Lake Dillon Reservoir, situated approximately 70 miles to the west of Denver amid the scenic Rocky Mountains, is a renowned boating destination in Colorado. All operators affiliated with GetMyBoat are obligated to operate in accordance with local regulations and guidelines, which entails acquiring necessary registrations, passes, permits, adhering to vessel and captain prerequisites, utilizing designated docks and commercial boating zones, and complying with all applicable local laws and facility regulations. To assist you, we have compiled essential information for your boating experience on Lake Dillon Reservoir.

USCG Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC):

To operate a commercial vessel on Lake Dillon Reservoir, you must have a valid USCG Merchant Marine Credential (MMC). The type of MMC you need will depend on the size and type of vessel you are operating.For example, if you will be operating a charter boat, you will need a Passenger Vessel (PV) Master credential. If you will be operating a fishing guide boat, you will need a Master Fishing Vessel (MFV) credential. Please visit the USCG website for more information.

Commercial Boat Permit:

To engage in commercial boating operations on Lake Dillon Reservoir, it is imperative for all business operators to secure a permit from the Dillon Reservoir Recreation Committee (DRReC). This permit is mandatory for any business utilizing boats for commercial purposes, such as charter fishing, boat rentals, or conducting sightseeing tours.

Permits can be obtained by contacting the DRReC office at (970) 668-4065 or visiting the Summit County website.

Boater Safety Certificate:

In Colorado, to acquire a Boater Safety Certificate, you must finish a state-approved boating safety course, which is offered in two formats: online and in-person. More information can be found on CPW.


Commercial boat insurance protects boat owners and operators from financial losses and liability. You must have it to operate a commercial boat there.Reach out to the GetMyBoat insurance partner BCI for a quote.

Passenger Pick Up/ Drop Off:

Many locations provide designated passenger zones for boat rentals, facilitating both drop-offs and pickups. Prior to finalizing your arrangements, it's essential to verify the pickup and drop-off guidelines with the marina or dock.

  • Dillon Marina Park Pavilion: Located at 203 W Lodgepole St, Dillon, CO 80435.
  • Dillon Marina Office: Located at 150 Marina Dr, Dillon, CO 80435

Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Stamp & Inspection:

In Colorado, before setting sail in state waters, it's mandatory for all motorized boats and sailboats to possess an ANS stamp. Additionally, motorized vessels, even those equipped with small outboard motors, must undergo an Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) inspection before they can be launched. More information for the ANS Stamp. To arrange a boat inspection, please call Dillon Marina at (970)668-4275.

Additional Information:

  • The operation of personal watercraft (e.g., Jet Skis) is prohibited on Lake Dillon Reservoir.
  • Commercial vessels are obligated to carry all necessary safety equipment, including life jackets for all passengers.
  • You need a permit from the DRReC to do towed recreational activities like water skiing, wakeboarding, or parasailing on Lake Dillon Reservoir.
  • Commercial boat operators are required to maintain a minimum distance of 100 feet from other vessels and the shoreline.
  • Commercial boat operators should steer clear of areas with swimmers, anglers, and recreational boaters.
  • Commercial boat operators must keep a log of their boating activities and provide a copy to the DRReC upon request.
  • Noise levels must be minimized by commercial boat operators through reasonable measures.
  • Discharging any waste or pollutants into the reservoir is strictly prohibited for commercial boats.
  • If you have passengers who intend to fish, a valid Colorado fishing license is required.
  • Commercial boats must stay within the 30 mph speed limit on Lake Dillon Reservoir and avoid creating big wakes for safety.
  • To obtain a USCG captain license you can reach out to our partner Mariners Learning System. Use the promo code GETMYBOAT10 for 10% off all products.

For more information on commercial boating regulations on Lake Dillon Reservoir, please contact the DRReC at (970) 468-5600 and The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife (CPW) at (303)297-1192