Welcome to the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, where the stunning lakes offer endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're an avid angler, a water sports enthusiast, or simply someone looking to relax amidst serene surroundings, Portland's lakes have something for everyone. Let's dive right in and explore the best lakes this city has to offer.

Best Lakes for Fishing in Portland, OR

If you're an angler seeking a bountiful catch, you'll find great options in Portland. Here are some of the best lakes for fishing:

  1. Trillium Lake: Known for its stunning views of Mount Hood, Trillium Lake is a popular fishing spot for trout and kokanee salmon.
  2. Hagg Lake: With its abundant population of bass, crappie, and trout, Hagg Lake is a favorite among local fishermen.
  3. Timothy Lake: Surrounded by lush forests, Timothy Lake offers excellent fishing opportunities for trout and salmon.
  4. Henry Hagg Lake: Spanning over 1,100 acres, Henry Hagg Lake is home to a variety of fish species, including bass and catfish.
  5. Lost Lake: Tucked away in the Mount Hood National Forest, Lost Lake is a hidden gem for fishing enthusiasts seeking tranquility and a chance to catch rainbow trout.

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Exploring the fishing scene in Portland, Oregon, goes beyond just the lakes mentioned above. The city is also home to the Columbia River, a renowned fishing destination offering opportunities to catch salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, and more. Anglers can enjoy both bank fishing and boat fishing along the river, with various fishing charters available for those seeking a guided experience.

For those interested in fly fishing, the Deschutes River is a must-visit spot near Portland. This river is famous for its challenging yet rewarding fly fishing opportunities, particularly for native trout species. The scenic beauty of the Deschutes River adds to the overall fishing experience, making it a favorite among fly anglers in the region.

Lakes With The Clearest Water in Portland, OR

For those who appreciate crystal-clear water and pristine surroundings, Portland's lakes won't disappoint. Here are some of the lakes with the clearest water:

  • Clear Lake: True to its name, Clear Lake boasts exceptionally clear waters, making it a popular destination for swimming and diving.
  • Lake Oswego: With its picturesque beauty and sparkling clean water, Lake Oswego is a favorite spot for boating and paddleboarding.
  • Blue Lake: As its name suggests, Blue Lake showcases a stunning blue hue that will leave you in awe. Spend a day swimming or picnicking by its crystal-clear waters.
  • Council Crest Reservoir: Offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city, Council Crest Reservoir is not only a scenic spot but also home to pure and clear water.
  • Smith Lake: Nestled within Tryon Creek State Natural Area, Smith Lake's pristine waters make it a perfect location for kayaking and canoeing adventures.

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Exploring the lakes with the clearest water in Portland, Oregon, is not just about enjoying the visual beauty but also about experiencing the tranquility and serenity that these natural wonders offer. Clear Lake, for example, not only provides a refreshing escape from the city's hustle and bustle but also serves as a habitat for various aquatic species, adding to its ecological significance.

Additionally, Blue Lake's mesmerizing blue hue is a result of its unique geological composition, with minerals and sediments contributing to its distinct coloration. This natural phenomenon not only makes it a striking sight for visitors but also a fascinating subject for scientific study. As you immerse yourself in the clear waters of these lakes, you are not just witnessing their beauty but also connecting with the rich ecosystem that thrives beneath the surface.

Best Swimming or Water Sports Lakes in Portland, OR

If you're looking to beat the summer heat or engage in thrilling water sports, Portland has you covered. Check out these lakes for swimming and water sports:

  • Blue Lake: Apart from its clear waters, Blue Lake offers designated swimming areas and fun water activities, including canoeing, paddleboarding, and kayaking. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery, providing a picturesque backdrop for your aquatic adventures. Families can enjoy picnicking by the shore or exploring the nearby hiking trails for a well-rounded outdoor experience.
  • Henry Hagg Lake: With its expansive shoreline, Henry Hagg Lake is a great spot for swimming, jet skiing, and wakeboarding. The lake's calm waters make it perfect for beginners looking to try their hand at water sports. Fishing enthusiasts can also cast their lines here, as the lake is home to a variety of fish species, adding to the recreational opportunities available.
  • Oswego Lake: Known for its calm waters, Oswego Lake is ideal for swimming, paddleboarding, and sailing. The lake is surrounded by upscale homes and a vibrant community, making it a popular spot for both residents and visitors alike. Sunset views over the lake create a serene atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a day of water activities.
  • Columbia River: Not technically a lake, but it provides numerous opportunities for swimming, windsurfing, and kiteboarding. Exercise caution and check local regulations before venturing out. The Columbia River Gorge offers stunning views and a windy climate that attracts windsurfing enthusiasts from around the world. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, the river's diverse conditions cater to all skill levels.
  • Fernhill Wetlands: This unique wetland not only offers birdwatching opportunities but also permits swimming and canoeing in designated areas. Nature lovers will appreciate the abundance of wildlife that calls Fernhill Wetlands home. Birdwatchers can spot a variety of species, making it a haven for avian enthusiasts. The calm waters of the wetlands provide a tranquil setting for a leisurely paddle among the reeds and waterfowl.

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Prettiest Lakes in Portland, OR

If you're seeking lakeside beauty combined with breathtaking scenery, Portland will leave you captivated. Check out these picturesque lakes:

  • Trillium Lake: Reflecting the iconic Mount Hood, Trillium Lake's stunning vistas make it a favorite spot for photographers and nature lovers alike.
  • Marquam Nature Park: While not a traditional lake, Marquam Nature Park boasts a tranquil reservoir surrounded by lush greenery and winding trails.
  • Wahclella Falls: Though not a lake, the Wahclella Falls trail leads you to a mesmerizing waterfall nestled within a serene forest setting.
  • Lost Lake: Surrounded by towering evergreens and offering captivating reflections, Lost Lake is a true gem in the Portland landscape.
  • Pittock Reservoir: Set within the scenic Forest Park, Pittock Reservoir offers stunning views of the city skyline and the surrounding mountains.

Enjoy the beauty of these lakes by taking leisurely walks, capturing stunning photos, or simply finding a cozy spot to relax and recharge.

When to Visit Lakes in Portland, OR

Now that you know about the best lakes in Portland, you might be wondering when the ideal time to visit is. Here's a breakdown of the seasons:

  • Spring: Spring brings vibrant blooms and milder temperatures, making it a great time to visit for hiking, wildlife observation, and fishing.
  • Summer: Summer is perfect for swimming, water sports, and picnics by the lakeside. However, be prepared for higher crowd levels during this popular season.
  • Fall: Fall offers a breathtaking kaleidoscope of autumn colors, providing a picturesque backdrop for nature walks and enjoying the tranquility of the lakes.
  • Winter: Although some lakes may be affected by colder temperatures, winter allows for a different kind of beauty, with the possibility of snow-covered landscapes.

Regardless of the season, Portland's lakes offer something unique and memorable year-round. Plan your visit accordingly and delight in the natural wonders that await.

Best Lakes for Boating and Sailing in Portland, OR

If you're a sailing enthusiast or simply looking to enjoy a day on the water, Portland's lakes provide plenty of opportunities. Here are some great lakes for boating and sailing:

  1. Columbia River: With its vast expanse and strong winds, the Columbia River is a sailor's dream. Set sail and enjoy awe-inspiring views of the surrounding landscape.
  2. Hagg Lake: Boasting over 13 miles of shoreline, Hagg Lake is perfect for exploring by boat or pontoon, with various coves and bays to discover.
  3. Oswego Lake: As one of the most coveted sailing destinations, Oswego Lake offers calm waters and a sailing-friendly atmosphere.
  4. Timothy Lake: Known for its clear waters and picturesque mountain views, Timothy Lake is a popular choice for both motorized and non-motorized boating.
  5. Smith Lake: With its peaceful setting and gentle waters, Smith Lake is ideal for leisurely canoe or kayak rides, providing a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Final Thoughts

Portland, Oregon, offers an abundance of incredible lakes that cater to various interests. From fishing and water sports to beautiful scenery and tranquil relaxation, these lakes have it all. Remember to respect the environment and check local regulations before engaging in any activities. So, grab your fishing rods, water skis, or hiking boots and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the best lakes of Portland, OR.

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