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Cruising Monohull rental in Vänern
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Cruising Monohull rental in Vänern

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Kristinehamn, Varmland County is a great place to rent a boat. You can rent or charter a small motorboat, sailboat, houseboat, or even a yacht. Take in the beautiful scenery and spend quality time with your friends and family while having the perfect day on the water. From birthday celebrations and bachelor or bachelorette parties to family vacations, Kristinehamn, Varmland County is the perfect boat rental destination.

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    Cruising Monohull rental in Vänern

    This is going to be a long review, and I'll try to keep it short for ease of reading. If you happen to not have the time to read everything, rest assured that this was hands down one of our Top 3 holidays in our entire life and that Krister and his wife Gunilla are among the most wonderful hosts we ever had. Not only the boat and their service was fantastic, but they did so much more that we'll always be grateful for what they did for us. We'll return back anytime and we recommend them to anyone. So here's the long story : we had booked one of their 2 boats (a Maxi 95) for our 1 week sailing trip in Sweden, Vänern lake). Before the holiday, I had numerous exchanges with Krister to get further information on several topics, such as the boat, the conditions and regulations in Sweden, etc. He always responded swiftly and thoroughly, this was very appreciated. One day prior to departure, Krister sends an email saying that they had an issue with the motor of the boat and that they'll fix it as soon as possible. We appreciated that Krister took time to relay this information as soon as he could so we could be a part of it as well. At this time, we didn't worry at all because we were planning to leave only the day after our arrival on Kristinehamn, and it was likely that the boat was fixed until then. Upon our arrival in Kristinehamn's station, we were greeted at 10:30pm by Krister and his wife Gunilla. This was extremely appreciated given that we didn't know much about the town and that we’ve been travelling all day. They immediately took great care of us, giving us news about the boat situation and options we could use so we could set sail the day after. Furthermore, they booked a room in a beautiful hotel right at the city centre so we could spend the night there. We had a restful night and a great breakfast the next morning. Just as discussed the day before, our host came to the hotel to meet us and give us news about the repairs. It must be noted that at this time was had zero delay on our initial schedule. A bit before noon, the repairs were still ongoing, and Krister was doing his best to ask friends and colleagues to find us a boat as soon as possible. Gunilla was very kind and offered to spend her time with us for the afternoon, by having a tour around the city and the surroundings or going to the marina. We took this latter option, which gave us the occasion to see their nice house (with their beautiful cat Dennis) which is very close to the lake. As we were having a drink there and thinking about spending the afternoon at the beach, Gunilla receives a phone call: great news! Krister had found a boat for us! It’s at 5 min drive from their place and the owner will be there in 15 min. We felt most lucky and very grateful that they’ve been doing all those efforts to allow us to set sail as soon as possible. Everything went as planned and the owner was extremely nice and friendly as well. Krister and Gunilla made sure that we had enough fuel and water for the trip and offered us their most useful folder containing all the documentation one could need for such a trip.That was most appreciated as well. We set sail in the middle of the afternoon and we had a wonderful rest of the day on the lake. In the evening we also receive other great news: the boat we booked has been fixed and will be ready the day after. At this time we were in a beautiful place called Furuholmarna, which was about 15 miles South from our departure point. We had a goal at this point, which was to go to the beautiful Läckö castle, which is situated quite far South-West from here. Krister offered to swap boats and we thought first that we would have to come back to Kristinehamn to do the exchange. Once again, Krister was extremely flexible and he managed to join us during our trip right in the middle of the lake at the Djurö national park, which is around 40 miles away South-West from Kristinehamn. We once again felt most grateful for this. Krister and Gunilla met us in the evening (we also had the occasion to meet their nice dog Gaston) just as planned and we spent the evening together. We had a great time and it was very nice to get to know them better! The day after we swapped boats as planned: the Maxi 95 which was freshly fixed was a very comfortable and fully equipped boat with way more equipment that we were used to in Switzerland. Krister took time to explain everything and give us advice and recommendations. That was very appreciated as well. We had more space that necessary, and we couldn’t think about anything that could miss our new boat! We then went on and had a wonderful trip for the rest of our holidays, as said, the boat was very well fitted with equipment and the plotter was filled with useful information and relevant charts for the region. We also had paper charts which were very complete as well as the folder they did all by themselves with a ton of information about everything you could think of. We never had any doubt or fear during the trip, and the only question was were to go next, which was just what we needed. At our return in Kristinehamn, Krister was flexible for the return of the boat and he meet us at his marina. Here we had the occasion to visit his nice shop and have great coffee (thanks again for this!). We had a nice discussion altogether and Gunilla was very kind to give us a lift to the train station, which was most appreciated. Before heading back to the station, Krister tells us that for our ‘trouble’, he decided that the fuel we spent during our trip was free of charge… Needless to say, we felt definitely spoiled by their kindness, their support and exceptional sense of hospitality. Thank you so much, we’ll return anytime!