a fabulous place to enjoy a seafood lunch onboard an afternoon boat cruise, as well as enjoy overnight island hopping adventures. 

#14: Barcelona, Spain

Average Hourly Rate: $190

Average Trip Price: $660

Most Popular Style of Boat: Sailboats

With its vibrant culture and beautiful coastline, Barcelona is a fantastic starting point for boating in the Mediterranean. The city's iconic marinas, such as Port Vell, provide excellent facilities, and nearby destinations like Costa Brava offer scenic sailing routes. Cruise past the famous beaches of the city, including Barceloneta Beach, San Sebastiá, and Nova Icària, and enjoy views of the skyline while you indulge in tapas and beverages onboard a private sailing charter. 

#15: Antalya, Turkey

Average Hourly Rate: $92

Average Trip Price: $412

Most Popular Style of Boat: Yachts

Antalya, located on the Turkish Riviera, also known as the Turquoise Coast, is a stunning region of Turkey, beloved for its gorgeous beaches and sparkling waters. Here you can explore stunning bays, beaches, and ancient ruins, such as those in Phaselis and Olympos. Half and full-day boat charters with a local captain and crew are a popular choice here — it’s an affordable destination for yachting, and you can book a tour that includes experiences like snorkeling in calm bays and delicious lunches onboard your boat. 

In Summary

During the summer months, Europe comes alive with travelers from all over the world looking to enjoy the gorgeous cities and outdoor activities. There is so much to explore by boat, and getting on the water provides a unique vantage point of historical cities and enables you to see a lot more without walking long distances on crowded city streets.

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