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1.5 to 8 hr Jet Ski Rentals (2021 Yamaha EXRs)1.5 to 8 hr Jet Ski Rentals (2021 Yamaha EXRs)1.5 to 8 hr Jet Ski Rentals (2021 Yamaha EXRs)

1.5 to 8 hr Jet Ski Rentals (2021 Yamaha EXRs)

Let loose on our new 2021 Yamaha EX Race Waverunners (Jet Skis) available for solo and duo riders. Up to 3 available at a time. Please be advised: these Waverunners are not limited and are capable of speeds exceeding 50 mph. Drivers and riders must exercise caution while in operation. If you have any questions, we can answer those through GetMyBoat’s messaging platform before you pay. Just hit, “Request to Book” and send us an inquiry for a custom offer.

Starting from

  • Hourly
    12 hrs max
  • $110/hr
    1 hr min


9 total bookings
Captain Optional
You decide if you would like to book with or without a captain.
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Jetskis & Personal Watercraft
Jet Ski Rentals

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9 total bookings

We are excited to offer a brand new fleet of boats and jet skis for rent this 2021 on Lake Erie. Browse our selection of of Jetskis, Fishing Boats, Tritoons, and Ski Boats.

Features & Details

Yamaha Boats
  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • Licensing Required
  • Tow Bar
  • Single Engine
  • Bimini
  • Wheel steering

Approximate Location

You’ll get directions to the departure location when you make a booking.

The boat's approximate location on a map

Cancellation Policy

Full refund up to 7 days prior.

Additional Terms & Information

RENTAL TERM IS ACTUALLY 90 MINUTES from time of departure. $146 - 90 Minutes | $187 - 2 Hrs | $304 - 4 Hrs | $420 - 8 Hrs Security Deposit:   A security deposit of $250.00 will be required. The security deposit will be returned after the Jet Ski/PWC is checked out for damage and rental bill is paid. If the PWC is damaged, the security deposit will not be refunded and the customer will be held liable for the full cost of repairs.  Lessee to read all pages of this agreement and initial each clause before signing this document   In consideration of the agreement herein, our company (herein after referred to as the LESSOR) agrees to lease to the undersigned (herein after referred to as the LESSEE) the craft and equipment described herein. In the event the craft is not returned at time specified herein. Said LESSEE agrees to pay for OVERTIME at rate of $50.00 per every ten minutes. The lessee certifies that he/she has examined the craft and equipment and finds it acceptable and suitable for the purpose for which it is leased. That he/she will operate the craft in accordance with all safety rules and regulations as posted in this office or on the craft, and further certifies that he/she has read and understands said rules and regulations. Lessee agrees to report any accident, malfunction or breakdown of rental craft to lessor immediately This certifies that I (We), the LESSEE (S) am sufficiently experienced and capable in all aspects of the handling and operation of the craft such as the one rented above. LESSEE agrees said craft will not be occupied by a greater number of persons that is shown in this rental agreement. I, the LESSEE (S) am/are aware of the NO WAKE areas and am/are responsible for any damaged caused by my wake.   The LESSEE acknowledges he/she has carefully examined the craft and finds it suitable for the purpose for which it is leased, and that or other accessory equipment is in suitable and acceptable condition: that he/she will maintain both craft and equipment in a safe, dependable condition while in he/she has custody.  LESSEE agrees not to use, nor permit the use:   a. Of the rental craft for any unlawful purpose;   b. Of the rental craft in a careless or negligent manner;   c. Of the rental craft while under the influence of liquor or narcotics; or any other drugs   d. By any other person not the signatory of the agreement, or not equally qualified   Lessee acknowledges his/her responsibility for the safe and proper operation of the craft; and for the safety and welfare of other boaters, persons, and passengers. It is AGREED AND UNDERSTOOD BY LESSEE that the LESSOR shall not be held liable for damages inconvenience or time lost caused by accident, breakdown or malfunction of the rental craft. LESSEE FURTHER AGREES to indemnify and hold harmless the LESSOR and its agents, affiliates, and personnel from, and against any and all claims for loss of or damage to property or injury to persons (including death) resulting through the use, operation or possession of said rental craft. LESSEE further agrees to hold the LESSOR harmless should loss or damages occur to any LESSEE’S personal property while carried in, or on, the rental craft, including loss or damage by fire, water, theft or any other causes whatsoever.   LESSEE expressly agrees to indemnify and hold LESSOR and its agents, affiliates and personnel, harmless of, from and against any and all loss, cost, damages, attorney fee and/or liability in connection with the enforcing of the forgoing rental contract by LESSOR, including expense incurred in connection with attempting to collect delinquent rent and in the event of suit by LESSOR, to recover possession of said rental property and/or to enforce any terms, conditions and/or provisions hereof. It is understood and agreed that Venue and any action hereunder shall be in the county of LESSOR.   In the event of malfunction, breakdown, or if any defect is discovered after acceptance of the rental craft the LESSEE will immediately report it to LESSOR. Continued use of it shall be entirely at the LESSEE’S risk and thus LESSEE assumes all liability of injury and damage to all persons and property that may become involved by its continued use.   LESSOR’S ability to provide a rental craft if reserved, is contingent upon and subject to the return of the unit by the previous lessee, or any other cause beyond LESSOR’S control.   LESSOR reserves the right to cancel this rental agreement due to inclement or impending bad weather. Rental fees will be prorated based on time used.   The rules and regulations contained herein and as posted in the office, on the craft and/or the grounds by the LESSOR are for the safety and welfare of all who use the facilities. The LESSEE certifies that he/she has read and understands said rules and regulations and further assumes the responsibility that his/her family and or guest(s) will obey the rules.   Should any term or condition of Rental Agreement be held void or unenforceable, then that term shall be deemed severed from this Agreement and the unenforceable, then that term shall be deemed severed from this Agreement and the enforceability and the remainder shall not be affected and will remain in full force and effect.  The terms and conditions on both sides of this contract contains the entire understanding between lessee and lessor and no other representation or inducement, oral or written, has been made which is not included in this rental agreement. I (we) have read all pages of the agreement and fully understand the terms and conditions as set forth on both sides; that I (we) acknowledge receipt of a copy of this AGREEMENT.   General List of Requirements:  1. You must be at least 18 years of age to rent from Vermilion Marina. If you were born after 1/1/1982, you must possess an Ohio Boaters Safety Card or pass a 10-question multiple-choice quiz with 90% correct answers to pass. The quiz and the required 15-minute study guide are free. Taking the quiz online is more difficult and may cost money. But it will give you a permanent license. Getting it will save time every time you come! 2. If you decide to not take the online quiz or acquire a boater’s license before the day of your rental and then are unable to pass the quiz at our location on the day of your rental, you will be required to find someone who can legally operate the vehicle.   3. You agree to strictly adhere to the driving guidelines listed below -   a) DISTANCE You will keep a minimum distance of 300 feet between yourself and other watercraft at all times while operating the vehicle  b) DRIVING AREA You will stay within the designated driving area. The hard boundary is 3 miles off of the coast and 1 mile beyond the inlets at Huron and Lorain, so don’t go too far past the inlets. (this leaves you over 50 square miles of Lake Erie and the local rivers to enjoy) Refer to the diagram at the end of this agreement.  c) LAWS You will not break any laws or local ordinances while operating the Jet Ski. This includes everything from illicit drugs to respecting idle speed zones. VERMILION RIVER IS A NO WAKE ZONE. YOU ARE NOT TO EXCEED IDLE SPEED UNTIL YOU ENTER LAKE ERIE. FAILURE TO ABIDE BY THIS LAW WILL RESULT IN YOU BEING TICKETED AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE. In addition to being ticketed, everyone in Vermilion will hate you.  d) LIFE JACKETS The driver and passengers must keep a life jacket on at all times while riding the Jet Ski. Life jackets will be provided upon rental.  e) DRIVERS Only the driver(s) who had been declared in this agreement are permitted to operate the Jet Ski. No one may drive the Jet Ski who is below the age of 18 &/or has not completed a boater’s safety course.  f) WEIGHT Limited to 400 lbs / 182 kg. You are responsible for knowing the weight of your rider(s) and their belongings. No more than two passengers at any given time.  g) TOWING No tubing, skiing, or any towed watersports activity is permitted on Jet Ski rentals h) SAFETY You will make every reasonable effort to keep yourself and the Jet Ski out of harm’s way. You will follow the rules of the water, keep a safety lanyard attached between you and the Jet Ski, and will remain in a safe driving position while underway. we will provide you a 10 minute overview of the Jet-Ski prior to departure. Throw cushions and fire extinguishers are not to be used for any purposes other than in the event of an emergency. Any equipment misused will have to be paid for in full. The marina will provide safety equipment onboard the Jet Skis.  i) WEATHER You will immediately return to the marina if conditions deteriorate. We track the weather conditions very closely and will let you know what we think beforehand. We will not permit rentals to go out when waves exceed 3 ft. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule rentals due to adverse weather.   j) SECURITY DEPOSIT We will hold a $200 deposit that will be refunded immediately upon return of the Jet Ski in good condition.  k) GASOLINE Rental price includes one tank of gasoline.  l) CLEANLINESS Any boats returned extremely muddy, dirty, with food bits and trash strewn about will be subject to an additional $50 cleaning charge.   m) BOAT RETRIEVAL Any Jet Skis that we must retrieve will be charged the full cost of towing in addition to a fee of $10 per mile from Vermilion, OH. Late fees will also be assessed if the rental is not returned before the end of its lease term.  Your rental will not be refunded and your deposit will be lost if, on the day of the rental, you:  a) Choose not to operate or cannot become legal to operate the vessel  b) Fail to show up or show up too late to pass the boater’s safety quiz  c) Consume ANY alcoholic beverages the day of the rental  d) The Jet Ski must be retrieved (also subject to damage costs)  e) Drive outside of the designated driving area  Cancellation/Bad Weather Policy:  If you choose to cancel your reservation at least 5 full days in advance of your rental time, we will try to re-book the Jet Ski. If we are able to, we will refund your rental fee.. If you choose to cancel your reservation less than 5 days before your rental day, 50% of your rental fee will be retained. If you re-book (in the same season) we will apply your deposit to the new booking date. On occasion we may be forced to cancel any rentals for the day in the event of hazardous boating conditions. We will issue you a full refund, or reschedule your rental appointment.   Late Fees:  Late fees will be charged at a rate of $50 for every 10 minutes beyond the initial 10 minute grace period. Rest assured, if you arrive late, you will be charged this fee.  Designated Driving Area  Every Jet Ski in our rental fleet contains a GPS tracking device. Do not leave the designated area.