Is your boat booked for an upcoming rental or charter? 

Here are some reminders to go over with your guests or renters to make sure they're ready for their upcoming boat day. 

▢  Review the weather forecast and send to your guests to give them an idea of what to wear or bring to be comfortable and safe on board.

▢  If the renters are unfamiliar with the area, review the destination and give them information on what to expect when they arrive.
▢  Review the route plan the renters wish to take and establish an ETA.
▢  Plan for alternate destinations in case of an emergency.
▢  Review a communication plan, including which VHF channel you intend to use .
▢  Do a final walkthrough of technical systems with the renter or with your crew.
▢  Decide and assign crew roles (if applicable).
▢  Review food and catering plans (if applicable).

▢ Encourage your renters to download the best apps for boating. While no one can rely on apps 100% while you're on the water, these are some great resources to check out to enhance a boat day. 

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