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The Best Boat Rentals in Pensacola

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there Dolphins in Pensacola?

    You have a good chance of seeing dolphins if you go boating in Pensacola. You can sometimes see the right off the pier, but with a boat rental, you can cruise along the coast of Pensacola and can see pods swimming in the waves, some will even come right up to your boat. Jet ski dolphin tours are also a popular activity for visitors to Pensacola.

    How much does it cost to parasail in Pensacola Beach?

    Parasailing trips in Pensacola Beach cost on average around $100 for tandem and $60/person. You can negotiate rates with big groups as well as how long you’d like to fly on the parasailing trip.

    Where is the best sailing in Florida?

    The number one sailing destination in Florida is Pensacola! With many sailing academies, sailboat rentals, charters, and lessons available, it’s the perfect place for avid sailors or anyone interested in learning how to sail. Sailboat rentals in Pensacola start around $100 a day or you can take a sailing tour for $30/person.

    Can you surf in Pensacola?

    There are great surfing spots in Pensacola. Surfboard rentals in Pensacola start at $25/day and surf lessons are around $40/person.