New York City is an internationally-renowned city and one of the world’s top tourist destinations. While popular sites such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building can be found on land, boaters can enjoy a unique experience on the water. Rent a boat, book a boat tour, or try the water taxi in NYC and see the skyline from a new perspective.

Boating in New York City

There are many ways to get on the water in NYC. Boat rentals, boat tours, jet ski rentals, sailing, and water taxis are just the beginning of all your options in the Big Apple. Traveling with kids to NYC? Take them on a boat tour instead of walking the busy streets. Sightseeing by boat in New York City is a welcome alternative to the hectic atmosphere and teaming throngs on the streets. It's a great way to keep kids entertained too.

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Boat Rentals & Yacht Charters in New York City

Exploring New York City by water will allow you an entirely different perspective of the city than you could ever get on land. Watching the sunset behind the city skyline from the deck of a private yacht charter, or taking a boat tour to the Statue of Liberty are unforgettable experiences. Rent a boat in Manhattan for a luxurious way to get out on the river. Book a boat rental in Brooklyn and see this borough from a new angle. Yacht charters are an excellent way to celebrate events in New York, like bachelorette and bachelor parties, weddings, family gatherings, and corporate events.

New York City also features one of the world’s largest natural harbors, which will help ensure that you never run out of places to explore. While boat rentals sound like an expensive tourist activity, there's a huge variety to choose from in New York, so boating can be a relatively cheap activity to enjoy in NYC.

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Dinner Cruises in NYC

For a meal you'll never forget, book a dinner cruise in NYC. Enjoy views of the sunset behind the skyscrapers and sip cocktails while a captain and crew serve up delicious food. Dinner cruises are a popular choice for visitors to New York because of the relaxed sightseeing opportunity they provide. It's perfect for traveling with older family members or kids, and combining a meal with an activity is always a great way to tick more off your NYC Tourist "To-Do" list.

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Fishing Charters in NYC

While it might not be the first destination that pops into your head when you think of a fishing getaway, New York fishing charters offer a lot to the avid angler. On a fishing boat in NYC, you can catch fish on the Hudson or in the Harbor, and enjoy seeing the city sights while you do it.

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Get Out on The Water in The Big Apple

With so much to do and see, tourists have many options for entertainment both on and off the water. After you have enjoyed a full day boating in New York City’s spacious harbor, you can come to shore to enjoy food and drinks or continue sightseeing at any hour of the day or night. Once you grow weary of the crowds, you can head back out to sea in a boat and enjoy a side of New York that even many of the locals often miss. 

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