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Zihuatanejo Boat Rental

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About Zihuatanejo

The charming town of Zihuatanejo is located in a protected bay along the exquisite Mexican Pacific Coast. What was once a quiet fishing village has bloomed and grown since the 1970s into an internationally recognized resort town. Zihuatanejo has a four-month rainy season (June through October), and it is hottest in the summer, so be sure to book your boating vacation during the drier and more temperate winter and spring months.

Boating in Zihuatanejo

Zihuatanejo is home to many beautiful beaches that draw visitors from all over the world. The best way to see these incredible vistas is from the water, so consider chartering a sailboat, catamaran, or jet ski during your stay. Snorkeling and diving in the magnificent waters off the coast is another way to explore, and there are many local dive boats and snorkeling charters that can take you out to the best spots.

Sportfishing is considered to be one of the biggest draws in Zihuatanejo, and the city even plays host to a number of competitive sport fishing events throughout the year. While fishing in Zihuatanejo, you can expect to encounter such specimens as blue and black marlin, yellowfin, small, and skipjack tuna, snook, jacks, grouper, roosterfish, and more.