Apart from being a national treasure, Texas rivers and lakes are a constant source of fun outdoor activities. Boating in Texas is the perfect endeavor for a romantic getaway, a fun time with friends, or an unforgettable vacation. Combined with watersports, picnics, fishing, or even golfing, it allows you to explore nature while enjoying a memorable holiday.

Rent a boat in Austin

Situated in the heart of Texas and on the Colorado River, Austin offers a variety of fantastic boating and water experiences. Its mild climate makes cruising possible even in the early days of spring or late autumn. Summers tend to get quite hot, but being in the water refreshes your day like nothing else.

In Austin, the Colorado River is beaming with watersport fans relishing the sun on canoes, jet skis, or luxury yachts. The lakes, especially Lake Travis, are excellent destinations for boat rentals and watersports. Lake Travis is also one of the best places to rent a yacht as it favors unique sunsets and exciting excursions like visiting Devil’s Cove, the Oasis, or Mansfield Dam. Another option is Lake Austin where, similarly to Lake Travis, you can rent a party boat for a celebration with your friends, rent a pontoon for a relaxed day of cruising with kids, or enjoy watersports on a speedboat.

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Try a fishing charter in Galveston

Another popular boating destination in Texas is the city of Galveston, located on Galveston Island near coastal Texas. Boating in the island area is so widespread it is, for many, a part of everyday life. Galveston has perfect conditions for boat rentals, watersports, parasailing, and jet skiing. You can even optimize the thrill by boarding on a jet spin – a rotating jet boat promising lots of fun and quality adrenaline.

Fishing in Galveston is a hobby for most of the locals and many of the tourists. There are numerous fishing charters available at almost any harbor, where you can fish under the guidance of a professional. Galveston Harbor and West Galveston Bay are the most prominent boating harbors, offering exotic excursions and a sailing paradise. Sunset cruising is a preferred experience by most visitors. Enjoy the overwhelming beauty of the sun setting over the Texas Gulf on a sunset cruise or boat charter. Party barge and party boat rentals are a big thing in Galveston for large groups. You can rent a boat with a captain and crew and have the time of your life in Texas waters. Another viable option is to charter a yacht in Galveston suitable for both a memorable holiday and perfect relaxation. Boats travel as far as the Gulf of Mexico, exploring numerous destinations and water activities.

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South Padre Island

The southern tip of Texas is blessed with the exotic presence of South Padre Island. It is hard to say if it is a private island or a resort as it quite successfully features both. The climate is one of the prime reasons for South Padre’s popularity in terms of memorable vacations. Temperatures rarely fall below 50 °F even during the winter, which is one of the significant factors for tourist flow all year round. It's the Spring Break escape destination, the weather is delightful and favorable for all kinds of water activities. Traveling with kids or friends, you'll find something on South Padre Island to enjoy on the water.

Boat rentals are a popular choice for visitors on vacation on South Padre Island. Surfing and jet skiing are quite trendy on the island but are far from the only options available. Book a fishing charter on South Padre to enjoy some deep-sea fishing. You can dive both in the Texas and Mexican Gulf, exploring underwater life, especially if you book a boat for a couple of days. If you do not have the equipment, there are plenty of options in South Padre offering diving gear. If you are still looking for more, dolphin watching will surely make your stay unforgettable. Boats are also available for rent in every harbor, and there is a great variety — from small fishing boats to gorgeous yachts. Options include speed boats, catamarans, and kayaks. Fun or recreation — you name it!

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Corpus Christi

In between South Padre and Beaumont is the coastal city of Corpus Christi. Its winters are short and relatively warm while the summer days are long and full of sunshine. The frequent winds present a fantastic opportunity for kiteboarding and windsurfing, while fishing locations are a bit harder to find. The Port of Corpus Christi is a boater’s paradise. The winds off the coast create mild currents and waves while at the same time ensuring safe but adventurous sailing. A large number of private beaches and coves, reachable only by boat, make Corpus Christi all the more tempting, and it is only 20 miles from Aransas Pass, another great Texas boating spot. It certainly is one of the best places to spend a vacation.

Texas is boating heaven and to visit it without experiencing its waters is a mistake. Texas waterways are the ultimate combination of leisure and diversion.

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