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Diving Tours and Lessons in Gelendzhik, Russia

Diving Tours and Lessons in Gelendzhik, Russia

Diving tours and lessons in Gelendzhik, Russia for as low as 700 rubles for 15 minutes. Price includes; insurance, instruction, guide, tank, weight belt, boat or motor boats, complete set of equipment. Rates: Diving for Beginners: Introductory dive in the pool (warm-up before the start) • 700 rubles • 15 minutes Introductory dive from the shore (in search of lost treasure) • 1,700 rubles • 30 min. Introductory dive in the open sea "Anchor Bank" (owner of the seamount Rockfish) • 2,000 rubles • 30 min Introductory dive in the open sea "Eastern Bank" (the remains of an ancient civilization) • 2,000 rubles • 30 min Night dive from shore (Another World) • 2000 rubles • 30 min Training Rates: • Open Water Diver: 18,000 rubles • Advanced Open Water Diver: 12,000 rubles • Diver First Aid: 6500 rubles • Specialty Diver: 5500 rubles • Deep Diver: 14000 rubles • Rescue Diver: 15000 rubles • EANx Diver: 8400 rubles • Advanced EANx: 20,000 rubles • Decompression Specialist: 16000 rubles • Recreational Trimix: 19000 rubles • Divemaster: 25,000 rubles What You Can Expect: The unique beauty of the underwater world, shipwrecks puzzles, free dive into the abyss - it all belongs to you! Open Water Diver • This program is designed to provide comprehensive training process for those who wish to become a certified scuba diver. • This program focuses on the skills and knowledge to develop confidence in not having much experience diver to know the underwater world. • After completion of the program Open Water Nitrox Diver Program, the diver can dive on EANx mixtures to a maximum oxygen content of 40%. • After completion of the program Open Water Rebreather Diver diver can dive with rebreather type on which it was trained to do, or scuba diving at EANh mixtures with a maximum oxygen content of up to 40%. • The program prepares divers to dive to depths of up to 21 meters. Advanced Open Water Diver • This program of continuous training middle level is designed to enable IANTD divers level Open Water (Nitrox) extend their water skills and achieve a more supervised practice. • This program offers divers the right to dive to a maximum depth of up to 30 IIM. • The program includes a minimum of 120 minutes of training in open water, consisting of 4 to 7 dives. If skills in the open worked previously, the program may be completed in 4 dives. Diver First Aid • This program is designed to teach divers to operate in emergency and unforeseen situations with possible damage that may occur during a dive. • Passage of the entire teaching material in the textbook IANTD «Diver First Aid Manual and Workbook. • Letting the written exam with a score of not less than 80%. • Demonstrate understanding of the principles of first aid. Specialty Diver • These programs are designed for qualified divers to provide them with special training in areas such as Underwater Modeling, Underwater Photography, Underwater Videography, Night Diver, Salvage Diver, Wall Diver, Dry Suit Diver, Ice Diver, DPV Diver, Hyperbaric Chamber Operations, Full Face Mask Diver, Surface • Supplied Diver, or in other specific levels. • According to the program description, the approved in writing by the director or developed regional representative of Licensee. All programs should include training of at least 4 dives. This program should be exercises on stability in stressful situations. Deep Diver • This program is designed to provide full training to divers who plan to dive to a maximum depth of 39 meters. • IANTD Deep Diver Program teaches skills and skills, theory and planning of deep dives. This program is designed for standard 39 meters deep and is the first international program permitted to ensure mandatory training in safe deep diving. • It is recommended to pass the program, together with courses IANTD EANx Diver, Recreational Trimix • • Diver or IANTD Advanced EANx Diver. • This program qualifies divers to dive to depths of up to 30 meters. • Textbook and Workbook IANTD Deep Diver Student Manual & Workbook, or equivalent teaching aids that are approved in writing by the Board of Directors (written approval issued in IAND Headquarters, Inc./IANTD). Rescue Diver • This program is designed to develop skills of self-rescue and rescue teammates. Requirements • The diver must be qualified Advanced Open Water Diver or provide proof of at least 10 logged dives. • Must be qualified under the program Diving First Aid. • It must be qualified as an Oxygen Provider. • Minimum age 18 years. • Includes all the material approved textbook and meet all minimum requirements for the provision of skills and abilities. • Improving the skills of all of the following skills and abilities for 4 dives necessary to achieve a good rating instructor. Advanced EANx Diver • This program is designed to expand the divers knowledge in the use of EANx mixtures for sport diving. It also develops skills and dive skills, providing a deeper understanding of the concept of immersion in the EANx mixtures. • During the program used EANx mixture with an oxygen content ranging from 21% to 50%. • Program classifies the diver dives up to 42 meters and the depth of the decompression stops up to 15 minutes, using as EAN decompression gas 50 mixture. Decompression Specialist • This program is designed to provide the necessary information divers in the use of models for the development of decompression tables and dive profiles. The program also introduces students to the use of the rules of decompression tables, dive computers and related software. • To complete the course you must take a dive to a depth of 30 meters, using mixtures of EAN 50 and pure oxygen for decompression, following decompression limits to a depth of 6 meters and no more than 10 minutes. Recreational Trimix Diver • This program is designed to provide a sports divers respiratory END medium with value ranging from 12 to 24 meters. The diver can choose to "mix", using decompression tables or dive computers. • The program IANTD Recreational Trimix Diver can be carried out both individually and in combination with courses IANTD level Advanced or Specialty Diver. • Recreational application program covers mixtures with an oxygen content of 28 to 40% with helium content providing END value is not more than 24 meters. • Program qualifies a diver to dive non-stop, using a mixture of Recreational Trimix at depths up to 30 meters or more, taking into account the previous qualification of the student. Divemaster • This program is designed to provide serious training for those who wish to become an observer of the IANTD divers, including levels of both Open Water Diver, IANTD EANx Diver, Advanced EANx Diver, and • • Deep Diver. Divemaster can teach the program Snorkel Skin Diver. Divemaster, complied with the requirements of paragraph 2 may teach on the program level IANTD OW Free Diver. • IANTD Divemaster can observe, accompany and assist in all open water IANTD programs, but can not independently carry out teaching activities without the presence of a qualified instructor level IANTD Advanced EANx. • This program must include a minimum of 100 minutes of time at a depth of at assisting during standard dives or lessons under the supervision of an instructor level IANTD Advanced EANx. • To qualify for teaching the course Free Diver must demonstrate the ability to perform breath-hold diving to a depth of 15 meters, or swim in a closed water at a distance of 36 meters. Additional Services: • Full gear set (p.2-8): 1000 rubles. • Mask, snorkel, fins: 250 rubles. • Compensator: 300 rubles. • The controller (the first and second stage): 300 rubles. • Manometer: 200 rubles. • Wetsuit husband. / Wives: 250 rubles. • The container (full) 12/15/18 l: 400 rubles. • Load Lead 1 / 1.7 / 2 kg (1 pcs.): 20 rubles. • Bots: 100 rubles. • Octopus: 150 rubles. • Lantern large: 200 rubles. • Pile balloon 12/15/18 l: 250 rubles. If you have any questions, we can answer those through GetMyBoat’s messaging platform before you pay. Just hit, “Request to Book” and send us an inquiry for a custom offer.

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Experience of control of the vessel of 10 years. The admission to management, the boat, the motor-boat and gidratsikly, the navigation area Maritime routes, internal ways.

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