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About Jezera

Jezera is a port town on Murter, a stunning island off the coast of Croatia. Sitting in the sparkling blue Adriatic, it’s a dreamy place to take a vacation to soak up the sun and swim in the sea. Jezera is the perfect retreat from the busy cities in Croatia, where you can take advantage of your vacation without being swarmed and suffocated by other holidaymakers.

The best time of year to visit Jezera is during the summer or shoulder season months. The peak summer months of July and August will have the best weather, but prices will be more expensive, and beaches will be more crowded. The town shuts down mostly in the winter when it’s too cold to enjoy a swim, and heavy rainfall can ruin your vacation. The late spring and early autumn months in Jezera are a good bet to have sunny weather with more reasonable prices and manageable crowds.

To get to Jezera, you can drive from mainland Croatia through Tisno, a beautiful route on main roads all the way to your accommodation in Jezera. If you’re traveling by boat or island hopping in Croatia, you can stop at Jezera for a day during your exploration, or drop anchor and spend a few nights in the village. The closest airport to Jezera is the Split International Airport, just over an hour drive away.

Jezera Boat Rentals

Renting a boat while in Jezera, or anywhere in Croatia, is a top thing to do to enjoy your vacation in this beautiful country. There’s no shortage of boat rentals and charters available from the port in Jezera, which will give you access to other islands in the Adriatic, as well as the tiny islets off the coast which comprise the Jezera region of Murter.

Charter a catamaran while in Jezera for an all-day boat party with your travel group. A captain will sail you around the best places on the island, stopping for a swim and a snorkel in the crystal clear waters. It’s the perfect way to cool off after a day of bathing in the Croatian heat.

If you’d prefer to cruise around Jezera and Murter on your own, rent a boat for a day and enjoy the freedom of being behind the wheel. Admire the thick, lush green trees contrasted against the stark white beaches and brilliant blue water. It’s a sight to see with your own eyes, no photos can do it justice, and no feeling will match what you’ll have as you drive your boat around this gorgeous area.

Want to fulfill your need for an adrenaline rush and speed around the port city for a thrill? Rent a jet ski in Jezera to do just that! Captain the jet ski by yourself or with an adventure buddy for a fun time flying through the waves.

Have a special event you want to enjoy in Croatia? Consider a full-service gulet boat or yacht charter in Jezera. A captain and crew will cater to your every need and make your special day, whether it be a wedding, family get-together, or corporate event, one that none of your guests will ever forget! Enjoy a meal and drinks onboard, with options like sunset cruises to make it an exceptional experience.

If you’ve had enough of the beauty of the surface of Jezera and the Croatian coastline, consider exploring what there is to see under the sea! Diving trips from Jezera are an excellent option for scuba enthusiasts who want to enjoy a pleasant day of diving with an experienced captain. Your excursion can take you near the Kornati National Park, a brilliantly preserved nature area teeming with marine life and stunning underwater experiences to savor.

With its history as a sleepy fishing village, Jezera is the perfect place for a full-service fishing charter! Book a fishing charter here, and a fishing captain will take you out for a day of fun, and you'll be reeling in great catches. Choose from different types of fishing boats based on the size of your group. Don’t worry - bait, tackle, and equipment are all included.

Jezera Boating Events

The 29th of September is the day for the patron Saint Michael - celebrations are held across Murter for this special day. Enjoy boat parades and a traditional regatta of wooden sailboats if you happen to visit during this time.

Other Things To Do

In addition to boating and water sports on Jezera, there are also many things you can enjoy on land. Want to indulge in some delicious Croatian cuisine? Check out top restaurants like Konoba Denis - Restaurant & Grill, Konoba Leut, and Konoba Kandela. Konoba is the Croatian word for “tavern,” and they are lovely places to enjoy Mediterranean favorites like grilled fish and other seafood specialties.

An activity to enjoy on land in Jezera is to go for walks and explore the charming old town and surrounding nature areas. Stop at Lolic Beach if you’re looking to lay out on the sand and get a good tan. Hike through Vrana Lake National Park. If you’ve rented a car, drive around the whole island of Murter to explore and immerse yourself in Croatian beauty and culture.

Marinas in Jezera

While there are several marinas on the island of Murter, the one marina right in Jezera is ACI Marina. Here you can admire gorgeous boats moored in their berths, or chat with the staff for travel ideas. It’s a tourist information center as well as a boat club.