Mesa, Arizona may be known for its desert landscape, but don't overlook its hidden gem - its beautiful lakes. Whether you're a fishing enthusiast, a water sports aficionado, or simply seeking a serene and picturesque spot, Mesa has it all. In this article, we will explore the best lakes in Mesa, AZ, so grab your gear and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

Best Lakes for Fishing in Mesa, AZ

Fishing enthusiasts flock to Mesa for its incredible lakes, abundant with a variety of fish species. Here are some of the best lakes for fishing:

  1. Canyon Lake: Known for its diverse fish population, including bass, trout, and catfish, Canyon Lake offers a fantastic fishing experience.
  2. Saguaro Lake: This picturesque lake is not only breathtaking but also teems with largemouth bass, crappie, and rainbow trout.
  3. Apache Lake: With its scenic backdrop, Apache Lake is a prime destination for anglers seeking bass, trout, and catfish.
  4. Roosevelt Lake: As one of Arizona's largest lakes, Roosevelt Lake boasts an array of fish species, including bass, crappie, and sunfish.
  5. Bartlett Lake: Nestled in the Tonto National Forest, Bartlett Lake is a haven for bass, as well as bluegill and catfish.

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Arizona's lakes not only provide excellent fishing opportunities but also offer stunning natural beauty and recreational activities. Many of these lakes are surrounded by picturesque landscapes, making them ideal for a day of fishing amidst breathtaking views. Visitors can enjoy not only the thrill of catching fish but also the tranquility of the serene waters and the sounds of nature.

Additionally, the diverse fish populations in Mesa's lakes make them perfect for anglers of all skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to cast your line for the first time, these lakes cater to a wide range of fishing preferences. From the excitement of reeling in a bass to the relaxation of waiting for a trout to bite, Mesa's lakes offer a truly immersive fishing experience for all who visit.

Lakes With The Clearest Water in Mesa, AZ

If you long for the crystal-clear waters that invite you to dive right in, these lakes in Mesa are perfect for you:

  • Canyon Lake: Surrounded by awe-inspiring cliffs, Canyon Lake offers pristine, emerald-green waters that are simply breathtaking.
  • Saguaro Lake: With its sparkling blue waters, Saguaro Lake provides a refreshing oasis for swimming, boating, and enjoying various water activities.
  • Bartlett Lake: Its serene ambiance and clear waters make Bartlett Lake an ideal spot for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

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Exploring these lakes goes beyond just enjoying their clear waters. Canyon Lake, for example, is not only a haven for water enthusiasts but also a paradise for hikers. The surrounding cliffs offer numerous hiking trails with stunning views of the lake and the desert landscape. It's a perfect blend of water adventure and land exploration.

Saguaro Lake, named after the iconic cactus species that dot the surrounding landscape, is not just a place for water activities. The area is rich in wildlife, with opportunities for birdwatching and spotting various desert creatures. Keep an eye out for bald eagles soaring above the lake or bighorn sheep coming down to the water's edge for a drink.

Best Swimming or Water Sports Lakes in Mesa, AZ

If you're craving some fun in the sun and want to beat the desert heat, head to these lakes in Mesa for swimming and water sports:

  • Saguaro Lake: With its vast surface area, Saguaro Lake offers ample opportunities for swimming, tubing, wakeboarding, and more. The lake is surrounded by stunning desert landscapes, providing a picturesque backdrop for your water adventures. Keep an eye out for the diverse wildlife that calls this area home, including bighorn sheep and bald eagles.
  • Bartlett Lake: This sprawling lake is perfect for water skiing, wakeboarding, and other thrilling water sports. Nestled in the Tonto National Forest, Bartlett Lake offers crystal clear waters that are ideal for exploring marine life through snorkeling or scuba diving. Don't forget to pack a picnic and enjoy a lakeside lunch at one of the designated picnic areas.
  • Apache Lake: Known for its calm waters, Apache Lake is an excellent choice for kayaking, paddleboarding, and swimming. Surrounded by rugged canyons and cliffs, Apache Lake provides a tranquil setting for water enthusiasts looking to unwind and connect with nature. Be sure to bring your fishing gear along, as the lake is stocked with a variety of fish species, including bass and trout.

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Prettiest Lakes in Mesa, AZ

Mesa is blessed with natural beauty, and these lakes epitomize that beauty:

  1. Canyon Lake: Nestled amidst towering cliffs and adorned with lush desert vegetation, Canyon Lake showcases a captivating harmony of colors.
  2. Saguaro Lake: Surrounded by a scenic wonderland of saguaro cacti, mesquite trees, and rugged mountains, Saguaro Lake is a sight to behold.
  3. Bartlett Lake: With its tranquil atmosphere and picturesque scenery, Bartlett Lake is a paradise for photographers and nature enthusiasts.

Grab your camera and immerse yourself in the breathtaking views these lakes offer.

Exploring these stunning lakes in Mesa, Arizona, offers not just visual delights but also a chance to connect with nature on a profound level. Canyon Lake, known for its crystal-clear waters reflecting the surrounding cliffs, is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Visitors can partake in activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing, all while being surrounded by the majestic Superstition Mountains.

Saguaro Lake, named after the iconic cactus species that dots its shoreline, provides a unique opportunity for wildlife sightings. Keep an eye out for bald eagles soaring overhead or bighorn sheep scaling the rocky terrain. The diverse ecosystem surrounding the lake is a testament to the resilience of desert flora and fauna, making it a prime location for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

When to Visit Lakes in Mesa, AZ

Choosing the best time to visit the lakes in Mesa depends on your preferences. Here are some suggestions:

  • Spring: Spring brings pleasant temperatures, blooming wildflowers, and vibrant birdlife, making it an ideal time for nature lovers.
  • Summer: Summer provides ample opportunities to enjoy water sports and swimming, as the temperatures soar in Mesa.
  • Fall: With milder weather and stunning fall foliage, autumn offers a peaceful and picturesque setting for lakeside activities.
  • Winter: Despite cooler temperatures, winter still allows for fishing excursions and scenic hikes, with the advantage of fewer crowds.

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Exploring the Lakes of Mesa, AZ

Each season in Mesa, Arizona, offers a unique experience when visiting the picturesque lakes. Springtime brings a burst of color as wildflowers bloom along the shores, creating a stunning backdrop for birdwatching enthusiasts. The mild temperatures during spring make it an ideal time for leisurely strolls around the lakes, taking in the sights and sounds of nature awakening.

As summer arrives in Mesa, the lakes become a hub of activity for water sports enthusiasts. From kayaking and paddleboarding to jet skiing and swimming, there are endless opportunities to cool off and have fun in the sun. The clear blue skies and warm weather make summer the perfect time to indulge in aquatic adventures and create lasting memories with family and friends.

Best Lakes for Boating and Sailing in Mesa, AZ

If you want to set sail and explore the lakes at your leisure, these lakes in Mesa are perfect for boating and sailing:

  1. Saguaro Lake: Its vastness and scenic beauty make Saguaro Lake an ideal destination for boating and sailing enthusiasts. The lake, formed by the Stewart Mountain Dam, is known for its crystal-clear waters that reflect the surrounding Sonoran Desert landscape, creating a breathtaking backdrop for any boating excursion. Visitors can spot a variety of wildlife along the shores, including bighorn sheep and bald eagles.
  2. Canyon Lake: With its calm waters surrounded by impressive cliffs, Canyon Lake offers a serene and unforgettable boating experience. This man-made reservoir on the Salt River is a popular spot for both locals and tourists looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Boaters can navigate through the lake's intricate network of coves and inlets, perfect for exploring and finding hidden gems.
  3. Apache Lake: Its picturesque setting and uncrowded waters provide the perfect backdrop for a leisurely sail. Nestled in the Tonto National Forest, Apache Lake is a secluded oasis known for its tranquility and stunning desert scenery. Boaters can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while cruising along the lake's 17 miles of pristine blue waters.

Embark on a boating adventure and admire the mesmerizing landscapes these lakes have to offer.

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For those seeking a more immersive experience, Mesa also offers a variety of guided boat tours and rentals, allowing visitors to explore the lakes with the expertise of local guides. These tours provide insightful commentary on the history and ecology of the area, enhancing your boating adventure with a deeper understanding of Mesa's natural wonders.

After a day on the water, visitors can unwind at one of the lakeside picnic areas or campgrounds, where stunning sunsets over the water create a magical ambiance. Mesa's lakes not only provide recreational opportunities but also serve as a peaceful retreat for those looking to connect with nature and escape the stresses of everyday life. Plan your next boating excursion in Mesa, AZ, and discover the beauty and serenity of these stunning desert lakes.

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