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The Best Boat Rentals in Cape Cod

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is there to do in Cape Cod in the summer?

    The best summer activities to enjoy in Cape Cod include sailboat charters, fishing charters, jet ski rentals, powerboat rentals, and water sports. Cape Cod is a beautiful summer destination for outdoor activities. The coast provides some of the best boating views on the east coast, and unique experiences like whale watching.

    What is the best time of year to visit Cape Cod?

    The best time of year to visit Cape Cod is in the summer. Everything is quiet in the winter months but the coast comes alive in the summer, with boating, water sports, busy beaches, and a great atmosphere. July and August are the busiest months, but it can be warm well through September and as early as May in Cape Cod.

    What should I do on a day trip to Cape Cod?

    A day trip to Cape Cod should definitely be spent on the water. Sailboat charters, kayaking tours, whale watching trips, or fishing charters are fantastic ways to enjoy Cape Cod and the coastal lifestyle it offers.