Just to the south of Melbourne on the south coast of Australia lays the island of Tasmania, an underrated tourist destination offering lots of beautiful nature and things to see. Boating around Tasmania provides varied experiences for world travelers who crave adventure. It's small enough to explore in a short time but large enough to guarantee enough activities and things to do so that you won't get bored when traveling through Tasmania.

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Rent a boat in Tasmania

Tasmania has plenty to offer in the way of experiences for boaters who are eager to explore the farthest reaches of the world. A full fifth of Tasmania is under ecological and heritage protection through the Australian government, making its natural and marine parks major draws for international visitors.

Planning an event in Tasmania? Why not host it on a boat? Yacht charters and cruises for hosting weddings, family gatherings, corporate events, and other celebrations are the perfect venues. It's sure to be a party that your attendees won't forget, and it's easy to plan and coordinate everything onboard with a captain and crew to help with the itinerary and details.

As far as sailboat rentals are concerned, Tasmania features waters to tempt sailors of any skill level. If you are a beginner or prefer to boat in calmer waters, then you will likely greatly enjoy the eastern coast of the island, which is home to many protected anchorages and small towns that you can leisurely wander through. If a boating challenge is more your speed, then the shallow waters of the Bass Strait — with its westerly winds whipping the surface — can provide hours or days of exciting recreation.

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Active travelers exploring Tasmania will be delighted to enjoy experiences like kayak rentals and river rafting. It's a great way to enjoy an adventure in Tasmania while getting some exercise on the journey.

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Fishing charters and fishing boat rentals in Tasmania are a great choice for anglers visiting the island. On a fishing charter, you can catch fish like Brown Trout, Sea Bream, and Bluefin Tuna. Tasmania is known for having some of the cleanest waters for fish, so whether you choose a freshwater fishing charter or deep-sea fishing charter, you'll catch delicious fish. The top fishing spots on Tasmania include St. Helens, the Tyenna River, Arthur's Lake, and Four Springs Lake.

Boating Destinations of Tasmania

One of Tasmania’s greatest charms is that so much of it is undeveloped and untouched. There are many hidden gems to check out, places you can only reach if you rent a boat and cruise around Tasmania.

Hobart, the island’s capital city, lays on the southeastern coast. The stylish Salamanca District of Hobart houses a number of restaurants, galleries, and pubs. Stroll Battery Point to see historic architecture, and be sure to stop by the Museum of Old and New Art to view its impressive collection. Rent a boat in Hobart to cruise around the harbour, book a kayak rental, or enjoy a rafting adventure on the Franklin River.

Coles Bay on the east coast of Tasmania is perfect for luxury yacht rentals. Rent a boat here and cruise to Wineglass Bay of Freycinet National Park, a picturesque spot of Tasmania, perfect for a swim and exploring the beach.

Corinna is a town on Tasmania that is a great spot for a cruise on Pieman River.

Want to see marine life in Tasmania? Bicheno is a great city in Tasmania to try a glass-bottom boat tour, scuba diving excursion, or snorkeling. These tours will get you up close and personal with pristine underwater life.


Thrill-seeking boaters need to look no further than the west coast of Tasmania for the excitement they crave, as this wild region is known for its tumultuous seas. Australia’s highest recorded wave was recorded here at over 72 feet, and the seas often reach heights of at least 22 feet. Strahan at the center of the area is a sheltered port for those seeking a reprieve from the sea. It provides direct access to Gordon River, a perfect cruising destination, which you can follow up to historic Devil’s Gate.

Find Adventure Boating in Tasmania

If you are a boater who craves adventure and wishes to see the true beauty of the natural world, you will likely fall in love with this island. Tasmania offers a special combination of ancient history, culture, and unimpeded nature that is difficult to find anywhere else, and which will make for a truly memorable boating journey.

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