1. Kayak Rental in Bystrzyca, Poland
  2. Kayak Rental in Bystrzyca, Poland
  3. Kayak Rental in Bystrzyca, Poland

Kayak Rental in Bystrzyca, Poland

Discover the beauty of Poland from a river perspective with your family and friends! Rent our Kanu Old Town 164 Kayak for up to 2 person. Rate as low as 15 PLN per hour. We also offer kayaking trip and different kayaks for rent. Rates: Optimo Canoe RTM • 1 hour: 10 PLN • 1 Night: 60 PLN • 2-5 days: 55 PLN • 5 days and more: 50 PLN Nati Can • 1 hour: 10 PLN • 1 Night: 60 PLN • 2-5 days: 55 PLN • 5 days and more: 50 PLN Canoe And Sea • 1 hour: 10 PLN • 1 Night: 40 PLN • 2-5 days: 35 PLN • 5 days and more: 30 PLN Kanu Old Town 164 • 1 hour: 15PLN • 1 Night: 70 PLN • 2-5 days: 65 PLN • 5 days and more: 60 PLN Canoe trailer • 1 Night: 50 PLN • 2-5 days: 45 PLN • 5 days and more: 40 PLN Open Kayaking • 1-day trip: 35-55 PLN • 2-day trip: 70-100 PLN What You Can Expect: For Individuals In our offer you will find a number of proposals for open kayaking, which anyone who wants to experience the adventure with us can sign up for. Acting in accordance with our mission, we would like to infect canoeing with anyone who values active leisure in nature, which is why the nature of our rafting is rich and adapted to the diverse needs of participants. Every open kayaking trip organized by us has a guide - a qualified canoeing instructor. Taking into account the target group, our kayaking trips can be broadly divided into 4 categories: Family Canoeing Trips When organizing a family canoeing trip, we primarily focus on the comfort of the youngest participants, i.e. children. With them in mind, we choose a short and very gentle route - to encourage, not discourage. We usually sail on the Bystrzyca lagoon formed by the Smortawa River (detailed route description can be found here ). We also prepare additional attractions, such as a bonfire, and sometimes also games and activities. In addition, each child receives a diploma and / or gift from us, which, taken home, will remind you of a wonderful adventure on the water. Canoeing for beginners Everyone who wants to start their adventure on the water can take part in kayaking trips for beginners - including children for whom the route suggestion from a family trip is insufficient. The rivers chosen for beginners are - depending on the length of the trip (one or two days) - Oława, Warta, Smortawa (examples of routes can be found here ). For this type of rafting, we choose longer routes than for family rafting, with a few obstacles along the way, but not as difficult as during rafting for active people. Canoeing for active people As the name suggests, these are rafting trips dedicated to physically active people, looking for adventures, who like to get tired, to whom no weather and natural conditions are not terrible. With this group in mind, we choose routes usually along the river rivers, where you often have to move your canoe, enter the water, swim between branches, under branches, etc. From nearby rivers, Widawa is best suited for this (you can find an example of the route here ). During the rafting there is a bonfire during which you can recharge the batteries for the further journey. Canoeing for the Experienced Rafting for experienced canoeists takes place on mountain-type rivers such as Nysa Kłodzka, Bystrzyca, Kwisa, Bóbr etc. - rivers with a strong current, where you need to demonstrate knowledge of kayak techniques (traverse, promotion, entry / exit backwater, etc.), without which swimming on these rivers can be dangerous. You can learn canoeing techniques by swimming with us on other trips - we will gladly help all interested parties. Nati kayak 2-person, tourist kayak, very comfortable, ideal for swimming both on lakes and lowland rivers. It was made of polyethylene, thanks to which it is extremely resistant to typical operational damages, such as cracks, abrasions or leaks. So you can use it on all rivers. On the other hand, it is equally suitable for swimming on lakes, because as one of the few popular polyethylene models, it is deprived of so-called "Mousetrap" - that is, not keeping a straight course on a lake. In the standard equipment it has folding chairs, foot supports and even a drink can opening, which increases the comfort of canoeists during rowing. Technical specifications: • Width: 90cm • Height: 33cm • Length: 464cm Buoyancy • : 330kg • Weight: 35kg • Material: polyethylene Kanu old town 164 Kanu (also called a canoe or canoe) is a small tourist or sport boat powered by a paddle with one feather (paddle). It is wider than a kayak and has no deck. The crew is kneeling or sitting face-to-face. Kanu Old Town 164 is a modern tourist kajadyjka, whose name comes from the native inhabitants of America, living in Old Town, possessing excellent craft, design and navigation skills. To this day, Canadian manufacturers base their knowledge of boat construction. Technical specifications: • Length: 500cm • Width: 95cm • Height: 51cm • Weight: 34kg • Load capacity: 544-567kg • Material: 3-layer polyethylene Optimo RTM kayak 2/3 seater, unsinkable sit-on-top kayak, ideal for sailing on rivers, lakes and the sea coast. It is great for family recreational trips, thanks to the fact that it has an additional place in the middle, specially designated for children. The kayak is equipped with drainage holes, which means that the splashing water will not remain in the cockpit. For the convenience of users, the kayak also has specially profiled foot supports. Technical specifications: • Length: 432cm • Width: 93cm • Weight: 39kg • Load capacity: 300kg • Material: polyethylene Canoe And Sea Canoe And Sea 1-person fast kayak with a beautiful line and considerable sea valor. Equipped with two displacement chambers, two carrying handles, two storage compartments and a luggage net. The seat can be put on an apron. You can mount the rudder. An excellent kayak for sea expeditions, as well as for fast swimming on lakes and rivers. Technical specifications: • Length: 515cm • Width: 57cm • Height: 40cm • Weight: 22kg • Load capacity: 180kg • Cockpit: 40x75cm • Material: polyester-glass laminate What To Bring: • A lot of energy and good humor :) • Swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat - on sunny days • Warm fleece, jackets and rain trousers - if there is a possibility of rain • Preparations for mosquitoes and ticks • Money in cash (if there is an opportunity to do shopping during kayaking, it will rather be a place where card payment can be impossible) • Drinks - on warm days, you should stock up with a large amount of water / cold drinks, while during rafting on cooler days, it is worth taking hot drinks in a thermos • Provision; paying attention to the right amount of water on warm days - tea in a thermos when the weather is not good • waterproof cover for cell / keys / documents. Of course, if possible, we don't take any precious things with us. If you have any questions, we can answer those through GetMyBoat’s messaging platform before you pay. Just hit, “Request to Book” and send us an inquiry for a custom offer.

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Our team is a group of young people who are able to combine their passions with professional life and want to infect others with an active lifestyle. Our mission is to disseminate canoe tourism among the communities of Lower Silesia and the surrounding area by providing opportunities for active leisure in nature and discovering the beauty of the world from a river perspective.

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Frequently Asked Questions: What is the minimum age for a child to be able to participate in kayaking? There is no such thing as a minimum age for a child who is kayaking. Personally, we swam with our 2-year-old son and it was a great one-year-old daughter, however, we did not take. We know, however, and those who swam with a child of several months on a rafting trip of several days. Whether the child is ready for this type of attraction is only decided by the guardian, taking into account several factors: Own washing with water and a kayak It is important that the guardian who decides to take the child with him on the rafting himself feels freely in a kayak. When swimming with a child, you need to focus a lot of attention on him, help him, explain, sometimes encourage. If the guardian feels insecure, he should first of all take part in the rafting and gain experience Of washing a child with water If a child is afraid of water, let's not make him happy by kayaking. Such an adventure should be primarily a pleasure. If you are not sure of your child's reaction to kayaking, let's try to rent equipment and swim individually in a safe water area, with a low water level, e.g. near a bathing beach. Rafting nature Our offer includes many rafting trips, of a diverse nature and dedicated to other target groups. For small children and beginners, we suggest first to take part in a family rafting trip, which is supposed to be short (1.5-2 hours on the water), takes place after the lagoon, without getting out of the kayak, avoiding branches, swimming under trees and other such attractions. The fact of being in a kayak, paddling, roasting a sausage in the fire and spending time with the family is very often fun for children. The character of a child The child's character should really be taken into account first. Sometimes small children are so busy that it is impossible to keep them in one place for more than 5 minutes. It should be considered whether during the trip such a child will not become strenuous, or will not want to get out of the kayak after the first moments of stay on the water and, above all, whether we - as carers - are able to control the child. It should be borne in mind that during kayaking, the guardian takes full responsibility for the child. If we do not feel confident, let us wait with the decision to take part in the trip. In this case, it is better to rent a kayak and swim individually to check your and your child's reaction. Remember, safety is the most important thing! Basic rules for safety and behavior on the water Canoeing is a great way to spend your free time, but regardless of whether you are swimming individually or taking part in organized rafting, you must follow the basic rules applicable on canoeing routes and safety rules. Use of life jackets / lifejackets. Vests are always included in the kayak equipment, because they allow you to stay safe, even in the event of falling into water. They are recommended for every canoeist, but they must absolutely be used by children, people unable to swim, feeling insecure in water and by all participants of the rafting in difficult conditions (strong wind, high wave, mountain river, etc.). It is forbidden to drink alcohol. It is obvious that drinking alcohol is prohibited during contact with water. This rule also applies to canoeing and is important because while kayaking it is easy to fall into the water, even when we are not taking part in extreme rafting. Insufficient caution is enough when entering / leaving the kayak. Adapting to the guide's recommendations During the trip there are situations in which failure to comply with the guide's instructions may result in accidents. This applies primarily to places where it is mandatory to move the kayak. If the guide does not give permission to continue sailing, you must strictly follow the instructions and do not swim too close to obstacles, weirs, etc. • Be especially careful when getting on and off the kayak. It is worth to practice these activities "dry". We also facilitate disembarking by setting the kayak upstream (the bow to the current of the river) while landing on the shore. • Do not stand or jump into the water when kayaking. You shouldn't swim at night. • Watch out for large and fast floating units that create waves. • When tipping over, first save the crew. Let's not try to turn the kayak by force, because - especially in deep water - it requires the help of additional people and experience. • Pay special attention to any water surface wrinkling, which indicates underwater obstacles that should be avoided. Overcome obstacles located above the water (bridges, branches of trees, etc.) by lying down or leaning forward in the kayak. When approaching lateral obstacles, do not allow the current of the water to press the kayak against it, and if this happens, do not lean away from the obstacle, but on it to minimize the possibility of overturning by the thrust. • Respect nature. • When kayaking, remember that we are only guests in nature and everything that surrounds us belongs to her. So you can not harm the nature in any way, destroying vegetation or frightening animals. Let's also respect other users of kayaking routes, maintaining peace and order. Let's clean up after ourselves, remembering how the world will look in the future depends on our behavior in the present. In case of "bad weather", is the trip canceled? There is no such concept as "bad weather". Every weather has something beautiful in it, and kayaking in a warm summer rain is sometimes more pleasant than on a hot day, not to mention the fact that rain can be an additional attraction. Nevertheless, there are situations when it is necessary to cancel the trip, and such certainly includes a storm or a very strong wind. In all other cases, the runoff proceeds as planned. However, you have to be properly prepared for all conditions. On a rainy day, an additional fleece, raincoat and raincoats, as well as warm drinks in a thermos will be useful - if the temperature drops additionally. Of course, if someone feels that the forecasted weather conditions will be hard for him, he can cancel his participation in the rafting trip, max. the day before early in the morning when the weather forecast is quite certain. Traverse kayaking regulations 1. Each participant participates in a kayaking trip on his own responsibility, and minors - under the responsibility of parents or guardians 2. Each participant declares that his state of health allows him to make the effort associated with participation in kayaking and defeat in a specific during the designated route 3. All participants of the kayaking trip are obliged to swim in a fastened lifejack / life vest. 4. While kayaking, it is forbidden to drink alcohol and intoxicants 5. During kayaking, it is forbidden to overtake the opening (commander) and stay behind the closing (red lantern) 6. Participants of the canoeing trip are obliged to check the condition of the sailing equipment entrusted before departure. The participant is responsible for the entrusted equipment and bears financial responsibility for it. In the event of damage, it covers the costs of repair or purchase of new equipment 7. Canoeing participants are obliged to comply with the provisions of water law and nature protection, as well as cultural behavior on the water and at the stopping place 8. Canoeing participants should be dressed appropriately to the weather conditions. It is also recommended to take drinks, high-calorie food, headgear and cream with protective filters to protect against sunburn. It is also advisable to take spare clothing, protected against wetting 9. Valuable items (documents, telephones, cameras, keys) should be protected against getting wet and sinking . 10. The organizer does not take responsibility for lost items, personal injury, property damage or property damage that occurs before, during or after the trip. 11. After the rafting, participants are required to pull the kayaks ashore, clean them and leave the life jackets / lifejackets and oars in the designated place 12. The organizer has the right to exclude from the kayaking trip a participant who does not comply with the rules and safety rules 13. The organizer of the kayaking trip, due to the participants' safety, has the right to make the necessary changes to the route, start / end time and the trip program as well as its cancellation in the event of high water levels or bad weather conditions 14. The kayaking trip participants are not insured, they insure themselves own 15. The kayaking trip is forbidden to swim in an unauthorized place

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