When it comes to boating in the Pacific Northwest, many people first think of Washington or southeast Alaska. The state of Oregon, however, also has a number of excellent boating opportunities. Oregon's climate tends to have more sunshine and warmth in the summer, making it an excellent boat rental destination. A unique feature of Oregon is that many of its best lakes are at altitudes of 5,000 feet and higher, and a few of them are formed from extinct volcanoes.

Heading to Oregon and want to get out on a boat rental? Here are some of the must-do boating activities in the most-visited cities of Oregon.

Boat Rentals and Charters in Portland, Oregon

A top thing to do in Portland, Oregon, is to rent a boat and get out on the water. The Willamette River runs through downtown Portland, and it makes sightseeing easy on a boat tour or yacht charter in Portland. Pontoon rentals, yacht rentals, and ski boat rentals are all popular choices in Portland, for visitors and locals alike.

Sailboat tours of Portland are a popular choice amongst tourists and locals even, as you can get out on the water without the noise of a motor. Let the wind take you around the river to see the downtown Portland skyline in an environmentally-friendly way. Sailboat tours in Portland are a great activity to do with kids, as they can learn the basics of sailing, how to steer the boat, and have lots of fun on the water.

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Outdoorsy people in Portland won't be disappointed by the activities available to enjoy nature, even in the middle of the city. Kayak rentals and tours in Portland are a popular choice for sightseeing while getting in a workout. Fishing trips and fishing charters in Portland are the perfect activity for anglers visiting the city, looking to make a catch of Coho Salmon, Trout, or many other fish species that can be found in these waters.

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Boat Rentals in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon is a city loved for its stunning nature and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. From fishing trips to stand-up paddleboarding, there's something for every outdoorsman (and woman) traveling to Eugene. Rent a fishing boat or try a fishing charter with professionals to take you on the Willamette River. Rent a stand-up paddleboard and power yourself through the calm waters of a local lake in Eugene like the Fern Ridge Reservoir. At $20/hour for a rental, it's a cheap thing to do in Eugene, Oregon.

Fun things to do in Eugene can always include getting out on the water, especially thrilling experiences like whitewater rafting tours or fly-fishing. Eugene offers a host of things to do by boat, and it's the best way to experience this gorgeous city.

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Boat Rentals in Bend, Oregon

Traveling in the summer? A vacation in Bend, Oregon is the perfect excuse to rent a boat. Bend, like the rest of Oregon, is home to breathtaking nature that must be experienced firsthand. Book a whitewater rafting tour or rent a kayak in Bend to get up close and personal with the forests and rivers of this region. The Deschutes River is a particularly popular destination for kayaking and touring on the water.

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There are lots of lakes to check out, and ample fishing and boating opportunities. Book a fishing charter in Bend or rent a fishing boat and get out to catch trout, salmon, steelhead, bass, and more. Fishing in Bend is a great activity to do with kids, too, they will have tons of fun catching fish and being on the water with you.

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Tips for Traveling to Oregon

No matter whether you love mountain solitude or busy river traffic, there is excellent boating to be found in Oregon. If you are traveling from out of the region, remember that the Pacific Northwest is very temperate. Always bring adequate layers — though the days may be in the 90s, the evenings can be in the high 40s, and rain is always possible. Your best choices are light, water-wicking layers to stay comfortable here. Once you have arrived, it is easy to discover the extraordinary amount of natural beauty to be seen and loved in Oregon, particularly by boat.

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