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The Best Boat Rentals in Dubai

Browse, book, and get out onto the water with local captains and boat owners.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much it cost to rent a boat in Dubai?

    Pricing for boat rentals in Dubai is actually quite affordable - with yachts starting around $150/hour, and ranging up to about $700/hour for larger, luxury yachts. For a simple boat cruise or a ticket on a boat tour, you can pay less than $100/person in Dubai. It’s a wonderful way to see the sights of the city like the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain, the Dubai Marina, and so much more. Enjoy watersports and cool off from the intense heat on a boat rental in Dubai. Getmyboat has over 390 boat rental options to choose from in Dubai.

    How much does a yacht cruise cost in Dubai?

    Yacht charters and cruises in Dubai cost between $150/hour on the budget end, to over $700/hour for large, luxury yachts that include a captain and crew to cater to your needs. You can filter by price to see yacht cruises available in your budget in Dubai on Getmyboat.

    Where can I go on a yacht in Dubai?

    Most yacht charters in Dubai depart from the Dubai Marina, an affluent area surrounded by beautiful gardens and impressive skyscrapers. Here you’ll board your yacht and get ready for a cruise around the best sights of Dubai on the water, including the Marina Yacht Club, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al-Arab, the Palm Island, Zabeel Saray, the Atlantis Hotel, and more. These are just a few of the options of places and things you can see while on a yacht charter in Dubai.

    Which beach is best for water sports in Dubai?

    The top beaches for water sports in Dubai include Jumeirah Beach Residence, Club Mina, and Kite Beach, to name a few. Many beaches in Dubai are private and owned by hotels, so they might not be the most accessible option depending on where you are staying in the city. One great option for water sports that isn’t a beach is with a boat tour or charter, where you can go out on a boat charter with a local captain and enjoy water sports like wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing in Dubai.

    How much is Flyboard Dubai?

    Flyboarding and jet pack experiences in Dubai on the water start around $80/person on Getmyboat. These are super fun activities to enjoy while you’re in Dubai. Not only can you take flight over the waves and see the amazing cityscape, you’ll cool off from the intense heat of the city and make unforgettable memories while flyboarding in Dubai.

    Do I need a license to drive a boat in Dubai?

    To drive your own boat in Dubai, you will need a boat license. This applies to all watercraft except for a special guided tour of self-driving boats, for which you do not need a license. If you do not have a boat license but still want to enjoy boating in Dubai, you can book a captained boat or yacht charter to cruise the waters around the city, with a licensed captain to take care of the driving.

    How do I book a yacht ride in Dubai?

    The easiest way to book a yacht in Dubai is with the Getmyboat app. Getmyboat will connect you to dozen of yacht owners and yacht captains so you can find the best charter for your needs. Browse boats based on price, trip duration, and passenger capacity to find the ideal yacht for you.