Busy Getmyboat owners often have to manage competing interests for popular dates, and holding a reservation for an indecisive customer while others wait can result in missed bookings. With our new 'Custom Offer Expiry' feature, owners can now advise renters that their offer is valid only for a limited time, and ask them to complete the payment to confirm the reservation before that time runs out.

You can use Custom Offer Expiry as a way to offer special discounted pricing for early-bird bookings or a way to manage customers on a first-come, first-served basis. Add a Custom Offer Expiry so the first customer that inquired has a chance to book within a reasonable time limit before the date is offered to someone else.

Owners can now find the 'Custom Offer Expiry' toggle switch on the 'Add Price' step when creating an offer. Turn on the switch and enter either the date and time the offer will expire or the number of hours before the offer expires.

Need Help?

Our Customer Experience team is always standing by ready to help if you want advice about your offers, or setting up an offer expiry time. Get in touch with us at support@getmyboat.com.