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About This Diving Experience

Enjoy diving in Tías, Canarias!

• Christening First Experience in Diving:

The baptism or baptism is the first contact with diving, suitable for anyone from 10 years. 
What will you learn with this experience?

In this one-day course you will learn all the basic principles of scuba diving with a briefing in which the instructor explains basic rules, signs and skills to dive safely.

After the explanation, you will realize a real immersion in the sea, under supervision of the instructor.

This is not a certified course. It is only "an experience" to discover recreational diving.

Start diving in Lanzarote, one of the best diving destinations on the planet!

Maximum depth: 6 and 12 meters
1 dive 2 hours
2 dives 5 hours, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (€ 100)
From 10 years of age.


  • €75 EUR per person 

• PADI Scuba Diver:

This course requires less time than the PADI Open Water Diver course, and covers only the first three sections of the five of the knowledge development, the first three sessions of the five pools and the first two of the four training dives, resulting in a limited certification.

Especially if you plan to go diving mainly accompanied by a diving guide you can become a PADI Scuba Diver.

This certification allows a wide diving experience. 

The PADI Scuba Divers are qualified to:

Dive under the direct supervision of a PADI Divemaster, Assistant Instructor or Instructor at a maximum depth of 12 meters 
Get loads of air 
Rent or buy diving equipment 
Participate in other diving activities as long as they have the required supervision 
Continue your diving training and complete the PADI Open Water Diver certification

Maximum depth: 12 meters
Less time than the PADI OWD
Use of all diving equipment


  • €295 EUR per person

• PADI Open Water Diver:

The Open Water Diver course is designed for those who wish to become certified divers. You can rent diving equipment, hire dives or dive with a certified partner at a maximum depth of 18 meters.

- What you will learn:

Considerations about diving equipment
Buoyancy control techniques including ascents, descents and
Improve your swimming skills and diving techniques with partner
Knowledge of the diving environment and aquatic life that you find
Prevent common problems under water
How to plan and perform real dives
Breathe underwater


  • €420 EUR 

• PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course:

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is designed so that you can do it directly after the PADI Open Water Diver course.

The Advanced Open Water Diver course helps you increase your confidence and develop your diving skills so that you feel more and more comfortable in the water.

It is a good way to have more dives while continuing to learn under the supervision of your PADI Instructor.

You will consolidate what you have learned and you will develop new abilities when introducing yourself to new activities. 
Five adventure dives

The course consists of five adventure dives, of which two are mandatory: underwater navigation and deep diving (usually anywhere between 18-30 meters / 60-100 feet). And the remaining three can be chosen, with your instructor, from 15 different types of adventure dives.

You can try digital underwater photography, sunken ship diving, night diving, diving with underwater propulsion, buoyancy control and much more.


  • 5 adventure dives
  • Duration: 2 and a half days
  • PADI Open Water Diver Requirement
  • €320 EUR

• PADI Adventure Diver course:

It includes three adventure dives: with this course you can dive in sunken ships, do nocturnal, orientation, and so on.

Have you already tried taking pictures underwater? What do you think of sunken ship dives? Here is your chance, because you can choose three dives; You will also find yourself more comfortable and you will increase your skills underwater in order to enjoy the dives more than ever.

After your PADI Adventure Diver certification, you can access the next level to complete with two more adventure dives. When you have completed five complete adventure dives, including deep dives and navigation, you will be PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.

What you learn and practice in an adventure dive can serve as credit for the corresponding PADI specialty course.


  • €60 EUR to €195 EUR
  • 3 adventure dives
  • Duration of 2 mornings
  • Minimum age 10 years

• PADI Dive Master:

Begin your first steps in the race to obtain the PADI Dive Master title in Lanzarote. Working together with a PADI instructor you will expand your knowledge of diving by improving your skills and training, as you will become a diving professional. Training for PADI dive master reveals your fitness for command, training you to supervise diving activities and help instructors with beginners.


  • 40 dives recognized.
  • The PADI Resque Diver certificate
  • Being over 18 years.
  • €750 EUR

• PADI Rescue Diver:

The PADI Rescue Diver course will expand your knowledge and experience beyond the recreational level.

You will learn to take into account the safety and well-being of other divers.

Although this course is serious, it is also a pleasant way to build your confidence.

In order to take this course you will need the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or PADI junior Advanced Open Water Diver certificate (or an equivalent certificate from another organization). The minimum age is 15 years (12 years for the PADI junior rescue diver).

The Rescue diver training will prepare you to prevent problems and, if necessary, direct the performance in diving emergencies.


  • €320 EUR


  • Type: Diving
  • Capacity: 1 People
  • Rental Minimum: 1 hour
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 1 Day Prior

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