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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is a kayak rental?

    Kayak rentals typically start around $15/hour, but you can sometimes find them even cheaper, especially if you are renting a kayak for a full day. Kayak rentals are a great choice for a budget-friendly activity to enjoy on the water. Book a kayak rental with your friends or family to explore the waterways. You can rent a kayak on the ocean, rivers, lakes, and more. It’s a way to combine a fun activity with exercise too!

    How can I start a kayak rental business?

    Sign up for a free Getmyboat account! If you own kayaks and want to turn them into money-making assets, list them on Getmyboat. You can upload photos, set your own prices, and make a schedule to rent out your kayaks to people who are looking for a fun way to get on the water nearby.

    Is kayaking hard for beginners?

    Kayaking is relatively easy to learn for beginners, but you’ll want to start in calm waters without a current if you’ve never been before. It can be tricky to gain your balance, so not having to battle waves or a strong current will be helpful for getting the hang of it. If you book a kayak tour, a professional guide will be able to give you a demo on how to properly hold the paddles and the best way to position yourself to make kayaking easier and more enjoyable!