All Getmyboat operators are required to and are responsible for operating legally within and fully compliant of local guidelines — this includes obtaining proper registrations, passes, permits, etc., meeting vessel and captain requirements, using the correct docks and boating areas for commercial activities, and any other stipulations by your local laws and facility regulations.

To help, we’ve gathered the following essential details for boating in Lake Livingston.

Lake Livingston spans 90,000 acres, located about 80 miles north of Houston. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department regulates all boating on the lake.It's known for its scenic beauty and offers activities like boat rentals, guided fishing, and scenic cruises available, along with hosting events like boat shows and fishing tournaments, benefiting the local economy and creating a vibrant boating community.

Party Boat Operator License:

To operate a charter vessel on inland waters, with the exception of sailboats, carrying over six passengers and measuring at least 30 feet in length, individuals must possess a Party Boat Operator License. The sole exception to this rule is if the operator possesses a USCG OUPV License or a Captain's license of a higher rank.

Additional details can be located here Party Boat License

USCG License:

If you require a U.S. Coast Guard license, Getmyboat has collaborated with Mariners Learning System to simplify the certification process for you. Use the promo code GETMYBOAT10 for 10% off all products.


In order to participate in the operation of a commercial vessel on Lake Livingston, it is essential to obtain the necessary commercial insurance. This insurance is critically important to ensure the safety of passengers, protect your business assets, and adhere to legal and regulatory requirements. For additional information about the mandatory insurance coverage, we suggest contacting our affiliated partner BCI.


To complete your boat registration, the following details are required:

  • Your personal information, including your name and address.
  • The boat's hull identification number (HIN).
  • The boat's length.
  • Information about the motor(s) on the boat.
  • The purchase date.

Please check here to obtain Registration

Trinity River Authority Permit:

Commercial vessels operating on Lake Livingston are required to secure a permit from the Trinity River Authority (TRA). Following approval, a permit card will be provided, which must be visibly displayed on the vessel whenever it is in operation on Lake Livingston. This requirement is in place to ensure the safe and legal operation of commercial boats.

The permit application process can be found on the TRA website.

Additional information:

  • Possession of a valid boater education certificate is mandatory for all individuals born after September 1, 1993, who operate motorized watercraft over 15HP or wind-blown vessels exceeding 14ft in length.
  • Boat titling and registration in Texas are obligatory for all motorized boats, irrespective of size. This requirement extends to sailboats measuring 14 feet or longer and sailboats equipped with auxiliary engine(s). USCG Documented vessels must also be registered, without title issuance.
  • Essential safety equipment is a must for your boat, including a life jacket for every individual on board, a fire extinguisher, a first-aid kit, and a sound-producing device.
  • Strict adherence to all other relevant boating laws and regulations is required, encompassing rules related to navigation, anchoring, and fishing.
  • A party boat operator license is necessary for any vessel (excluding sailboats) carrying more than six passengers and measuring 30 feet or more in length, while operating on inland waters.
  • Commercial vessels are prohibited from operating within a distance of 100 feet from any public dock or pier, except during passenger pickup or drop-off activities, docking, or anchoring.
  • All boats must adhere to zebra mussel prevention regulations, mandating the draining and drying of all watercraft and equipment before entering or departing from the lake.

Pick Up / Drop off :

Multiple spots are available for dropping off and picking up boats for rental purposes. Here are two options that have a designated passenger pick up and drop off area:

  • Blanchard Public Boat Ramp: located at 10407 FM 1985, Livingston, TX 77351. It is open 24 hours and has a daily parking fee of $5.
  • Tigerville Park Public Boat Ramp: located at 11425 FM 1985, Livingston, TX 77351. It is open from 6am to 10pm and has a daily parking fee of $5.

Additionally, it's crucial to make advance inquiries with the marina or dock to verify their policies regarding passenger pick-up and drop-off.

Below, you'll find some useful links to assist you in getting started:

If you have any questions about the commercial boating regulations on Lake Livingston, please contact the TPWD office at (936) 662-4771.