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    Boating Guide - Punat

    What to Know About Renting a Boat in Punat, Croatia

    Punat is a stunning area that is worth exploring by sea. That's why there are plenty of boat rentals and boat charters in the area that can accommodate fun trips for the whole family. The best way to explore the area is to charter a yacht and sail around the Aegean. Many people who have done this have had an experience that is one of a kind. During cruises, people are usually impressed by Punat’s corridor of olive groves as seen from the sea.

    Your boat charter can come with skippers that can navigate to the interesting areas, such as Punat’s two blue flag beaches. Punta Debij is one of the more famous pebble beaches in the area, and there is also a naturist camp beach that you can visit for relaxation and swimming.

    Boat rentals and boat charters also include other types of boats. Choose from speedboats, sailboats, and motorboats. On a boat, you can get to Punat Bay, a place that the town has worked very hard to preserve. The bay is a protected area, so you need to make sure that you don't litter and respect the wildlife.

    Many people usually choose to visit the wild beaches located in the coves around Punat on their boat charters. Boaters also like to sail to Košljun, a tiny island located 750 meters from Punat. Many have described it as the natural pearl of Punat bay. Košljun is a peaceful place and provides spiritual invigoration, recreation, and serenity to visitors. Many people love visiting it over and over again when they come to Punat.

    There is no other way to get to Punat bay except by renting or chartering your own vessel, preferably a yacht.

    Other Things to do in Punat, Croatia

    Having an eventful and fun vacation is Punat involves going to nearby islands. But if you are here for more than boating, there are plenty of land and other activities to do while in Punat. Punat’s outback is full of dive spots that can take you to the bottom of the sea and hot trails for trekking.

    The waters of Punat bay are a great place for some exciting water sports activities, like wakeboarding and water skiing. This is enough to excite the most adventurous of visitors who come to Punat.

    One of the most exciting things to do with your friends and family in Punat is visiting the underwater park. If you are a non-diver looking for a bit of adventure, you definitely have to try this one out. You will love the experience of breathing underwater like a fish. It delivers the ultimate sensation of a timeless experience that will instantly calm you down and get in you into the holiday mood even more. No knowledge of diving or swimming is even needed to enjoy the underwater park.

    Marinas Around Punat, Croatia

    Punat is lacking in marinas, but sailors are always welcome at Marina Punat, which is the oldest and biggest marina in the Adriatic Sea. There is really no need to look for other marinas because this one is so big that it can easily accommodate up to 1,200 boats at once. User voted Marina Punat as one of the best marinas in Croatia in Golden Anchor 2017 (Zlatno sidro 2017). So this is the best port to take off from if you plan to go exploring Punat by sea.

    Sailors who park their vessel in Marina Punat usually meet at hotel Kanajt, which is located to the right of Marina Punat, 50 meters away from the sea. When sailors meet at hotel Kanajt, they usually plan some sailing activities to make their holiday in Punat more exciting. This is the place people go to in Punat if they want to be seen.

    About Punat, Croatia

    Punat is a small town in Croatia on the southern part of the island of Krk. It provides classic Croatian charm, with little houses, winding alleyways, and a quiet atmosphere. Visitors have reported that this town has an unreal beauty, whether you approach it from land or sea. There is a deep bay that hedges the coast of the island of Puntarska Draga, that sits like an emerald in an aquamarine sea.

    The best time to visit Punat is during the summer months. June, July, and August have the sunniest days and warm weather. These months also have the lowest precipitation rates, with only 3-5 days of rain every month. This is also the busiest time to visit, and prices are much higher. Booking in advance is essential, as accommodation options can get booked out early. The winter time is mild but will be too cold to enjoy a swim in the sea.

    Punat is a very quiet town, ideal for people who want to get away from the noise, stress, and congestion of the busy parts of Krk and other Croatian cities. Spend time getting lost in its charm. Explore the tiny narrow streets, stop into little taverns and admire the seaside houses. Punat is also famous for its proud old tradition. Almost every home in Punat has an olive grove, which they use to manufacture their own olive oil.

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