Scuba Diving in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

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About This Diving Experience

Experience diving on one of the best diving destination in the world - Mariana Islands! Book any of our diving trips and courses for as low as $100 per person.




• Basic Course - NAUI SCUBA Diver: $400, Not younger than 12 years. Includes equipment rental
• Advanced Course - NAUI SCUBA Diver: $350, Not younger than 12 years.
• First Aid Course: $160
• Rescue Diver: $450, first Aid is a pre-requisite
• Master SCUBA Diver: $500


• 1 Tank - Shore Dive: $100.00 - includes rental equipment! / without equipment it's $80 per person
• 2 Tanks - Shore Dive: 125.00 - includes rental equipment!
• 2 Tanks - Boat Dive: $125 + boat fee ($45-$75) - includes rental equipment!

Rates includes round trip transportation from hotel to dive site, tank and dive guide.

Fun Diving (included tanks and weights/hotel transfers)

• Guided Beach Dive 1 Tank $100
• Guided Beach Dive 2 Tanks (same location) $125
• Guided Beach Dive 2 Tanks (different locations) $150
• Guided Boat Dive 2 Tanks (in reef) $125 + boat fee ($45-$75)
• Guided Boat Dive 2 Tanks (Spot Light & Banzai Cliff, Naftan & Objan) $125 + boat fee ($65-$75)
• Guided Boat Dive 2 Tanks (Tinian) $125 + boat fee ($60-$75)


• Discovery Dive $100
• Open Water $400
• Advanced Open Water $350
• Rescue Diver $450
• Divemaster (contact us)

Diving Equipment Rental

Rental Gear

• Full Set (Not including flashlights or computers) $30
• Mask $5
• Fins $5
• Boots $5
• Wetsuit $5
• BCD $12
• Regulator $12
• Flashlights $10
• Computer $10
• Camera $30
• Weight Belt $5


• Tank Rental $5
• Tank Fill $2.50

What You Can Expect:

The Mariana Islands are known as one of the best diving destinations in the world. Our sites are rated third in International Diving Rating. The ocean surrounding Saipan is real paradise for divers: ideal water temperature, outstanding visibility, wonderful underwater world and safety provided by highly experienced diving instructors. Come join the family of Saipan divers today!

The variety of the underwater world in Saipan is so breathtaking - it is impossible to forget the dive!

Our Diver Sites

Eagle Ray City

Eagle Ray City (boat dive) Eagle Ray City – One of the unique dive sites on Saipan. At a depth of only 10 m. The sandy soil is a stone formation. Under favorable conditions, you can meet more than 40 stingrays swimming around you. Divers plunge around the stone pyramid and cling to the stones. They watch as the stingrays swim over them only a few centimeters. Here, photographers have a great chance to take unique pictures.


Dimple (boat dive) Dimple – Underwater rock formations in the western part of Saipan. When you enter the water, you can observe a large concentration red snapper and at the base, meet a variety of marine life: moray eels, rays, turtles, pyramid butterfly fish and more. While the fish are feeding, they will swarm around divers. The depth of the site ranges from 12 to 32 m, making it accessible to divers of all levels.

Ice cream

Ice Cream (boat dive) Underwater rock near Dimple, located in the western part of Saipan. It is a haven for dozen small moray eels, anemones and clown fish, as well as a cleaning station for spotted eagle rays at tide change. This is a shallow dive with the base of the rock at a depth of 15 m. Eagle rays ride the current over this rock, named for its similarity to a serving of ice cream.

Lau Lau

Lau Lau (beach dive) One of the most popular dive sites is Lau Lau Beach. It is located on one of the largest reef on Saipan and is a great dive for novice divers. Marine life includes a variety of colorful tropical fish, including stone fish, moray eels, octopus, parrot fish and more. Clown fish city is a soft coral formation with hundreds of clown fish.


Naftan (boat dive) One of the best wall dives in the CNMI with fantastic visibility and marine life, located in the southern part of the island. The upper edge of the wall is at a depth of 15 m and the base is 50 m. In the upper part, there are several magnificent coral formations that are a haven for a variety of fish. Sailing along the wall, you'll be mesmerized by the colorful underwater kingdom. At the crevasses of the wall, you can see fish, wrasses and octopus. This site is accessible to divers of all levels, but it is preferable for experienced divers.


  • Type: Diving
  • Capacity: 6 People
  • Rental Minimum: 1 hour
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 5 Days Prior


  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • Diving regulator
  • Buoyancy compensator
  • Diving cylinder
  • Tank
  • Helmet/mask
  • Diving suit
  • Depth gauge
  • Diving mask
  • Flippers

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