Thailand is a beautiful country of varied landscapes, with a deep history and a fascinating culture. It is becoming one of the most popular countries to visit in the world for tourists, and one big reason is the fact that it is a boater’s paradise. With thousands of miles of coastline, hundreds of islands, and bordering two seas, there are ample opportunities to enjoy a boating adventure in Thailand. Don't hesitate to book a vacation in Thailand - it's going to be a trip you'll never forget.

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Naturally, if you are taking a boating destination in Thailand, you will want to take a boat to one of the many tropical islands that exist off the coast of the country. It's a hot spot for island-hopping, sightseeing boat tours, fishing charters, scuba diving, and more. Anything that can be enjoyed on the water, can be enjoyed to the max in Thailand. Charter a yacht in Thailand to relax on your vacation, with a captain and crew to take care of all the details. It can be really affordable to rent a boat or charter a yacht in Thailand, making it a great choice for budget and luxury travel.

Here are the best boating destinations to choose from in Thailand

Boat rentals in Bangkok

While the capital city of Thailand isn't known for secluded beaches and stunning views of the sea, it's still a worthwhile place to stop in for a few days and experience on the water. Rent a boat in Bangkok and cruise on the Chao Phraya River. You can book a dinner cruise or host an event on the river in Bangkok, having a gorgeous boat be your venue with a captain and crew to work out all the details. Sightseeing on a boat tour in Bangkok is a great option when traveling with a larger group or children, as you can cruise past temples and other highlights of the city.

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Coral Island (Koh Hae)

This day-trip island is well-known for the beautiful beach that is ringed by a reef. It is one of the easiest islands to reach from Phuket. Book a boat tour or rent a boat from Phuket to get here. Also known as Coral Island, its crystal blue seas are truly beautiful and natural life abounds on the island. It can be a day trip on its own or part of an island-hopping adventure in Thailand. Go snorkeling on Coral Island in Thailand, you won't regret getting to see beautiful corals and fish on a tour.

Koh Mook/Koh Ngai/Koh Radang

Located to the southeast of Phi Phi, this small chain of islands features rocky limestone cliffs and the legendary Morakot Cave, perfect for the spelunker in your group. It's great for snorkeling and scuba diving, beach relaxation, and enjoying kayak rentals and other activities on the water. The aquamarine basin is often called The Land That Time Forgot and is truly a sight to see.

Koh Phi Phi

Also located off of Phi Phi, this is a very popular boating destination, so you will most likely contend with some crowds as a result. It's one of the best Thai islands to visit by boat on a trip to Thailand. The Beach, a Leonardo DiCaprio film from the late 1990s, was shot here, and it features the Pileh Lagoon, a popular swimming destination.

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Koh Samui

Increasing in popularity, the palm trees of this island make for a great visual of a tropical island. Koh Samui is great for sightseeing boat tours, boat rentals, island-hopping, and more. Try a catamaran cruise in Koh Samui for a relaxing day on the Gulf of Thailand. Many tourists come to this island to enjoy the reggae and blues of the local establishments, but it still has a tranquil southern tip you can boat to in order to escape the crowds.

Koh Pha Ngan

Known for its Full Moon parties, this island is great if you enjoy the nightlife. While there is always something to do after dark, exploration of this island’s many coves and secret beaches make it a great destination. If charting a sailboat or yacht will break your bank, renting a kayak offers the same stunning views and an experience that is closer to nature in Koh Pha Ngan.

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Koh Lanta

Located near the town of Krabi, this island has a great deal of wildlife and a full 27-kilometers of coastline. Koh Lanta is a chilled island, great for escaping the party crowds and relaxing on a quiet beach instead. Also located on this island is the Mu Ko Lanta National Park, which has some great snorkeling destinations.

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Krabi is not an island, but you can boat the wonderful beaches that are as soft as powder. Rallay Beach is a very popular part of the area, and if you want, you can boat from Krabi to Chicken Island or any of the Phi Phi Islands. Krabi is the perfect destination in Thailand for yacht charters, island hopping, and fishing charters.

Phang Nga Bay

With 60 towering limestone outcrops, you can visit the emerald green water of this bay and enjoy the wonderful scenery. In the bay, you will also find the floating village of Koh Panyi, as well as camping opportunities and a hippy hangout in the form of the Railei Beach Club.

Thailand is a beautiful country to visit. The people are incredibly friendly, the landscape is awe-inspiring, and the culture is unrivaled throughout the world. When you are able to go on boating adventures, you have ample opportunity to see any of the many islands located off the coast of Thailand. From pristine beaches nearly untouched by humans to islands full of a thriving nightlife, you will not be disappointed when you hop in a boat and take a trip to any of the hundreds of islands off the coast of Thailand.

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