Cape Coral is a delightful family community in southwestern Florida that offers both the delights of the Gulf of Mexico as well as over 400 miles of canals for you to explore. With numerous landside attractions and water activities (as well as several excellent local marinas), it makes an excellent vacation spot for boaters who want to enjoy Florida away from the crowds.

Boat Rentals in Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral is a beautiful haven away from the crowds associated with southwestern Florida. What began as a small, pre-planned town in the 1950s has since grown into a thriving community with a strong boating lifestyle. It has many attractions on land to keep you and your family occupied, as well as several reputable marinas where you can store your personal (or rented) watercraft. With miles of meandering canals to explore (as well as the expansive Gulf of Mexico just a short boat ride away), Cape Coral is the ideal Floridian family boating getaway.

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Things to Do Out on the Water

Cape Coral is a prime location for boating in southwestern Florida because of its nearness to the Gulf of Mexico and its access to over 400-miles of canals. In fact, this Floridian city features more area dedicated to canals than any other metropolis in the world. Access to these incredible natural attractions is easily available thanks to three public boat launching facilities in the city.

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Traveling to Cape Coral

Close to Fort Myers, Cape Coral is a luxurious escape on the coast of Southwest Florida. It’s the perfect place for travelers who love outdoor activities and natural scenery. It’s a quieter and calmer alternative to some of the more notorious party cities in Florida, perfect for families with kids or older travelers looking to relax.

While you can visit Cape Coral at any time of the year to enjoy the water and rent a boat, the late summer and early autumn months are the best times to go. You'll avoid the tourist crowds from September through November before the Christmas crowds show up. The summer months have more rainfall and can be uncomfortably hot, but you can also find good deals on accommodation during this season.

The easiest way to get into Cape Coral is to take a flight to Fort Myers, and renting a car is the preferred method for getting around. Cape Coral city is made up of an extensive network of canals, the second largest network in the world after Venice, Italy.

Top Activities & Things To Do in Cape Coral, Florida

Beyond pretty beaches, there are plenty of things to see and do to keep travelers of all kinds entertained and happy during a stop in Cape Coral. With warm weather throughout most of the year, plan on getting outside and enjoying nature, the ocean, and getting exercise during your visit to the coastal city. 

Boating & Water Experiences in Cape Coral, Florida

Rent a Boat or Charter a Yacht

Families and groups of friends who want to cruise the waves on a boat rental can book their own with Getmyboat for an epic day in Cape Coral. All the canals provide picturesque boating opportunities for novice and expert boaters alike. If you don’t want the responsibility of driving the boat, booking a captained charter is the way to go. Relax on the deck and enjoy special extras like drinks and food onboard, sunset cruises, and stops for swims.

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Houseboats & Pontoon Rentals in Cape Coral

For large groups or locals of Cape Coral looking to plan an event onboard a boat, a houseboat or pontoon rental is a perfect choice. Houseboats and pontoons offer plenty of space to spread out and relax onboard. Some even come equipped with special extras like tables and waterslides.

A great day trip that will help you get the most out of your houseboat or pontoon rental is a stop at Cayo Costa. It's a protected state park that is only accessible by private boat or ferry. Its pristine, white sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters make it the perfect stop for nature lovers who want to escape the rowdy crowds. Park your boat for a day of swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and nature walks in this spot.

Watersports & Cape Coral Jet Ski Rentals

For a thrill during a trip to Cape Coral, booking a watersports excursion is an excellent option. It’s great for traveling with teenagers or adventurous kids, or groups of friends looking to make memories, tick an experience off the bucket list or learn a new skill while on their trip to Cape Coral. 


There’s no better way to get a bird’s eye view of a stunning place than on a parasailing trip in Cape Coral. Fly above the water as a boat tows you with a giant, colorful parachute to carry you and your best friends through the air. It’s the perfect activity for groups or solo travelers who want a day of excitement. You can enjoy a safely-operated, fun parasailing tour during your trip to Cape Coral.

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Originating in France, this thrilling watersport has taken Florida by storm, and Cape Coral is no exception. Propel yourself out of the water on a jetpack, flying above the waves in a futuristic manner. An instructor will teach you how to maneuver and use the equipment for maximum fun on a flyboarding rental or lesson in Cape Coral.

Fishing Charters in Cape Coral

Captiva Island is an excellent destination in Cape Coral for fishing. Rent a fishing boat and cruise on your own for a day of great catches; Bass, Snapper, Mackerel, and many more. Sanibel Island is also easy to reach from Cape Coral by boat and offers beautiful beaches and water sports. Boca Grande is also an excellent choice for fishing, as it is host to many fishing tournaments and has a large tarpon population. Fishing is popular down at the Cape Coral Yacht Club, and it’s an excellent spot to visit for boating advice and to watch the sunset.


Kayaking & Canoeing

Active and adventurous travelers can find the perfect experience to stay fit and make memories with their friends and family while in Cape Coral. Rent a kayak or canoe and climb inside for a day of adventure. Paddle through the canals of this Floridian city, or make it all the way into the Gulf, kayaking or canoeing through the waves and exploring the shoreline. It’s an excellent upper back workout, a way to get exercise while on vacation and maintain your fitness.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

This trendy paddlesport is a wonderful experience since it’s relatively easy to learn and is a fun and gentle workout. Renting stand-up paddleboards to power yourself through the canals of Cape Coral is a top activity and is fun for travelers and locals alike. Stand-up paddleboards, or SUP boards, are expensive to own and impractical for folks who aren’t going to go all the time. Renting is the way to go - rent SUP boards for a day or the whole week of your vacation - whatever you’d like to do during your stay in Cape Coral.

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Other Things To Do in Cape Coral

While on land, there’s plenty of activities and things to do to keep yourself entertained in Cape Coral. There’s a lot of state parks and opportunities for enjoying nature and the outdoors, including Lover’s Key State Park, Black Island, and Captiva Island.

Fort Myers is also nearby, offering a beach and shopping opportunities as the commercial center of the area. Fort Myers is also considered the gateway to the Southwest Florida region and offers a variety of activities including restaurants and nightlife if you’re looking for more excitement and a night of dancing. This metropolitan area offers a variety of dining choices as well as opportunities to visit different historical sites for those interested in Florida history.

There is something for everyone in Cape Coral, whether you take a vacation to relax or to explore. The abundance of wildlife and beautiful vistas available in this region of the Gulf Coast will charm any visitor, and there are alternatives in nearby locations for those who are more interested in hitting the mall or trying out new cuisine. Plan a trip to Cape Coral and make waves with Getmyboat, at any time of year.

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