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Enjoy Windsurfing in Valencia, Spain!

The Wind Surf, consists of sliding on the water over a table endowed with a candle. It was conceived as such by the Americans and was born when two Californians insisted on adding a candle to the surfboard. The Wind Surf boards, which are made of polyurethane, are lightweight, fast and easy to handle.

To practice this sport correctly, today we learn to master the waves and the wind. From both it depends that your efforts have some reward. The most impressive jumps will be possible thanks to the candle we will have and, of course, to our own ability to make the most of it.

This sport, nowadays, has already acquired great relevance throughout the world, performing fantastic acrobatics that continue to improve and expand today, as new techniques and modalities appear every time.

If Surfing is exciting and exciting for athletes and spectators, the Wind Surf is even more so, because the skill with the board has to add the pirouettes with the sail, as well as the changing power of the air that drives it. Windsurfers can reach amazing speeds and perform acrobatic moves on the board.


  • Individual course (10 hours, material included): €150 EUR
  • Windsurfing class (2 hours, material not included): €35 EUR


  • Type: Windsurfing
  • Capacity: 1 People
  • Rental Minimum: 1 hour
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 1 Day Prior

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