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43' Party Catamaran for 30 People in Miami, Florida
Powerboats in Miami · 30 guests

43' Party Catamaran for 30 People in Miami, Florida

⭐️ 5-Star 33' 🍾 Monterey Cruiser 🐬Yacht and Jetski Rental in Miami
Powerboats in Miami Beach · 12 guests

⭐️ 5-Star 33' 🍾 Monterey Cruiser 🐬Yacht and Jetski Rental in Miami

Boston Whaler 37’  in  Miami Beach, Florida
Miami Beach · 6 guests

Boston Whaler 37’ in Miami Beach, Florida

Night Pre-Game Yacht Cruise to South Beach ON 37FT yacht | NO HIDDEN FEES!
Events in Miami · 12 guests

Night Pre-Game Yacht Cruise to South Beach ON 37FT yacht | NO HIDDEN FEES!

Powerboats in Miami · 12 guests


🏝Carolina Skiff 26ft for Miami day/night bayside cruising, fishing, snorkeling, dolphin viewing and more!
Powerboats in Miami Beach · 6 guests

🏝Carolina Skiff 26ft for Miami day/night bayside cruising, fishing, snorkeling, dolphin viewing and more!


Local Reviews

  1. DP
    43' Party Catamaran for 30 People in Miami, Florida

    Amazing catamaran experience for my group of 20. Jorge communicated clearly and we knew what to expect - he is extremely reliable unlike other boat operators in Miami! Don't think twice, book him!

  2. KM
    43' Party Catamaran for 30 People in Miami, Florida

    Jorge and his team are great! They are very friendly and attentive. Easy experience and we had the best time. Highly recommend.

  3. Sheena
    43' Party Catamaran for 30 People in Miami, Florida


  4. JY
    43' Party Catamaran for 30 People in Miami, Florida

    We booked this as part of our bachelor/bachelorette joint party and we all had such a fun time! We definitely recommend this. All the activities they planned for us while we were out on the water we’re so fun and the staff members made sure we were always safe.

  5. HC
    43' Party Catamaran for 30 People in Miami, Florida

    We rented the Catamaran with Jorge and David for a corporate team-building event. Finding the boat at the pier was easy. The team enjoyed beautiful views of the sunset in Miami. David and Jorge were easing going and were open to our requests (anchoring the boat for pictures, sailing up and down Biscayne Bay, etc.) Incredible evening and incredible crew. Thanks Jorge!

  6. SA
    43' Party Catamaran for 30 People in Miami, Florida

    Jorge was amazing, he took us to the best location for jet skis and for sight seeing as well! The vibe was perfect in his hot and they made sure we had amazing time! Jorge and the whole crew gave us a great vibe and we’re so relaxed! I definitely recommend Jorge or you are missing out !

The Ultimate Boat Rental Guide for 2023

  • First Published Aug 22, 2022
  • Last Updated Mar 06, 2023
In This Guide
Boat Rental Guide

Boat Rentals of All Kinds

First things first: you have to decide what kind of day on the water you want to have. GetMyBoat helps you find boat rentals from local owners and captains of all kinds of boats, like:

And whichever you choose, you can find a rental for you to drive yourself, or book a boat charter with a professional captain who can take care of the driving and help you plan your perfect day.

Types of Boats and Boat Experiences

Low-key cruise? High-powered adventure? All-day fishing charter? There are options for everyone.

Occasions to Get out on the Water

Party Rental Pro-Tip

Party Rental Pro-Tip

When making your booking inquiry, let the captain know that you’re renting for a special event or occasion. They can give you insight and advice on where to go, your catering options, special activities to enjoy and provide information that you can relay to your guests about what to expect and what to bring. Some captains even go above and beyond by setting up decorations and other special touches.

Weather & Boating Seasons

Boat rental: Weather & Boating Seasons

Obviously, you don’t want to get stuck in a storm or plan your boat day during rainy, cold weather. Check your local weather forecast a few days out, and keep tabs on the radar to make sure you’re renting on a day where it’s safe to go out.

But even with that basic preparation, you can still be caught off guard on the water, so it’s good to prepare ahead of time in case conditions change.

What if the weather takes a turn?

One of the first tricks a boater should learn is how to read clouds, since their shape, speed, and position in the sky are all hints as to what the weather will be doing in the near future — and with that knowledge, you can plan and react accordingly. Below are a few basics; for more, check out our full guide on how to predict the weather at sea.

And if there’s a risk you’ll get stuck in bad weather, check out this guide for buying foul-weather gear that will keep you protected.

Cirrus Clouds

These high, wispy clouds are ice clouds positioned high in the atmosphere. If they appear long and wispy, or if you actually see them moving, then a change in weather might be imminent that day.

Distant Storms

You might see the edges of storms and cloud banks while at sea. Don’t panic —they may head toward you, or they may pass harmlessly by. You can try to gauge a storm system’s movement and move accordingly, but remember that storms often change direction, and larger ones tend to travel in a circular pattern. If you happen to have a barometer on board, you can check it for a better reference; a drop in air pressure means that a storm could be imminent in your area.


A shift in wind direction means a change in weather. Most prevailing winds in the Northern Hemisphere go from west to east, and so a persistent wind blowing due north or south may have a strong system connected to it.


As humidity increases, so does your sense of smell. A day at sea where everything smells much stronger than usual can mean an impending rain.

Weather Questions and Concerns

What if it rains on my boat rental day?

Cancellation and rescheduling policies vary from owner to owner. If the weather is bad on your scheduled boat day, contact your owner/operator to ask about rescheduling, or a refund. You can (and should) also ask about specific cancellation policies before you book, and often the owner will put it in the listing description of their boat.

Can I cancel or reschedule my boat rental if there’s bad weather?

This will vary depending on your boat owner or captain, but many are very flexible and will work with you to find an alternative time when the weather is better. Be sure to ask about their cancellation and rescheduling policy before you book.

Boat rental: How to Find a Boat Rental with GetMyBoat

How to Find a Boat Rental with GetMyBoat

We make it easy, no matter where you are in the world or what kind of boat day you want to have. Just a few steps:

  1. Search your location on GetMyBoat to see boats available nearby.
  2. Filter by your budget and preferred style of boat or water experience.
  3. Send a booking inquiry to the captain/owner. You’ll tell them your preferred dates, departure times, and any details about what you want to do.
  4. Receive a personalized offer from the boat owner.
  5. Confirm and pay for your booking.
  6. Enjoy the water!

What to Bring on Your Boat Rental

Bringing the right stuff can make or break your boat day, so get together a checklist of what you’ll want well ahead of time so that you don’t forget on the day of.

What to bring will depend on your itinerary and weather conditions, but that being said — it’s always a good idea to bring water, snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, towels, a warm extra layer of clothing (in case it gets chilly), as well as boat shoes. Your boat captain or owner that you rent from can give you more ideas on necessary essentials to bring.

And while most boat captains, owners, and boat rental services should include lifejackets and safety gear, if you have a personal lifejacket that you prefer to wear while enjoying watersports or other activities, it’s a good idea to bring it along.

It might feel like overkill for a casual day on the water, but it’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

What to Bring on Your Boat Rental

Boat Rental Cost Breakdown

Hourly Rate

This is the base cost per hour for your boat rental before taxes, captain’s fees, or fuel. For every hour of your rental, you’ll pay this price.

Captain’s Fee

This can be listed as a separate charge or included in the hourly rate. Be sure to check the boat listing’s description to see if the captain’s fees are included or a separate charge.


Fuel charges are sometimes included but are sometimes separate from the hourly rate price, and will fluctuate based on how far you travel and how much fuel is used during the trip.


Tax charges for boat rentals vary by region.


While gratuity is always optional and isn’t part of the GetMyBoat checkout process, tipping is customary in many places. 10-20% of the rental cost is somewhat standard if you have a captain and crew catering to your needs on a charter, but it can vary depending on your region.

= Total Cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Boat Rental Basics

What makes GetMyBoat different from other boat rental apps?

GetMyBoat is the world’s largest boat rental and water experience marketplace. We connect more people to boat rental services than any other company. Our mobile app available for iOS and Android makes it possible to find and book boating experiences right on your phone.

You can access thousands of professional boat captains and companies to help plan your perfect day on the water. GetMyBoat’s 24/7 customer service team is always available to help with any step in the booking process. We also enable you to read real user reviews and see photos added from past users, so you can book with confidence that you’re choosing a 5-star boat rental or water experience.

GetMyBoat is committed to taking the lowest booking fees in the industry to save the customer money in pursuit of their perfect day on the water.

What is a boat charter?

A boat charter (vs. a boat rental) includes a professional captain to drive the boat. Frequently, it also includes crew members to provide services to the passengers, like food and beverage, as well as being there to assist the captain. The number of crew members working a boat charter will depend on the size of the vessel and the number of guests onboard.

A boat charter with a licensed, professional captain is the best option for inexperienced boaters or people unfamiliar with the waterways they wish to explore. A captain can provide an amazing experience on a private boat rental and help make the experience safer and more relaxing for boaters.

Can I rent a boat for a week?

While half-day and full-day boat rentals are the most commonly booked trip durations on GetMyBoat, some boat owners and operators allow for multi-day or week-long rentals. Some owners and boat rental services offer discounted rates when you book for more than one day. Ask about weekly deals on rentals if you’re hoping to go boating for more than one day.

Where do I pick up the boat rental?

While it’s common to meet at a marina or public dock, boat captains and owners can often coordinate a drop off at a boat launch or ramp, or another spot if it’s more convenient. Get the exact directions to where you need to meet your boat owner/captain to determine where to pick up the vessel. Send your captain a message to clarify if you’re unsure where to go!

Where do I refuel the boat?

If you need to refuel your boat rental before you return to the dock, ask the boat rental service or owner where they recommend that you refuel. Most waterways will have several fuel stations to choose from, and often the docks that you meet at for your boat rental will also have them. Many captains and owners will take care of this for you, but it’s a good idea to ask what their specific policy is for fueling. Check out local marinas to see if they have a fuel dock.

Can I bring my dog on my boat rental?

Dogs are often welcome on boat rentals and charters — but be sure to ask first! Some boat captains do and some don’t allow pets to come along.

It’s also a good idea to do some research to make sure your pet will be okay with boating if they’ve never been before. Check out our guide for boating with your dog, and if you do decide to bring your dog along, make sure you have the appropriate lifejacket and other safety gear for them!

Services, Costs, & Fees

How much does it cost to rent a boat near me?

GetMyBoat’s mission is to make boating more accessible and affordable. To do this, we’re constantly growing our team of boat owners, captains, and operators around the world to offer a wider range of boat rentals and services at different price points. We want to provide the joys of boating to everyone - regardless of their budget.

Boat rental costs will vary depending on the size and type of boat you wish to rent. Other factors that impact the price of a boat rental include: trip duration, desired route, and itinerary. A boat rental usually costs between $50 and $150/hour but can range up to over $400/hour. Renting a boat for a few hours is usually less expensive than renting a boat for a whole day, but you can sometimes save money on the hourly rate by renting for longer - some owners and rental services offer discounted rates.

There’s no booking obligation at the inquiry stage with GetMyBoat - so you can send an inquiry message to a captain to get a price quote before you commit.

How much is a boat rental near me for a day?

The cost of a boat rental will depend on the duration of your rental, the size of the boat, and the size of your group. Sometimes, specific itineraries (i.e., traveling far distances to get to a famous swimming spot) can add extra costs if they require additional fuel. Typically, a half-day boat rental is 4-hours, and a full-day is 8 hours. Depending on your specific needs, you can expect to pay anywhere from $250 to over $1000 for your boat rental.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht?

Yacht charters are typically more expensive than boat rentals, but you can find many yachting services that are still affordable on GetMyBoat. A yacht charter usually costs between $300/hour to over $1,000/hour, and this generally includes the captain’s fees and other costs of having a crew onboard to work the charter.

How much is a pontoon boat rental?

A pontoon rental is typically the most affordable boat rental. A pontoon will usually start at $50 and cost no more than $150-200/hour, depending if you rent with a captain or not. Pontoon boat rentals are a cheaper option for boating if you’re looking to save money.

How much should I tip the boat captain?

When a captain and crew provide excellent service on the water, leaving a gratuity as a show of appreciation is a common custom. In many places, 10-20% of the rental cost is standard, but this can vary depending on where you are using boat rental services. GetMyBoat does not handle tips or gratuity payments, so please bring cash with you to tip, or many boat captains also have the option of CashApp or Venmo for leaving a tip after your boat charter.

How much does fuel cost for a boat rental?

Sometimes the boat owner/captain you are renting from will include fuel costs in the total fee charged, while others will charge on a usage basis - so depending on how much you use on your boat day. Inquire with the boat owner/captain about the typical fuel costs for your boat rental duration.

Are there additional costs for renting a boat near me?

Costs for your boat rental will vary from owner to owner, so be sure to inquire about any extra costs that might not be covered in the listed price - like fuel, captain’s fees, or additional charges for unique itineraries. Your captain will let you know what to expect if there is any deviation from the price on the boat listing.

Safety, Laws, and Regulations

How old do you have to be to rent a boat?

You must be at least 18 years old to rent with GetMyBoat. To operate a boat without a captain, you will need to ensure you meet the correct boating safety requirements. Boat owners and operators on GetMyBoat sometimes have their own individual age requirements for renting, so inquire with them on their minimum age when you send a booking inquiry.

How old do you have to be to rent a jet ski?

To rent a jet ski independently, you have to be at least 18 years old. Often 16 & 17 year olds can operate a jet ski rental if they have a guardian present to sign a waiver for them. No one under the age of 16 should operate a jet ski without being in direct supervision of a parent or guardian.

How many people can I bring on my boat rental?

The boat's capacity will vary depending on the captain’s licensing rules, size of the boat, style of the boat, and the location you’re renting in. Every boat listing on GetMyBoat indicates the maximum number of people allowed on the boat, so you’ll know before inquiring if it will suit your group’s size.

Do I have to rent a boat with a captain?

Whether or not you rent a boat with a captain will depend on many factors. If you do not have boating experience - it is recommended that you book a boat rental with a captain service for safety. Some locations require that renters have a licensed captain onboard operating the boat at all times. If you do have boating experience and want to rent a boat without a captain, in most locations you are able to rent it bareboat to go on your own. Ask the boat rental service provider for information on renting a boat without a captain and let them know information about your boating experience.

Where should I go with my boat rental?

When you rent a boat, it’s a great idea to do some research on your own or ask the boat owner/company for recommendations if you’re not from the area. With a boat rental, popular places to venture to include sandbars, islands, beaches, coves, and waterfront restaurants. It’s a good idea to inquire with the boat owner for recommendations on what to do and advice on navigating there safely.

Do I need my own insurance to rent a boat?

You do not need your own insurance to rent a boat.

Do I need a boating license to rent a boat?

Boating license requirements vary from state to state, country to country, and can even be different in various cities and local jurisdictions of the same state. As a renter, you are responsible for understanding local requirements and regulations.

For more information please check out our Boating Laws and Regulations by State Guide and download our Boating Safety Checklist.

Where can I take a boating safety course?

Many boat safety courses are offered online and you can earn a certificate that will qualify you to rent a boat on your own. You can also often take in-person boating lessons which will teach you the necessary hands-on skills to operate a boat independently. Check out BoatEd for more information on local boating safety requirements and courses. You can also check out our Top Boating Safety Tips resources.

Are lifejackets Included in the price of a boat rental?

Most boat owners and boat rental services will include all lifejackets and safety equipment within the price of your listing. It’s always a good idea to ask where the equipment is located onboard before you leave the dock. Your captain or the owner should give you a briefing at the beginning of your rental experience, so you’re aware of all safety features and equipment on the boat.

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