The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife (CPW) regulates commercial boating services in Denver. CPW handles licensing, vessel inspections, and ensures compliance with boating rules. Denver has specific rules for boat rentals, like where to launch and operate safely. GetMyBoat operators must follow local guidelines, get required permits, and use designated areas for their activities.

Boater Safety Certificate:

The Boating Safety Certificate proves you've completed a recognized boater safety course. If you're 16 or older, it allows you to operate motorboats, personal watercraft (PWC), or sailboats in Colorado. Keep the card onboard your vessel and show it to law enforcement if required. More information can be found on Boat-Ed

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Commercial Boat Permit:

The City and County of Denver, Colorado issues Commercial Boating Permits to businesses that offer boat rentals, boat tours, or other commercial boating services within the City and County of Denver. For more information and to apply please check here.


Businesses in Denver, CO that use boats on public waters need commercial boat insurance. It keeps your business safe from financial troubles if accidents like collisions, sinking, or fires occur. Reach out to us for for more information and our recommended insurance providers.

Safety Checks:

Boat rangers check for safety on all Colorado waters. They inspect specific items, and your boat should also meet equipment rules like lighting and flags and life jackets. Please visit CPW for more information and equipment requirements.

Aquatic Nuisance Species(ANS) Stamp/Inspection:

Before you can launch motorboats and sailboats in Colorado waters, you must obtain an ANS Stamp. Colorado residents can acquire this stamp during the vessel registration process. In addition to obtaining the stamp, you are obligated to undergo an inspection as a preventive measure to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. More information regarding the ANS requirements can be found here.

Passenger Pick Up/ Drop Off:

Several places provide specific passenger zones for boat rentals, ensuring convenient drop-offs and pickups. Before finalizing your plans, it's crucial to review the pickup and drop-off guidelines with the marina or dock.

  • Barr Lake State Park :Located at 13401 Picadilly Rd, Brighton, CO 80603
  • Birdseye Street Boat Launch :Located at Birdseye St, Stratford, CT 06615


To operate a boat within Denver legally, it must be registered, and you must carry a copy of the current registration at all times. This requirement applies to all boats, whether they are motorized or sailboats, when operating in Denver. For more details on registration, please visit the CPW website.

Additional details are as follows:

  • All boat operators for hire is required to be at least 18 years old and have a valid Colorado driver's license.
  • Boat operators must have a valid Colorado Boating Education Card.
  • All boats for hire must be registered with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
  • Evert boat is required to be equipped with at least one life jacket for each passenger.
  • All boats for hire must be inspected by a Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer prior to operation.
  • The maximum speed of operation for all watercraft in Colorado is 40 miles per hour.
  • All boat rentals must be accompanied by a safety briefing.

Feel free to reach out to CPW at (303) 291-7227 for additional assistance.