40 Foot Cruiser Yacht for Rent in Chicago

Motor Yacht
40 ft
12 Guests

About This Motor Yacht

AHOY MATES! This 40 foot Cruiser Yacht is extremely spacious and pleasing to the eye! It has an outstanding surround sound system and LED lights that make it PERFECT for entertaining and impressing family and friends! Whether on a date, a business meeting, attending a special event or having a party; your custom package on this yacht will be an unforgetable treat! Charter this beautiful luxury motor yacht for $300 per hour in Chicago, Illinois. All offers will include a 7% service fee and tax. Please review the rental policy, cancellation policy, boarding policy maximum/minimum/double booking/split time-slot policy, special events policy, and gratuity policy upon booking. 





  • Type: Motor Yacht
  • Capacity: 12 People
  • Make Model: Cruiser Yacht
  • Year: 1997
  • Rental Minimum: 1 hour
  • Length: 40 ft
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 15 Days Prior

Rental Requirements


RESERVATION POLICY: 8 hours is recommended; however, 4 hours is the minimum cruise. If you opt to book a reservation for 1-3 hours, you will receive an offer for 4 hours. You can opt to cruise for less than 4 hours; however, you will billed for 4 hours. If you book for 4 hours, please read the double booking/split time slot policy. The rental price includes the cost of fuel, and a captain only.

SECURITY DEPOSIT POLICY: All paying customers who receive a confirmation will be required to pay a $500 refundable security deposit, do a walk-through with the captain or shipmate, and sign a rental contract woth a checklist indicating the condition of the boat upon boarding. Once the cruise is complete, another walk through will be conducted to verify the the boat and it features are in the same working/clean condition as when you boarded. The security deposit will be refunded after if the condition of the boat is in working order and clean. However, portions of or the entire security deposit will not be refunded if the vessel is damaged or not clean. It is the renters responsibility to ensure their guest don't damage any parts of the vessel, clean the inside of the boat, and take all trash with them. The security deposit must be paid at least 24 hours prior to boarding via another instant cash app, so your tax/service fees don't increase on GetMyBoat.

REFUND POLICY: 50% refund 8-14 days prior to cancellation. 100% refund 15 days or more prior to departure. No refund for cancellations 7 days or less prior to departure. You may reschedule on a day that doesn't interfere with another booking. You may NOT reschedule on a Saturday or special event date. Refunds will NOT be provided due to acts of Mother Nature or God, i.e., inclement weather, small craft advisories, waves 3 feet or higher, high winds over 10 mph, rip tides and/or coast guard warnings. You will have the option to postpone your charter and change it to a different date. You will however, receive a 100% refund if I or one of the captains has to cancel your charter for unforseen reasons that you are not responsible for, i.e, mechanical problems or emergencies. (REFER TO THE CODE OF CONDUCT POLICY) 

BOARDING POLICY: Please contact us or send a message via the GetMyBoat app 2 days prior to departure for a designated departure harbor, dock and/or dock gate entry code, (if applicable). Boarding information will not be available prior to 2 days prior to departure. Extra time will not be added to charters if guest are late for boarding. Extra time will be added if the captain(s) or crew are late for boarding.

SPECIAL EVENTS POLICY: Prices will surge for special events, i.e., The Air and Water Show, The Chicago Scene Party, The Fourth of July, etc... An additional $50 per hour will be added to cruise, which equals $350/hour.

SPECIAL EVENT DATES: Memorial Day Weekend: May 27th-29th, Independence Day Weekend: July 2nd-4th Chicago Scene Boat Party: July 29th, Windy City Duck Derby: August 3rd, The Air & Water Show: August 18th-20th, Labor Day Weekend: September 2nd-4th. Sunset cruises are perfect for fine dining at restaurants on The Chicago River.

********8 HOUR BOOKING POLICY/4 HOUR MINIMUM POLICY/DOUBLE BOOKING POLICY/SPLIT TIME SLOT POLICY: 8 hour bookings are recommended. If two different groups book for 4 hours on the same day Monday-Sunday, (especially the weekends), both groups will have to have split-time slots based on the captain's discretion: SLOT A: 10-2 or 2-6 or SLOT B: 11-3 or 3-7. Once the captain selects Slot A or B, the first person who booked will have the opportunity to choose the split-time slot they prefer 1st, (their choice is based solely on the slot the captain offers). The 2nd group that booked will be automatically placed in the other time slot. It's at the discretion of the captain to select the time slot that's suitable for the crew. You may be notified of a split time slot up to 2 days prior to your cruise, as we can't control when a customer accepts an offer, makes a payment, and receives a confirmation. 100% refunds will be provided if you aren't willing to split a time slot, as your rental will be cancelled. In addition, groups will not be compensated for being flexible and agreeing to adjust thier time slot, as it's assumed that renters have read and agree to this policy upon booking.

CHICAGO RIVER CRUISES WITH DINNER: When dining at a restaurant on the Chicago River, you must make parking/docking reservations. A parking/docking fee is $59/2 hours via DOCKWA. With our assistance, you must make reservations for parking the yacht ahead of time via the DOCKWA app. Confirmation numbers and dock times from DOCKWA are required prior to booking Sunset Dinner Cruises to ensure docking accessibility. This docking fee doesn't go to the boat owner. This is what customers must pre-pay DOCKWA prior to making a dinner reservation. It's well worth it! In addition, a $100 service fee is applicable for Chicago River cruises. 6 hours rentals are recommended, as we must alot for the amount of time it takes to enter/exit the lockes.

The following list is comprised of, but not limited to resaurants that can be accessed by yacht:

Smith & Wollensky: 318 N. State Dick's Last Resort: 315 N. Dearborn Bridge House Tavern 321 N. Clark Chicago Burger Company: 301 East North Water Street City Winery on the River: East Upper Wacker Drive Chicago Cut Steakhouse: 300 North LaSalle Street Estate Ultra Bar: 1177 N. Elston Avenue The Kitchen: 316 North Clark River Roast: 315 N. LaSalle Rivers: 30 S. Wacker Drive South Branch Tavern Grille: 100 S. Wacker Drive

ADDITIONAL RENTAL AMENITY POLICY: Additional fees include a 7% service fee and tax. Other rental amenities include, but are not limited to water rafts, additional passengers, and boat tie-ups in the Playpen, additional boats, and towels. Once prepayments are made via GetMyBoat, the additional rental amenities may be secured later, so that your tax/service fees don't increase.

ANCHOR DOWN POLICY: Anchoring down is not a requirement. In addition, the state of Illinois doesnt require boats to have anchors, though our vessels have them. Due to inclement weather, i.e., high winds over 10 knots/mph and 3 feet of waves or more; anchoring down is not always successful, even after several attempts, as the wind and waves blows the anchor loose causing the boat to drift. In order to anchor down again, the anchor has to be fully withdrawn from the water, all passengers must get out of the water and back aboard the vessel, and the entire anchoring down process has to be repeated until the anchor is secure in the sand and seaweed. This is a regular occurrence in boating for all boaters, but it can exhaust the rental time of a cruise. Therefore, when winds are over 10 or 11 knots/mph, and waves are 3-4 feet, my list of captains will only attempt to anchor down once during a rental. If winds are 12 or more knots and waves are 5-10 feet, they will not be allowed to anchor down at all. If winds are 13 knots or more, the cruise can be postponed at the discretion of the captain, as those can be dangerous boring conditions. Oftentimes, customers insist on keeping it the same date, as guest come from out of town or it's a special event. We may accomodate your request, (as the weather may be sunny and nice or cloudy), but anchoring down will not be an option with the high winds described. Refunds will not be given if an anchor down is not sustained, as it is not a requirement in the rental policy.

BOAT TIE-UP POLICY: Boat tie-ups must be pre-arranged. Booking 2 or more boats through boaters who know one another is highly recommended if you have large groups or multiple groups, and want to tie-up. (Please don't ask the captain or crew to tie-up with an unknown boater while in the Playpen). Many factors must be considered in order to ensure the boats aren't damaged during tie-ups, which is why it's recommended the boat owners know one another and are familiar with the each other's boats. A boat tie-up is an additional $150 rental amenity. This payment can be paid after you book and receive a confirmation from GetMyBoat, so that taxes/service fees don't increase.

RADIO POLICY: It's recommended that you make a few long playlist on your cell phone. Bring a USB or AUX cord, as blue tooth is no longer available due to guest mishandling & damaging the sound system. Guest will not be allowed to manually adjust the levels or volume on the radio. Guest will be able to use their cell phones, along with a USB or AUX cord to play their playlist. If guest blow speakers or damage the radio, they will be charged for the damages and GetMyBoat will be notified immediately. 

WHAT'S ALLOWED ABOARD? Bring your own food, cooler, plenty of ice, drinks/liquor, towels, and the music of your choice on your cell phone with a USB cord. Shoes, cigDarettes and cigars are not allowed aboard.

CODE OF CONDUCT: If guests engage in inappropriate behavior and socially irresponsible conduct, which includes, but is not limited to excessive-intoxication, illegal drug-usage, horseplay, flipping off of the yacht, excessive profanity, fighting, disrespect towards the captain(s) and/or crew, etc..., the captain has a right to cancel the duration of the charter, and direct you to depart from the vessel immediately upon arriving to the nearest harbor. GetMyBoat will be notified immediately. NO REFUND WILL BE PROVIDED UPON VIOLATION OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT. Please be respectful to yourself and others while having fun. 

GRATUITY POLICY: TIPS ARE ENCOURAGED, OPTIONAL AND WELCOME. PLEASE GIVE ALL TIPS TO THE CAPTAIN, NOT GIVE TIPS TO THE CREWMAN. The captain should receive all money/tips. No money/tips should be exchanged with the crewman. The captain will provide the crewman with tips.



  • Wi-Fi
  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • Cabin
  • Toilet
  • Wheel steering
  • Bimini
  • Cuddy Cabin
  • Inboard Engine
  • Autopilot
  • CD Player
  • Center Cockpit
  • Chart Plotter
  • Climate Control
  • Twin Engine
  • Fuel type: Gas
  • Galley Stove & Oven
  • Berth
  • Air Conditioning
  • Watersports Equipment
  • Head

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40 Foot Cruiser Yacht for Rent in Chicago
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5.00 5

Gail was an awesome captain. The boat was perfect. Meeting up was easy and well communicated. Music played from our phones with just a usb cord. WE had 12 people but plenty of room. The raft is a must add-on for the playpen.

July 2018
5.00 5

Gail and Toni absolutely made our day on the water the best it could be. Beautiful views of the city, floating in the “playpen”, laughing and dancing all the while. Thank you!!! Let us return the favor if you’re ever in San Diego!

July 2018
5.00 5

We had a great afternoon on the lake and Gail was very pleasant and accommodating!

July 2018
5.00 5

We had a fantastic trip with Gail! Beautiful boat and great captain/crew! Would definitely book again!

June 2018

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