Beaver Lake, a popular destination in northwestern Arkansas managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, offers boating, fishing, swimming, and camping activities.While operating a commercial boating business on the lake requires strict adherence to various regulations set by the USACE and other local authorities. To operate legally, you must have the proper insurance and required permits.

To help, we’ve gathered the following essential details for boating on Beaver Lake.


Commercial vessels operating on Beaver Lake are obliged to obtain two registrations: one administered by the state of Arkansas and the other by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Both registrations require the payment of associated fees upon application submission.

To navigate Arkansas' public waters legally, all boats (except those without engine or sail propulsion) must be registered. This entails obtaining both an Arkansas Certificate of Number and validation decals. For more detailed information you can visit the AR Department of Finance and Administration or contact them by phone at (501) 682-4692.

Once you have successfully completed your registration with the state, the next step is to register with the USACE.

To register a commercial boat on Beaver Lake, you must submit the following information to the Beaver Lake Project Office:

  • A fully completed commercial boat registration application
  • A valid Arkansas state boat registration
  • A copy of your commercial business license
  • A copy of your insurance certificate

For further details on this procedure, please get in touch with the Beaver Lake Project Office at (479) 636-1210 or email


Operating a commercial boat on Beaver Lake necessitates the possession of commercial boat insurance, a critical component for safeguarding passenger well-being, your business investments, and complying with legal and regulatory mandates.

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USCG License:

To operate a commercial passenger boat on Beaver Lake, you need a US Coast Guard OUPV (6-pack) license, allowing you to carry up to six paying passengers on a boat under 100 gross tons.

For help in acquiring the necessary license, please explore the USCG. Use the promo code GETMYBOAT10 for 10% off all products.

Pick Up / Drop off :

  • Lost Bridge Marina: Located at 12861 Marina Rd, Garfield, AR 72732. This is a popular spot for commercial boats to pick up and drop off passengers on Beaver Lake. There is a $5 per car fee when entering.

Although there are alternative locations to consider, it's crucial to contact the marina or dock ahead of time to verify their policies regarding passenger pick-up and drop-off.

Additional Information:

  • Annual inspections by the U.S. Coast Guard are mandatory for all commercial vessels.
  • Possession of a valid U.S. Coast Guard Captain's License is a prerequisite for all commercial boat operators.
  • Mandatory safety equipment such as life jackets, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits must be carried on board all commercial boats.
  • The top speed allowed for commercial passenger vessels on Beaver Lake is 35 miles per hour.
  • Multiple no wake zones exist on Beaver Lake, strategically positioned to safeguard delicate shoreline areas and prevent harm to other vessels and docks.
  • Commercial passenger vessels must maintain noise levels that do not disturb other lake users, ensuring they operate without excessive noise or disruption.
  • Vessels are obligated to correctly manage all onboard waste, disposing of it at an approved waste disposal facility.
  • The discharge of any pollutants into the lake, including sewage, bilge water, and fuel, is strictly prohibited.

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To obtain further details regarding commercial boating activities on Beaver Lake, kindly get in touch with the Beaver Lake Project Office at (479) 636-1210.