Getmyboat operators must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, obtain necessary permits, and meet vessel and captain criteria. They should also use approved docks and designated commercial areas per local rules.

Canyon Lake is a popular boating destination known for its clear waters and scenic beauty, surrounded by rolling hills and cliffs, with the Guadalupe River creating coves. Business activities on Government property require written permission from the USACE, including events with watercraft fees and advertising, necessitating prior District Commander approval.


Get your vessel registered with the State of Texas with the following link.

Party Boat Operator License:

You need a Party Boat Operator License to run a charter boat (except sailboats) on inland waters that is 30 feet or longer and carry more than six passengers. The only exception is if you have a USCG OUPV License or a higher level of Captain's License.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website provides information on the requirements for obtaining a license, the application process, and the fees associated with the license.

USCG License:

Each Captain must have a valid US Coast Guard license. They must show this license to the Commission for verification. Boats with 6 or fewer passengers need an OUPV Captain's license (known as a 6-pack license). Boats with more than 6 passengers need a Master's Captain's license. Each Captain is fully responsible for the safe operation of the Charter Boat and the well-being of all passengers and crew.

Mariners Learning System is Getmyboat's official captains license partner. You may reach out to them for more information. Use the promo code GETMYBOAT10 for 10% off all products.


Operating a boat for hire on Lake Austin requires the appropriate commercial insurance coverage. This coverage is essential for passenger safety, business protection, and legal compliance. To learn more about the necessary insurance coverage, please contact our partner Boat Charter Insurance

Pick up and Drop off location:

Boat ramp 17 is the only free boat ramp on Canyon Lake. It is located at 401 Old Hancock Road.

Boat ramp 18 requires a park entrance fee of $20 for non-Comal County registered vehicles and $5 for a vehicle with a Comal County registration sticker. It is located on Canyon Park Road.

Boat ramp 19 is located inside the Canyon Lake Marina and requires a fee of $30 plus tax, per day.

USACE Permit:

To obtain a USACE permit, you must submit an application to the USACE Fort Worth District Office. The application process can be complex, so it is important to start planning early. You can find more information about the USACE permitting process on the USACE website.Even if a USACE permit is not required, boaters should still be aware of and follow all USACE regulations. These regulations cover a variety of topics, such as boat safety, speed limits, and restricted areas. You can find a copy of the USACE regulations for Canyon Lake on the USACE website.

Operating rules:

There are a number of other operating rules that apply to boaters on Canyon Lake. These include:

  • Staying to the right side of the lake, moving in a counter-clockwise motion.
  • Obeying speed limits and no-wake zones.
  • Yielding to non-motorized vessels.
  • Being aware of other boaters and swimmers.
  • Avoiding restricted areas, such as the Canyon Lake Dam and the Cranes Mill Dam.

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