We are excited to announce that Yanmar, a global leader in manufacturing and a pioneer in diesel engine technology, has invested $21M in GetMyBoat as a part of the Series B funding round. They’ve also taken a majority stake in the company. This partnership and growth capital will be integral in accelerating GetMyBoat’s vision to make boating more accessible for everyone. We will be able to grow our team and improve our product offerings and features.

Yanmar and GetMyBoat have been working together since 2018. Since the beginning, we have aligned in our visions of transforming the future of recreational boating. Despite the challenges of the past few years, GetMyBoat has become the world’s largest boat rental marketplace, achieving significant revenue growth while spreading joy to thousands around the world. Together, we are on a journey to enrich people’s lives worldwide by democratizing boating and water experiences. We are thrilled that Yanmar has further committed to this vision and GetMyBoat with the series B funding. This support will be essential in realizing our dream of providing the best access to the recreational marine industry.

Yanmar has noted they have no intention to change GetMyBoat but rather assist in our global ambitions. GetMyBoat will continue to be run by our executives and team. Our aspirations are the same, and the platform will continue to operate as normal. Our customer service team is still here for you, our sales team is still here for you, and we’re excited to grow our talented and diverse team to provide you all with the best product experience.

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In addition to this excitement about the announcement, we also must express our gratitude to our community. To our renters, thank you for putting your faith in us to provide fantastic boating experiences. We’ve had the privilege of reading over 250,000+ reviews from renters who have shared their boating stories. We are humbled to be a part of these unforgettable memories. To our owners, thank you for providing remarkable boating experiences to our renters. You’ve inspired us with your resilience in navigating the challenges of the past few years. You’ve built your businesses on GetMyBoat and played a crucial role in developing our community. Your dedication has been integral in helping GetMyBoat grow to the point where it is today, and we are grateful for each and every one of you.

It has been an incredible journey to get to this day. We’re excited to have the partnership of Yanmar and the resources to bring our dreams to fruition. Together, we will transform the future of boating and the marine leisure industry, expanding the accessibility of being on the water for new generations of boating enthusiasts. We look forward to bringing the joys of boating to more people than ever before.